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  1. I wouldn't pay for Leica glass to adapt it to an Aps-C camera like the EOS M. Leica glass is not designed for the relatively thick sensor stack in most mirrorless cameras so you would invest 2000€ or more for a lens that will perform less than perfect on your consumer mirrorless and even might get outperformed by a 100€ vintage SLR lens due to the retrofocus design which helps with light angles.
  2. Of course you can use flash in the hotshoe. It would be silly if not, there is no picture camera with a cold shoe in forever. I'm no expert but the only thing I could imagine is that low end models don't do optical master with the build in flash to a slave, but then anyway everyone I know uses remote triggers for reliability.
  3. I mentioned it in the Ursa Mini thread but as someone there remarked, they might say "Shipping in January" but even if they do it will probably take months to fulfill pre-orders and be probably nearly autumn if not winter when it's easily available at retailers. There's still no information about anyone having a prototype or any test footage so it's also still to be seen what impact the global shutter mode has on DR, etc. I love the idea of the camera. I'd really like to get one, it fixes what I dislike about the Pocket, but so far it's vaporware and I'm not sure if I should get my hopes up.
  4. Phil A

    LED light starter kit

    I have the Aputure Amaran HR672 which is somewhere between the 528 and the Light Storm. I only used it a bunch of times but it is quite nice to use, it comes with a diffusor, a color filter, a wall plug cable and 2 batteries which was a huge surprise to me. Usability is great but I'm not sure they're really robust so try to avoid dropping them. One little annoyance is that you have to take the batteries out when you don't use it or they'll slowly discharge. But the handy little transport case anyway doesn't allow storage with the batteries installed.
  5. You're of course right. Even if they really start shipping it by end of January, that means nothing about availability. If it'll ship like products in the past it seems it'll take months to fulfill pre-orders and then will start getting available in stores slowly. The Video Assist "started shipping" in November and yet it is still not available in Switzerland or Germany, stores list it as "on request", "not available" or "3 to 4 weeks delivery". The BMPCC on the other hand is available everywhere but is still ~1000€. Even used it sells for 700€ which is crazy when you consider that there was the summer sale for 500$. I'm not really sure what to make of BMD. They don't seem exactly trustworthy with their business behaviour.
  6. I use Davinci Resolve so it's more about being able to grade them at all. I guess Resolve user will be stuck without H.265 support for at least some more months (except for Resolve Studio on Mac).
  7. It's super easy, just make sure you download the right installer for your system. Drag the footage into the window, choose your desired codec, resolution, etc. and let it run. I use it to transcode the NX1 4k H.265 to ProRes HQ 422 and it works really nice.
  8. Small update but the Blackmagic Design website now says "shipping in January" for the Ursa Mini 4.6k and the BMMCC. Will we really see it or will they update to February in 4 weeks?
  9. Rumor had it they'd release it 2015... and there were already rumors in 2014 that the Canon M line will get a prosumer camera. Just as there's always rumors about Nikon releasing a mirrorless camera. I think actually this year we could see something along those lines but then I remember the teething problems that other mirrorless systems had in their earliest models so I'm not sure if the first release will be more than a fancy beta test on customer's cost. I'm also curious though. There's still so much room for improvement in the mirrorless world, the two big fishes entering can't hurt the progress. It's a pity Samsung left, they've shown so much creativity and technical prowess with the NX1 and NX500. Nikon strongly voices that they did not acquire any Samsung tech but it would really be a waste if that goes down the drain to only be used in mobile phones, fridges, VR/action cameras, etc.
  10. The 1080p output of the NX1 is not a clean HDMI out but has the GUI overlayed so it wouldn't make sense to output 1080p and record that. Does the VA downscale 4k or UHD when receiving via HDMI?
  11. Regarding 1), you can go by feeling which is probably not really accurate. What I do is set it to wide open and look at shutter speed & ISO, then I close down and count the stops by watching how the shutter speed and/or ISO changes. Is obviously takes a few seconds to set, depending on how quick you're with maths in your head. Another pragmatical possibility would be to just set the ISO fixed or set the AutoISO to the maximal acceptable value and then disregard f/stop and just open and close as much as possible without going into the underexposure warning. I've seen the Samsung 18-200mm used in like new condition for 400 € yesterday on a German photography forum. I guess seeing how you're so sure you need a lens like that I'd rather bite the bullet and get a good priced used one than use an adapted superzoom with manual focus.
  12. There's only selected markets left and the fact that even there accessories like the batteries are unavailable makes it quite likely that a global stop is imminent, just weird that they don't man up and announce it. The current playing dead probably is worse for their reputation with the potential market when looking further than the "walmart consumer". But we can't do anything but wait and see. I'm already happy they fixed firmware up to what we've got with 1.40 despite the signs on the horizon. I think if one doesn't sink high figures into lenses but sticks to e.g. 1 or 2 native lenses plus adapting, the quality you get for the price is amazing, even if there will be no further support. My Nikon feels really clunky in comparison to the NX1, everything is so snappy and except for the lack of moving the punch in area I think it's a great camera. I think the "investing in a dead system" issue is blown out of proportion. What about the BMPCC that doesn't have a system? People are willing to buy expensive exclusive speedboosters for that camera that will be obsolete the moment there is no camera with that specific crop factor. I know people who invested into super expensive speaker docks for their iPods... surprise, connector has changed.
  13. Same in Germany. It's either a 3rd party or Amazon Warehouse deals (not that 1400€ is an actual deal). Digitec in Switzerland who had "more than 10 available" around new year is back at ~1 week delivery time. I guess the camera never sold that much before but then their price is great so a lot of people probably say "whatever" and get one even though it now went up again a bit. I wonder where they source them from, seeing how most stores in Europe don't carry it anymore. Also curious when the official market withdrawal for the USA and Korea will be.
