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  1. Dear forum, you will think this is another „which camera should I buy“ thread… and it is, but bear with me, it might get better. My personal finance minister agreed to me throwing money at my problems so here we go. To make it a bit more legible I’ll segment my extra-long wall of text. My motivation to revamp my equipment: Due to logistical reasons I’m standing in front of the task to minimize AND optimize my equipment. I’m normally travelling once every 1 to 2 months for work and/or private pleasure and used to shoot a lot of pictures in my spare time on these trips, but since a while I’m doing more and more video things. I have already shot photography with a lot of different camera systems, currently I’m using Nikon with the D750 and it fulfills every photography dream I could have BUT the video side isn’t satisfying the gearhead in me (there I said it, it’s not really a NEED but a WANT) since I tried the movie recording of the Samsung NX1. Seeing how we have at least 3 interesting trips lined up for the next 6 months I’d like to get my stuff together so I can actually finalize and if necessary “learn” the equipment before we fly to Spain in March. What do I want shoot: Directly up front: I have no ambitions to ever get anything broadcasted or cinema or whatever, it is web-delivery only and therefore the quality horizon is 1080p delivery via VIMEO / YouTube. It’s mainly travel / landscape / urban lifestyle imagery so it’s shooting the landscape while traveling a country, exotic beaches, cultural sightseeing like temples in Thailand, night market type of things, etc. Due to the nature of business trips, a lot of the things happen in the evening and obviously it’s more of a travel documentary type shooting, i.e. I won’t be able to light anything and have to rely on practical lighting. Thanks to travel limitations on luggage I will be limited to roughly one system (or two really compact systems) with ~2-4 lenses, external monitor, tripod/monopod with head and the regular accessories like NDs, Grad NDs. I wouldn’t mind spending on a small gimbal stabilizer once the compact ones like the Beholder, Nebula, etc. had their kinks ironed out, compensating for the fact that I probably will never be able to lug a slider, jib, etc around. This also makes 4k a nice to have as it lets me fake slider moves (granted, without the desirable parallax effects), punch in from medium to light tele, etc. In addition we do quite some food photography which we would like to extend towards shooting short clips for our Instagram feed (stop laughing!) and blog. Obviously nearly every camera would be ok for this as we can light and repeat to our hearts’ desire so this is only a side comment and I have the slow motion for that covered with the NX1. What cameras did I consider: I’ve tried hands-on with some cameras (D750, D5300, NX1, 5D II, 5D III, G7) and did hours over hours of VIMEO research but man is a lot of stuff badly graded, getting away from the computer you’re suddenly shocked our world isn’t actually all Osiris M31 teal-orangey or FilmConvert grainy, soft paleness. I also graded some test footage I found online but that was of varying quality and some had botched white balance, etc. I love the Samsung NX1; I clearly appreciate its image, it’s super easy to get nice colors and skin tones out of it. It’s modern, pleasing and sharp which I personally feel suits this kind of footage well. BUT there are multiple reasons why I’d rather not stick with it which are the limited low light capabilities in combination with no speedbooster availability, the fact that it doesn’t work with my field monitor (SmallHD can’t say if firmware incompatibility will ever be fixed [I have that one already], VideoDevices can’t even say if the PIX-e are compatible at all and it seems no one else makes a 5” that stacks up to those two) and to a very minor point the fact that the system can’t cover the autofocus lenses I’d like to use for photography. I might keep it as a B-cam seeing how cheap I got it, especially how it could cover 120fps easily, but I’d rather have another main system. I’ve seen clips made with the BMPCC like the ones from Jonathan Haring (https://vimeo.com/99501007 or https://vimeo.com/98293797 ) with really good sharpness and nice colors but most of clips out there are just too soft for my taste, I have the feeling so much footage of the BMPCC is over the top soft because it’s “cinematic” and intentionally looking retro in a low quality kind of way. While the BMPCC is no low light beast, the combination of f/1.4 lenses plus speedbooster and malleable files would make it easily work I think. I’d replace it or mate it with a BMMCC as soon as that would be available for the 60p and global shutter. My main concern is that the 1080p Super16 bayer sensor