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    Timotheus reacted to currensheldon in NAB 2019 Predictions and Wishes   
    We're just a couple months away from what I think will be a pretty big announcement period for cinema cameras. 2018 was a very slow year for cinema cameras (but boat loads of mirrorless cameras), but I think NAB 2019 could kick off a healthy string of announcements. 
    I'm curious what most people are excited about seeing or are hoping they see. 
    Here are my big wishes:
    Canon C100 Mark III or XC-Style RF Mount Camera
    There has been some rumors about a XC-like Super35mm ILC camera and, with the new RF mount, this would be a good chance to see it released (especially after the crippled video specs of Canon's first two mirrorless cameras). I think this might just go ahead and replace the C100-line. For it to be worth it, would have to have the Netflix-approved/broadcast ready specs of 10-bit 422, so I think it will have:
    - 4K 30fps at 10-bit 422 and 4k 60fps at 8-bit 420. 
    - 120fps in HD
    - RF Mount
    - Internal NDs and XLRs
    Perhaps in the $4,500 - $6k range. 

    Guess we could also see the C300 Mark III with optional 8K recording upgrade in the future. Would probably also have to add internal 4K Canon Raw Lite, 120fps in 4K, and a less terrible form factor of the Mark II (camera tower!). A C200 body would be great. 
    I would also love to see Canon add some more compression ratios to their raw codec. I think the C200 is around 3:1 or 4:1, so an 8:1 and 12:1 option would be great to have as well. 
    Fuji Super35mm Cinema Camera
    The camera I'm hoping for most is a small cinema camera from FUJI packed full of X-T3 specs, internal NDs, XLRs, and the IBIS of the X-H1. With their lineup of Super35mm lenses, I think Fuji would really crush it in the small $4 - $7k cinema camera space. They also seem to be focusing much more on video and the X-T3 and X-H1 would be great B-Cams/Gimbal cams.
    Also wouldn't be surprised if we saw an update to the X-H1 since it was so quickly surpassed in video specs by the X-T3. If so, then they should go for a bigger battery and maybe something revolutionary on a mirrorless camera like internal NDs

    Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro 6k
    I think this would be similar but with a new 6k+ sensor, BM raw, and perhaps a more compact form factor. 

    Video Assist 2.0 - Blackmagic seems to be going for an end-to-end model and they could really help themselves by releasing an external 4K recorder that records Black Magic Raw but can be used with any camera that can output raw. In my opinion, Black Magic Raw is the most enticing compressed raw format announced recently. For many project Canon's CRL and ProRes Raw still have giant file sizes, whereas Black Magic Raw has 8:1 and 12:1 options that would be great for doc work and take up less space than ProRes LT. Then throw BM Raw into DaVinci for edit and grade. 

    Panasonic EVA-2 (L Mount)
    Panasonic made some big mistakes with the EVA-1, which is an otherwise fantastic camera. The screen was unusable, the EF Mount not adaptable and no differentiation from Canon in the mount space, the audio controls were terrible... but the image, dual ISO, and CODECS!! were amazing. So, they just need to make some basic updates, put the main audio controls on the body (not in the menu), make a few areas less flimsy (audio knobs), make a great screen, and throw the L-Mount on there and they'd be good to go. 
    Not sure we'll see much from Sony, but the Mark II versions of the FS7 and FS5 were so underwhelming that maybe they'll push a new FS7 out with 120fps in 4K, 6k+ sensor, or raw internal recording. 