  14. Canon straps even say which model it is if it's a "better one" like 7D, 5D etc. I guess that automatically gives you the admiration factor from the Rebel using peasants and the right to tell them to get out of your way ;-) I should use the "Minolta Dynax" strap that I currently have on the Nikon for the Samsung. Morituri te salutant! But I agree with your post... my heart would rather part with the D750 than the NX1 at the moment just out of usability reasons, which is obviously a completely different motivation than what makes most people buy cameras. Just wondering now what to exchange my SmallHD field monitor for, I kinda don't want to let that go either but I have only 1% hope that they'll actually fix the problem.
  15. They would probably directly exchange it for stock while it lasts and after that during warranty period if no exchange is physically possible anymore you would get a (partial?)refund as considered by law in most countries (if something breaks during warrantee or defects liability the vendor/manufacturer has a bunch of tries to fix it or replace it with the equivalent item or then as a last resort the buyer can ask for or seller offer to back up from the sale and refund the money, at least here in Germany and I guess all of EU?). But then I heard on a forum where someone wanted to get his BMPCC repaired that the feedback was to buy a new one, they wouldn't do paid repairs on that model anymore. Consumerism is good for technical advance but probably not good if you actually want to keep the gear a while... just like firmware updates end the moment a new model arrives with most manufacturers.
  16. Tell it to the Leica fans, there were enough of them asking for a M rangefinder camera without a LCD to chimp. I bet they're willing to pay a premium.
  17. I'd agree if you want a hybrid system like discussed in the other thread but if you want to use the body for video with adapted glass (or are cool with shooting stills with manual focus), I think the NX1 is a great thing. After all the BMPCC is really popular and that is even less "system" for 990€.
  18. I think the problem is the really different needs of different user groups. Cameras like a RED or a Sony F3/F5/... are clearly amazing video cameras but the question is how you plan to use it. I can see how these would be perfect if you're shooting commericals or narrative movies with a crew. A Canon C100 / C300 or a Sony FS5/FS7 are amazing for documentary run&gun work. But as has been mentioned before, as soon as you also need high quality pictures, that adds problems. If we say the right tool for the job and you need movie and pics, are you willing to bring a RED One MX plus lenses plus tripod plus a Canon 1Dx/5DIII plus lenses? Then there comes the saying to "make your light", so will you bring the continous lighting for video and the strobes for the stills? I guess we exceeded the 20kg of kit already as well as the 10k € of invest. If you're not commercially making money with what you create that goes above most enthusiasts will and/or capability of spending money. To be less generic I'll take myself as an example: I travel a lot both for vacation and business (not related to photography/filming). I used to shoot pictures (landscape, architecture, night time long exposures, etc.) on these trips. But when I was to Thailand for example I brought a 1Ds III, 17-40 f/4, 24-70 f/2.8, 35 1.4 and 85 1.2 plus tripod, ND filters and a flash. That's like 6kg of kit which at least partially travels with you depending on what you plan to shoot that day, but it's also equivalent to a whole carry on bag when traveling by air. I think most enthusiasts can't take along another 5-10kg of camera gear for the motion picture side, after all most people can't afford a personal sherpa to come to the beach. If you can cover both to a rather good level, I think it's way preferable to do it with one single system of equipment. That also keeps down on accessories like batteries. Currently I have 5 different types of batteries between my main stills cam, my pocket stills cam, the cam I currently test for video, my field monitor, my LED lights and then regular AAs for my flashes. Of course every batterie needs a different charger. Do I expect D810 level stills and RED/ARRI level video in one single system? Clearly not. And most enthusiasts - and I'd argue even a lot of professionals - don't need that. But for a lot of people the GH4 stills side won't cut it while the 1080p 8bit 4:2:0 low-bitrate video of most cameras won't cut it. I think the A7r II and NX1 were currently the two most convincing cameras. But Samsung gave up with NX just when it became interesting and never built a convincing native lens lineup (in my personal opinion; I'm missing more f/1.4 glass) while Sony has prices skyrocket (A7R II and A7S II both sell for equi. 3500$ in Switzerland) and you'll easily spend 5k on the body plus two lenses while being over the top with the super high res sensor for a lot of people (between ALL the people I know who are into photography, no one actually WANTS more than 20-24 Megapixel) and therefore costing way more than actually neccessary. If the rumored A6100 would be like the A7R II but only with the APS-C part of the sensor and for 2000 €, I'd be over that like bears over honey. If you look at photography forums, you'll find a lot of people to preach that manufacturers should stop investing into video features and use that money for improving stills quality. Therefore I'm not even surprised Nikon brought the lackluster 4k video, there were probably at least just as many feedbacks about no need for good video as there were prayers for quality video. So for someone who travels alone and light with unexpected circumstances to what he photographs/films, the choice is not so easy. A possibility would be for example a 5D III with ML plus the new BM Micro Cinema Camera (if it every comes out) so you can share batteries for example between both cameras and a SmallHD monitor plus use the Canon lenses with the Metabones SB on the BMMCC. But then Canon is a worse choice than Nikon for night photography because of the difference in DR and the heavy banding in shadows if you push the Canon image. And seeing how I like to stay light, I'd rather have a 4k image that lets me punch in as well as faking slider moves than using a B-cam and an actual slider. So there is no perfect solution and I guess my rant gets too long to bear but I think for a lot of people it's really about finding the right compromise. Tl;dr: If you are stationary or have a crew, use the right tool. But if you're alone and traveling, pick your poison.
  19. But be careful, Switzerland is not European Union so you have to pay at least VAT upon import... but then even with the 19% VAT in Germany it's still cheaper than buying locally.
  20. What I wonder is how they expect people to trust them to buy their cameras if they come back with a new line in a few years? GX, NX... Fool me once, fool me twice...
  21. Phil A