doesn’t actually give me better resolution and inherent sharpness than the current D750, the colors are obviously top. Obviously these aren’t hybrid systems so I would add something compact on the side like a Fuji X-T1 with a 35mm f/1.4 or perhaps even just stick with my X100s. Of course nothing leads around considering Sony A-series when looking for a hybrid system at the moment. I’m a bit surprise how the high frame rate capabilities lack so far behind the Samsung in regards to having to apply additional crop for the read out but on the other hand the low light capabilities are everything one might ever dream of. Good low light, respectable dynamic range. Quite pricey but there are enough advantages that I wouldn’t mind to spend the money. Probably the worst offender when it comes to awful grading on VIMEO, it seems most of the really pleasing (e.g. Nomads of Mongolia) and well done footage isn’t actually done in S-LOG and therefore already gives away a lot of dynamic range again (which most viewers anyway don’t seem to actually pay attention to). I’d probably give the A7r II the advantage over the A7s II because the only thing the A7s II does better is even more extreme low light above ISO 12800 while the A7r II has the two crops for 4k, PDAF and higher resolution stills. For this kind of shooting I ruled out the Canon 5D III with Magic Lantern because I can’t repeat moments, it has only the mediocre LCD screen and it’s just too expensive for what it does in my opinion (still nearly 2000€ used here) even though the colors are beautiful. I’d prefer to not have to tinker around with the system. I know that the Panasonic GH4 is theoretically a strong contender, especially with speedbooster or the Voigtländer f/0.95 lenses, but I just don’t know. I feel no magic around that system. G7 is out because of the HDMI limitations. Last but not least I’ve of course considered the Canon C100 II or Sony FS5 but I feel like they’re not ideal for my plans as they’re already a bit bigger than the other systems while needing a separate photography equipment. They’re also less stealthy as they’re easier recognized as camcorders while directly stretching the budget thin without giving. I’ve tried to separate what I want (everything!) into what I need and what I just would like to have. Need to have: - detailed and sharp 1080p (as end result) - 50p/60p - Good internal recording, I don’t want to go extern and then mix external & internal in post - small form factor (C100/FS5 would stretch it already) - clean 1080p out over HDMI for field monitor - acceptable low light quality (light level equivalent to f/1.4 with 1/50 at ISO1600 is minimum necessity, clean higher ISO is better) Nice to have: - 10bit - 4k - 100p/120p - EVF - Shoots pictures so I can stick to one system - cheapo underwater housing / EWA-marine for snorkeling available I feel like the Sony A7r II would actually be my best bet. It does 4k 8bit 4:2:0 internally, has IBIS, is acceptable until ISO6400/12800, can use a speedbooster in APS-C mode to get another stop of light, I can use the SmallHD501 with sidefinder on a cage as EVF for better stability (cradling camera against body), with the monitor straight on the tripod or go bare body for even less attention. It does amazing stills to replace even the D750 and thanks to the FF & APS-C 4k modes I could cover 4 field of view with only 2 lenses (e.g. FF 35mm & 85mm, APS-C 55mm & 125mm). I have the feeling it’s the reading too many forums that makes me think the 4k 8bit is insufficient and I need the BMPCC’s grading latitude and the Sonys are abominations when it comes to color. Tl;dr: I need a lightweight system for videos and photography on documentary style traveling clips: BMPCC, A7sII/A7rII or something completely different? Renting is out of the picture, I want to own the system.
  2. I think what he meant wasn't the bitrate but how good is the actual quality of what comes out of the camera over HDMI. Obviously I could record any camera into ProRes at 10bit but that wouldn't turn the content that comes over the HDMI into 10bit if the camera only does 8bit. A lot of cameras have a "low quality mode" when idling in live view and only go to full quality sensor read out when recording gets started (which deactivates the HDMI out on the G7). Cool that you test these things, I think the G7 is still quite overlooked in the shadow of the GH4.
  3. Well, seeing how it says #bmpc4k in the Vimeo link I would follow Elagabalus on Blackmagic Production Camera 4k :-P
  4. That's the Ursa Mini 4k and not the Ursa Mini 4.6k he meant, totally different sensor. Also it was already discussed in some thread here that people would have known what they get into with the 4k sensor if they read up beforehand (e.g. Absolutely no low light latitude). The quality control complaints are a valid topic though.