    Those are my biggest wishes and since I'm still in a bit of a camera flux, what actually does happen may direct me to what camera company I use for the next 3-4 years. Hoping most for the success of Canon or Fuji (my favorite images in the business), but we'll see.
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    Timotheus reacted to BrunoCH in User LUT monitor SWIT CM-55C   
    Bad iPhone video. Hope it can help.
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    Timotheus got a reaction from Tito Ferradans in SLR Magic Rangefinder HACK using donor glass   
    (repost from the Anamorphic Shooters group on FB, but I thought it would be interesting for here as well ☺️)
    - SLR Magic Rangefinder hack -
    I was getting a bit tired of the blue blobbin' and bleeding flares of the SLR Magic Rangefinder. With the modified Century Optics wide-angle adapters being used for single focus rehousings (by POOLi™) I started thinking of using similar glass as replacement into the otherwise fine Rangefinder helicoid. One 0.82x wide-angle adapter seemed very close in dimensions: the Fujinon WCV-82SC, also sold as RCV-82SC, and also sold under the JVC brand. Note the 82mm front thread, which is the same as the RF.
    Found one cheap, disassembled it and sure enough, the two elements are very close in size to those found in the RF.
    Rear element was easily replaced because it fits just fine, using the retainer ring on the back of the RF. But be very sure to put it in the right direction, very important! Front element was a bit more tricky as it is somewhat thinner than the RF front element, ending up 'too deep' in the helicoid. Now it focused way past infinity and not close. So I used some step rings to lay the front element on and bring it more forward. I then used the original retainer ring from the WA adapter to fix the front element in the helicoid. Tadaa...a new single focus in an old housing. Pro's:
    - wider shots possible
    - no more blue bleeding flares
    - close focus is a bit better also, I measured around 90cm, compared to listed MFD of the Rangefinder of 110cm.
    - somewhat more distortion at the edges and more CA
    - less sharp than RF in corners, but when using 2x anamorphics this is somewhat mitigated as the sharp center gets stretched out.
    - requires some fiddling with step rings behind the front element as spacer to calibrate focus range.
    Cheers, Tim
    P.S. You can find some (boring) test shots in the Facebook post.