    Nikon D500

    4k in 8bit 4:2:0 h.264 while the competition had that nearly 2 years ago? By the time we'll get a Nikon DSLR with non-cropped 4k to internal 8bit 4:2:0 h.264 I wouldn't be surprised if the competition would all have external 10bit like the GH4 already has or at least way better codecs and/or higher bit rates internal. If Sony would make the HDMI out 10bit they would kill the S-LOG problems with banding and have a crazy thing. To be honest I don't think Nikon will even try to compete for the video enthusiasts in the next years. Even the new cameras seem to only have zebra in regards to exposure/focus tools.
  22. Phil A

    Nikon D500

    Agreed. But then here is nothing really new, these are just incremental upgrades over previous products with 4k as a "me too" gimmick. I feel like Nikon and Canon kinda dropped the ball when it comes to technology. I work in marketing so I'm fully aware that selling products has nothing to do with having the best or even a good product but more with brand image, etc. On many photography forums people still suggest Canon 760D to people who look for video because "Canon makes the foto camera with the best video". It's obviously in the interest of big companies to make the lowest investment possible to make an incrementally improved product that will sell and still can easily be replaced with the next incremental upgrade next year. Like Sony used to fix firmware problems by launching a successor product, the Canon Rebel line bringing a new camera every year with 99% identical specification, etc. Obviously this is not in the interest of enthusiasts but it's the reality. If you look at Canon C100 II, Samsung NX1, BMPCC and the Sony A7s... Imagine throwing the technology of these cameras together, the product would be incredible. But then how would they sell us the next iteration in a year if we're happy? Curved screen?
  23. Phil A

    Nikon D500

    The combination of the 2.2 crop factor in 4k and the Nikon F mount makes for a really uninteresting camera in my opinion. It's like shooting a GH4 with adapted DSLR lenses but no option of a speedbooster. I see it as a pure spec sheet gimmick for marketing. I went from "omg I need it!" to "why would anyone use that?" in the time between the anouncement and people posting the specs.
  24. Actually I think the BM Micro CC sounds really good with the option of Global Shutter as well as 60fps with rolling shutter. In combination with using LP-E6 batteries it's an amazing upgrade over the BMPCC when anyway using external monitoring. But the BMD release behaviour and zero communication makes this one nothing to count on. By the moment they halfway fixed the firmware problems there is already a successor announced. If the BMMCC would even have been designed with the 2.5k sensor to help with end-resolution and stabilizing, etc. I think it would have been a great thing, it's probably an amazing camera for gimbal work if it ever gets released. Edit: on the other hand I guess most people would usually rather shoot ProRes than Raw and then the 2.5k sensor probably has no advantage over the current 1080p anymore
  25. The question is what one considers "ready for paid jobs". Seeing how many people shoot events with a Canon/Nikon FF and the 24-70mm f/2.8 + 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses I think these would be completely capable to do it with the NX1 plus the 16-50mm f/2-2.8 and the 50-150mm f/2.8. The people who shoot portraits/events with stuff like 50 1.2 and 85 1.2 for the (some call it fad) shallow DoF look might say the system is not ready, but then they probably wouldn't shoot APS-C camera anyway. Architecture would be ok, you can adapt a tilt shift lens from another system, they anyway have no autofocus. Studiowork with strobes is also ok, you don't shoot TTL so you don't need a native flash system. I think what's clearly missing is long tele lenses for people shooting sport (300mm 2.8, etc.) and f/1.2 or f/1.4 primes. But besides that? I think the others might be right and you're just in general not in balance with the system and should look for a different one when you want to cover video and stills with one system,
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