  5. It says Decode support for HEVC/H.265 QuickTime video in DaVinci Resolve Studio on Windowsso it's still not for all, but then you can get the dongle via eBay quite attractvely priced (300-400€). But surprised to see it come to Windows so quickly.
  6. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    I know. I meant 240fps 1080p in a high bitrate. 4k 60p like the 1DxII would also be neat.
  7. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    If it's a "me too" product at Photokina it's dead on arrival. We have IBIS, 4K, 120p, etc ... if they want to get going they'll need stuff like internal 10bit 422 4k or RAW, 240fps, quite better high ISO... I see the micro43 as a problem until the new organic sensors come in a few yeats.
  8. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    Where? Here the cheapest offer I found for A7r II is like 3500$ equivalent.
  9. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    It's just the general trend. If you look at the lenses that Sony, Canon and Nikon have recently announced it's to 99% either really really expensive or plain uninteresting. Luckily there's the Sigma ART series for those of us who want performing autofocus lenses and still be able to pay rent. I'm feeling you. I love the NX1 but the system is dead and not compatible with accessories I have (and that will never be fixed) so I'll have to decide between color (Blackmagic, Canon) and 4k / HighFrameRate / LowLight (Sony)... or you have to be filthy rich and get a sherpa to carry your RED Weapon for you. I was really short away from just going meh and buying a A7rII or A7sII but then both have downsides and after test-grading some footage I downloaded I'm not sure Sony give me at my skill-level colors that make me happy.
  10. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    I would want that too, but not even the FS5 has it and that's quite mucho dinero in comparison. I think 10bit will be "the next big thing" with cameras, seeing as how it's in the new Premium UHD standard, but probably in 2018.
  11. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    It's consistent with the A7 line offering. I think many people had unrealistic expectations, this is a 1000$ consumer camera, they won't go and use it to kill off their premium line with it. I don't think this is the camera they expect people to buy the G Master lenses for. 1000$ body, 2400$ 24-70 2.8?
  12. Phil A

    Film Grain

    You could also export to DNxHD to deliver in 1080p. You could upload it directly to VIMEO I heard or you could use whatever tool to move on and transcode it to ProRes.
  13. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    If low-light is comparable, the only disadvantage against the A7r II in APS-C crop mode is the missing IBIS and the smaller EVF (1cm vs 1.3cm). That's probably something people could handle if it means saving 2000 €. Really interesting I have to say.
  14. I never use a LUT, I'll check when I come home today if that might be the reason for the not working downscaling.
  15. That works for me without a flaw, I use it quite a bit. Weird. Which version do you use?
  16. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    Press release says it has S-Log including that gamma display assist of the A7sII... but camera has quite obviously no IBIS.
  17. I use Rocky Mountain. It's free, easy and works, I don't ask for more.
  18. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    Seeing how the sensor has 24 megapixel I wonder if the 20 megapixel 6k read-out with downscaling means additional crop over APS-C? Unfortunately no comment regarding low light in the conference, I wonder if it's up to what the A7rII does in APS-C crop mode. Edit: or is 20 megapixel the 16:9 crop of the 24 megapixel sensor?
  19. Yes. Nikon can be adapted to nearly anything because it's the SLR system with the longest flange distance.
  20. No, you can't mount original Canon EF-S lenses on a FullFrame Canon EOS camera, only 3rd party lenses.
  21. So much to "Shipping in January"
  22. The G7 / G70 also doesn't do HDMI out while recording so you can't use an external monitor, I see that as a major disadvantage compared to the GH4.
  23. You can turn 8bit 4k 4:2:0 into 8bit 2k 4:2:2 with any transcoding app like e.g. RockyMauntainsMovieConverter but it's not turning into 10bit.
  24. Clearly will. Was away over the weekend but have quite some space this week.
  25. Phil A

    Samsung NX1 or...

    Make sure you download the newest version, it was only implemented recently. It's at the bottom of the applications window.
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