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    Timotheus reacted to ponelli in Ways to avoid white Vignetting?   
    hello everyone -
    i would like to share some informations with you:
    i´ve got an isco pre36 lens. and i always had problems with these "undefined" flairs in case of straight spotlight into the lens.
    the isco is based on a 35 mm nikon lens (aps-c sensor). i found a way to eleminate theses "false flairs", like hans punk described it:
    i cut out masks with differnt innercircle sizes: from 17-30 mm (see photo) and found out that 21mm inner circle diametre is the perfect compromise between getting rid of the problem and not loosing to much light on the sensor.
    here is a little trick: i found out that the old arriflex-lenscap from the bajonett mount (backside of the lens) fits perfectly on the pre 36. i screwed a hole with a diametre of 21 mm in ....here is the result:
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    Timotheus reacted to Grimor in Post photos of your anamorphic rig!   
    Sin título23
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    Timotheus reacted to J.G in Zeiss Ikon Anamorphot 22/1.5x   
    Yeah all shot at f2 on the Helios. It does get sharper but it does have a bit of a smearing issue on most of the lenses I've tested, others have pointed this out on here too. If you want super sharp images it isn't the lens for you. It's nothing like as sharp as an Iscorama or a Bolex Moller. However saying all that I tested it with my Canon 50mm 0.95 dream lens and at 0.95 it was relatively sharp!! So maybe we've all been testing it with the wrong lenses....... Maybe there's something out there it matches well with. I've tested it with Helios 44/2, Jupiter 85mm, some Canon FD's and the dream lens. Dream lens seemed sharpest very randomly..... The E mount I have on the dream lens is a bit dodgy though thats why i didn't do the test on that.
    Focus is ok, throw is short nowhere near as long as an Iscorama. Infinity isn't great but it very old so maybe its slightly off. The best thing about it is how close you can focus without diopters. Maybe a foot and its sharp well as sharp as it can go...... I need to do more tests though and try and find some lenses it works well with.
    I would potentially get it rehoused by Van Diemen if I do find a set of lenses it matches well with. It has something about it. Definitely an interesting lens!
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    Timotheus got a reaction from valery akos in Looking to build an anamorphic 1.33x for Fuji   
    The obvious and widely available option with those lenses would be the SLR Magic Anamorphot-50 1.33x. On the 35mm you could probably also get away with the SLR Magic Compact Anamorphot-40. Beware of the heavy blue flaring. Sharpness gets nice from F4 and up. Vintage (more pricey, rare) options would include LA7200 and Century WS-13. Check out Tito Ferradans' Youtube reviews for all the aforementioned.
    Current high-end option would be the Letus Anamorphx http://www.letus35.com/letus-anamorphx-pro-1-3x-adapter/
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    Timotheus reacted to Jordan Drake in Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p   
    Yeah, I'm really unhappy with how I delivered that conclusion. The point I was trying to make is that if you only want to carry the camera, the GH5 and X-T3 are much more full featured. If you add an external recorder, however the Z6 and to a lesser extent the Z7 become extremely compelling. The audio issues can certainly be worked around as well, but I remember shooting with Canon DSLRs and occasionally being forced to use an underpowered mic. 
    I do think the main purchasers for video will almost exclusively be people with a large selection of Nikkor AF glass.
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    Timotheus reacted to Audreyy in why are anamorphic lenses so expensive?   
    The advantage of the anamorphic lens is that the wide image to be shot is extruded into a 4:3 record by optical deformation, which can fully utilize the photosensitive element of the machine for the best image quality.This is also a kind of gimmick of the camera company.
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    Timotheus reacted to Audreyy in Mystery lens   
    It’s been too long, the camera has been updated too many times.
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    Timotheus reacted to Milton Lopes in And so i joined the party. Thanks guys!   
    Gotta thank you all for everything i could learn since i`ve found and started reading this site and this forum. I'm finishing film school right now, barely finished editing my first Doc, and today is a great day for me.
    Since i've started reading Andrew`s posts on the blog and following the discussions on this forum i started to fall in love with anamorphics. They're pretty hard to find around here and i wanted a small lens, that could fit well in my G7. 1.5x is what i aimed for, as the 4K photo on the G7 only does 30p, and i really preffer the 24p look. After some months monitoring the biggest used gear website around here i've finally came across an YashicaScope 8mm. Converting the price to dollars, it costed me only 100$ and got no scratches, fungus, os dust. It`s crystal clear. Loved that thing and it weights so low it doesn't even make a difference. Unfortunatelly i couldn't buy a clamp yet, as they're non existent around here and doing imports this time of the year in my country is know your gear is gonna fall into a black hole to never be seen again, so all the tests i've done are with me holding the lens with my hand in front of the camera, no good for alignment. But i wanted to share them with you guys, as without everything i've read here along those years it simply wouldn't be happening right now and it is time in wich i could be helping other people, just as you all helped me along those years.
    I've tested the lens with the 14-42mm kit lens, as it was my only lens wich the frontal element was small enough so i could press the anamorphic against the lens without risking to scratch it. I could go as wide as 25mm without major vigneting problems (theres a slight vignete at 25mm, but if you crop from 2.66 to 2.39 it should be gone). It is double focus and i'm still trying to figure out how to do it right, but as it is just a 1.5x lens the focus peaking still worked well enough on most of my shots and it's been easier than i thought it would be, with a clamp it should be better, as i won't have to be holding the lens with my hand. It seemed sharper than i thought it would be based on the few tests i could find on youtube. Here are some frame grabs. First one is 25mm, so you guys can see the slight vignetting. Shots 2, 3 and 4 are at 35mm,  it seemed to me a good spot to shot, as it got no vignetting at all. The last image is at 42mm, the end of my zoom. I've shot all the images on f/5.6. Tried to bring my 85mm f/1.8 with speedbooster to test, but its frontal element was to big and the light leaking made the image a total mess. I did just some quick grade using filmconvert and lumetri.
    Hope you guys like them and sorry about my english, writing and speaking aren't things i fully domain.

