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  1. The one I have has nothing, it doesn't even say which direction to close/open which is why I will first study it a moment before risking to get it stuck on a lens. I will use it together with an EF to NX adapter which hopefully will arrive tomorrow, will probably have some more practical feedback later this week. I think the Fotodiox Vizelex ND Throttle adapter looks great on paper. It connects Nikon F to Sony E Mount / Samsung NX / Micro4/3 and includes aperture lever and variable ND but the price in Europe is 50% higher than in the US so I'm not sure I'll get one.
  2. F mount is the Nikon mount, the G type means that it has no aperture ring compared to the older lenses that had one and were manual focus. So yes, you will need an adapter with integrated aperture lever. I received the Fotodiox Nikon F to Canon EF adapter yesterday, it's the one with the blue lever. While I can't judge the general quality of the adapter yet, I can say that the throw of the lever is really really short, less than 90° and has no markings regarding stops or anything like that. It will do though probably.
  3. We wanted to go Friday... then Sunday... now next week. It turned out my girlfriend hasn't seen episodes V and VI so I make her watch those before but she keeps falling asleep when watching movies on the sofa and we have to postpone cinema more and more. Managed V on the third try, will watch VI some time this week and then the new one hopefully on the weekend. I've luckily managed to avoid all spoilers so far. Just came to my mind: We watched Episode V streamed via Amazon Instant Video and the amount of banding that was in that compressed codec was incredible. It's kinda like when you put in a lot of love into editing a video and then upload to Facebook or Instagram.
  4. I can't really imagine because the limitation to 30min is actually due to import tax laws in the European Union (photography camera vs. video camera taxes).
  5. In Switzerland I checked the big online dealers and body-only price is between 629 and 1399 Chf depending on the vendor, from some it already disappeared completely. I think it's more of a dealer specific dumping of stock than a regular price cut. Actually it's easier to get an NX500 than the NX1 it seems. The 16-50 S lens is still 1000 Chf with no discounts. But we already had offers for the kit for 2000 Chf over a few weeks in summer which is like 1850 € so prices in Switzerland for the Samsung stuff were really attractive. I'll probably buy lenses used over internet forums as I used to do in the past. Seen the 16-50 S go for below 700 € and the small 16-50 PZ for 100 €, these prices will probably rather drop even more in the new year. Could imagine getting the 16-50 S and perhaps the 16 or 20mm pancake.
  6. Wow, the price for the NX1 just dropped again in Switzerland at my favorite vendor. Body only is 629 CHF (which is like 630 $) while it's still double the price in Germany. I'm really considering to go buy one even if the system might be soon announced dead, that price is so ridiculous. I'd probably adapt my Nikon glass and be happy. Edit: Took me 44min of consideration and convincing the gf that there is massive reasons why I totally have to buy it. Now the 5 to 7 day wait for delivery starts... Monday I'll get my SmallHD 501 to play... looks like this year Christmas will be busy.
  7. I've shot the Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 on a Mamiya M645 1000s which I had scanned at around 20 Megapixel, shot on Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford XP2 Super. While I think the look is lovely I think the common 80 2.8 is optically better wide open, but then you would expect that. As a sidenote I think focussing f/1.9 in the waist level finder and then shooting handheld with the mirror slap of the gods isn't for the faint of heart. I'd think using the MF lenses would be more about rendering than clinical perfection regarding sharpness, etc. If it's for filming, 4k is such a low resolution that I think all of them would be more than enough and give nice results.
  8. I don't wan to hijack the topic, but regarding the exposure I've read that both the NX1 and GH4 are best used up to ISO800 and only up to 1600 if necessary. But if you have to ETTR the GH4 while you underexpose the NX1, wouldn't that in fact give the NX1 the low light advantage? If you have the same lens parameters regarding f-stop and shutter speed, ETTR-ing one by 1 stop while underexposing the other by 1 stop would give you 2 stops lower ISO on the NX1. Am I doing the math wrong in my head? The screengrabs of Ricardo are mindblowing. Beautiful stylistic grade.