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    Timotheus reacted to kye in Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???   
    That may be true now, but the way I understand it is that it's a shrinking market and that kind of split may not be the recipe for sustainability.  Who knows of course, those with crystal balls  (or steel balls) will be putting all their savings on the winning horse.
    Every successful YouTuber is clickbait royalty - that's just the reality of getting new subs and keeping ahead of the others - look at the UK tabloids (and sensationalist media the world over) and tell me that it isn't a successful strategy.
    What I like about Tony is that he isn't afraid to say things, isn't afraid to predict things, but in addition to those traits (that are shared with nearly all YouTubers) he's also level-headed, admits when he's wrong, and explains his thinking so that you can understand why he came to the conclusions he did.  Even if he gets things wrong he definitely adds to the conversation rather than just taking up your time and contributing nothing.
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    Timotheus got a reaction from webrunner5 in The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K unboxed and first impressions - Best indie RAW camera yet?   
    For the manual focus crowd, there is the rather nice Vizelex Throttle ND, with vari ND built in the mount adapter.
    Now if they could "only" also add some focal reducing glass...
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    Timotheus reacted to heart0less in What do you think of these new single focusing solutions?   
    I'm not quite sure what to think of them, to be honest.
    If they cost 100-200$, then I'd say go for it, but they're usually listed for at least 400$. 
    At this price point, I'd prefer buying FVD16A from Rapido which sells for 550$.
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    Timotheus reacted to Robert Collins in X-T3 vs A7III vs EOS R vs Z7 vs Pocket 4K - Video Quality Compared!   
    Nope the reason was touched upon in Max's video. There is no hard defined definition of ISO. All camera manufacturers 'understate' their ISO. So take a look at this chart from DXOmark for the A7riii...
    You will see that what 'Sony' calls iso 200, is measured at iso 145 by DXOmark. Why do they do this? Well so people will say - very little noise at iso3200 - partly because the actual iso is 1600. You can go back and look at Canon 5D bodies and you will see the differential between real and Canon's iso has increased with every generation. Why? So that people can say 'at 6400 there is a half stop improvement over the old body' when it is more like a 1/4 of a stop and a 1/4 additional stop iso fudge.
    When you do a comparison like Max's that uses 'same settings' - shutter speed, f stop, iso - greater amounts of 'iso fudge' end up as 'lower exposure'. As a general rule, smaller sensor cameras tend to 'fudge' their iso more than FF cameras. Take the Olympus EM1 for an example....
    Iso stated by Olympus is iso200 while DXOmark's measured ISO is 83. So Olympus has fudged the ISO well over 1 stop and almost I stop more than the Sony. 
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    Timotheus reacted to Robert Collins in X-T3 vs A7III vs EOS R vs Z7 vs Pocket 4K - Video Quality Compared!   
    For lowlight, these results are pretty much as expected
    The A7iii is full frame supersampled from 6k to 4k, the BMPCC is M43 (-2 stops), EOS-R FF sensor heavily cropped (-2 stops), XT-3 APSC (-1 stop) and the Z7 is high resolution sensor with pixel binning (a comparison with a Z6 would be fairer.)
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    Timotheus reacted to Zach Goodwin2 in 2 Things I'd like to discuss   
    Two things, the negative and the positive, first I'll go through the negative and then the positive,
    The Negative
    I'd like to apologize for my behavior on this website. I have a spare EOSHD account and found my name on google and still attached to this website. I looked at the email message and found out it was about caps lock on the lenses section of this website years ago. I should have not used caps lock and also I should not have shouted at everyone on this website. I'd like to return because I have made some discoveries, and I enjoy being around very bright and intelligent along with extremely practical and very informative folks like yourself. May I please be allowed back on this website and blog and comment and speak to other people? And it has been an honor for me to speak to you all on this website. I apologize and wish to undo anything that can lead to me being banned again. I will try my best to not act defensive and not to take things personally. I apologize to the moderator Jon Pais for being rude. I would also like to if I graduate from Film School, have employment from a master's degree and college with my computer science degree as well as my bachelor's in theater with photography as a minor.
    The Positive
    I have taken a photography class at college and passed it with a D, unfortunately I didn't know how to use my DSLR creatively, but I passed. I know now how to use lighting better. I am almost done with having an associate's degree in college. I am taking proper medication for my hyperactiveness and mood swings and I've been through therapy as well. I also have been discussing a lot about filmmaking on the other site, Reddit under the alias, Zack194a on the filmmakers part of Reddit. I think I'm getting a good idea on how to use lighting for video, and I took some recent photographs I have taken with my T2i after learning from Photography class. I learned new things like metering and sunny 15 rule as well as light distance (distance from light affects the image). My college major at this moment is computer science, which as I searched up I hope will get me jobs at many places. I am taking 4 courses in community college at this moment and two of them are A's and the other two are B's. Thank you for reading this.
    My previous account is Zach Goodwin
    Here are some of the photos I have taken They were taken on a Canon T2i with an FD lens: 35-105mm, F/3.5 :