  9. I think a factor is that it's easier to make a good 80mm f/2.8 for a 645er format than a 50mm f/2 for 35mm than a 25mm f/1 for MicroFourThird. So chances are that the corners are sharper, there's less chromatic aberrations, etc. While you will be able to match DoF, FoV, etc. you will still get a different image in the end and 99.5% of people see no difference. I've shot with the Canon 85mm f/1.2L on 35mm and was blown away by it but mostly everyone I know couldn't see any difference to a Sigma 85 1.4 or Canon 85 1.8. So far I've shot m43, APS-C, digital & analog 35mm and analog 645. I think the specific look has more to do with the lens than with the camera system. Obviously MediumFormat offers also leaf shutter lenses which can be a huge benefit against focal plane shutters when shooting with strobes as you can synch flash at any shutter speed, on the other hand focal plane shutters on modern cameras have far quicker speeds available. Horses for courses. Personally I think I couldn't tell in a blind test.
  10. I think this is a bit an issue of opinions as to what is scientifically correct and what is "practically accepted reality". Focal lenght is fixed, it doesn't change depending on the camera. So 28mm is 28mm no matter if 35mm, APS-C or M43 sensor, but the crop of the image circle that is used obviously changes, so you will change the distance to compensate for this. Theory goes on and on but.... The practical answer you want: 28mm on M43 has the field of view like a 56mm on 35mm/FF. So the Speedbooster uses whatever modification, in your case 0.72, which will give you what a 41mm lens would frame on a FF sensor. 28mm x 2 x 0.72 = 40.32mm EDIT: yeah, what dhessel said
  11. Correct. When I watched a movie (Netflix) the first time at the gf's place, I was really irritated by the TV settings. It was a 50" Samsung LCD with every "image enhancing feature" turned on, so it was oversharpened, oversaturated and calculated a load of in-between images to create a smoother image - or exactly the effect you described above. The weird part was, she didn't even notice it until I pointed out how much different it looks on my plasma TV with everything turned off and more conservative image settings. It's kinda interesting how we obsess about image quality and motion cadence, yadda yadda, when most consumers can't even see a difference.
  12. Phil A

    Raven Footage

    Well the I/O basic package is €10000. Then you have to add 4 x €1350 (which is think is ridiculous) for the 240 GB Red MiniMags in addition to the 120GB included in the package. The EVF on top is another €2055 - 4260 depending which one you take. Shoulder pad on top we can probably say you look at nearly double the cost for an identical package.
  13. It said "I will be hooking up my Atomos Ninja Star to the D750 in part 2 of the review." back in the "Nikon D750 review – initial thoughts and real-world footage – ladies and gentleman we have a contender!" so I originally always secretly hoped there might come something following on it. Was probably reading too much between the lines. The review was one of the reasons I bought the D750 (my focus is photography so far) and never regreted. So thanks in any case :-) Just sad there's not much of a following / community around using it for video, most of the things on Vimeo I found filmed with it were not so nice.
  14. I guess there will never be a second part of the D750 review coming, seeing how it was included in the gear sale?
  15. Did you use the auto-match feature in Resolve? I've read some articles about why the X-Rite ColorChecker like used for photography is a wrong choice and a DSC OneShot is better but to be honest I think anything that gets the colors into the right ballpark to begin with is a great help.
  16. The thing is, between 5D IV, C100 II, C300 II, C500 and respective successors I don't see why Canon would implement these things in the 5D IV. Looking at the focus of the cameras and their respective price points, Canon seems decidedly to go in direction of a clear segmented product portfolio with no cannibalisation. You probably won't get the C100 II features in the 5D IV, at least it would be a huge surprise, they clearly try to make the incentive for people to upgrade to the Cinema EOS line.
  17. http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/some-disruptive-samsung-rumor-coming-soon/ Sounds quite dramatic, they have my curiosity.
  18. I'm curious about the status of the sale, mailed regarding one of the items over 24 hours ago and still got no reply. Nevertheless, great deals can be had for some lucky people. I imagine Andrew got at least a thousand mails and half of the people are asking for ridiculous additional discounts or some obscure additional information staying vague about willingness to buy, at least that's my experience with selling used gear in internet forum.
  19. Sorry to bump this topic up after such a long time but I always wondered about the HDMI out with an external recorder, which was hinted at for the second part of the review which apparently never happened. My question would be, how much does external recording in a less compressed format like ProRes LT or HQ help on the D750 with wide shots like landscapes, especially when there's a fair bit of movement (grass, trees, the sea, etc.)? Did anyone test this?
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