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    Timotheus reacted to IronFilm in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Sorry. I couldn't resist asking when  you said you're from Cairo.... 
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    Timotheus reacted to IronFilm in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Do you have a SLR Magic Rangefinder for sale?
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    Timotheus reacted to TiJoBa in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    I've had this camera since it came out - had the MK1 and MK2 as well - nice little stills cameras. To be honest - haven't used it much until I discovered the subtle teal/orange look with sunny/cloudy white balance and the filmic -2 sharpness. AWB shifts pretty badly. Agree about the lack of mic input, although I only use this camera for family video. Every camera decision purchase based on mic or headphone input resulted in me rarely using either. Just have to somehow add a micro-muff and I'm set. For more serious filming I'll still reach for the GH5. That said, I've been using V-Log a lot because I hate the GH5 highlight roll-off without V-Log. IMO it's even worse than the GH4. Highlight-roll off on the Oly means I rarely ever see a highlight "puddling" effect where highlights clip along a visible outline. This camera hides it really well - plus I like the image straight out of camera more than the GH5 - somehow the edge detailing is less severe. It's worth having a look at Johnnie Behiri's review over at Cinema 5D - that's what ultimately sold me on this camera. Be aware - you can't save video settings. Otherwise a fun camera.
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    Timotheus got a reaction from Grimor in Panasonic G85 review - is there any need to get an Olympus E-M1 Mark II for video?   
    If you want to control the aperture through the camera, you need a smart adapter. I believe on the Nikon adapter there is a manual aperture lever, but you'll have to check as I have the Canon one.
    For choosing between speedbooster or not: determine what you need:
    With speedbooster you get a fullframe equivalent of around 25-50mm f2.5
    Without speedbooster fullframe equivalent of 36-70 F3.6
    Or get both adapters with and without glass to effectively get two zoom ranges from one lens! The Viltrox are quite affordable. Just don't plan on relying on continuous autofocus.
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    Timotheus reacted to whoisjsd in I made my own "Anamorphic Shop" Rangefinder.   
    @Timotheus Pixco makes M58 and M65 helicoids. You can just use one of those and then make 3D spacers for the glass. They work well enough.
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    Timotheus reacted to whoisjsd in I made my own "Anamorphic Shop" Rangefinder.   
    Sure, but I haven't had time to redo them to make it easier. These need sanding to get a good fit. The outside of the rings not so much, the inside where the glass goes need a bit. But I played safe so I didn't have to pay for more prints.
    The lip on the inside of the rings faces out on both rings. The outside shouldn't need much sanding except to get rid of the shiny aspect of the plastic. The inside front element ring needs a lot of sanding. Just be careful and take it slow, you'll be fine.
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    Timotheus reacted to BTM_Pix in Camcorder for Narrative Filmmaking   
    At the risk of sounding trite, a finished film shot on a camcorder is always going to be better than an unfinished one shot on a hybrid with a ton of vintage lenses so if thats what it takes to get you to the finish line then its an obvious choice.
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    Timotheus reacted to whoisjsd in I made my own "Anamorphic Shop" Rangefinder.   
    So, I made an "Anamorphic Shop Rangefinder".  I had been sitting on this Bell & Howell 2X for months. It has a cracked anamorphic element and I planned to harvest the focusing elements and make one. I recently got an Aivascope and it lit the fire under my ass to give it a shot. And speaking of fire, I literally had to light the Bell & Howell on fire to get it open. First I wet the seams with paint remover, let it soak, then went at it with a stove lighter. (DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE A SAFE PLACE TO DO IT AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING) Took some real strength and grippy gloves to get it, but the snap it made when the threads came loose was sooo satisfying.
    I made the 3D inserts in Tinkercad and had them printed locally. Took some sanding (I was really careful, as I wanted the glass to have a tight fit) but it wasn't too bad. Once I got the glass elements in and aligned and when I got infinity it was SOO DAMN SATISFYING.
    I am shooting with it on and off. I will be posting more tests soon. First impressions? It's damn good. Crushes the Focuser 8 and even the SLR Magic Rangefinder in quality. I was very pleasantly surprised.
    I designed my inserts so the glass will never fall out. If it somehow gets loose the elements will fall "in". The spacers are glued to the helicoid. It was some work, but here's the cost:
    Broken Bell & Howell 2X on ebay: $60 shipped
    Pixco M58 17-31mm Helicoid: $20
    3D Printing: $9
    Getting an "Anamorphic Shop Premium Rangefinder" at better quality and a 5th of the cost and without dealing with Anamorphic Shop? Priceless.
    More tests to come. Got an Aivacope shoot this week and parts for my Baby Kowa too. FUN FUN FUN.

    Also, for reference, I am calling this the B&H Focuser from here on out.
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