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  1. Five day old video from Atomos. Clearly committed to proresRAW. See their comments as well. Still no release date although they say "soon".
  2. Yeah we have IBC over here in september, perhaps we beat you to it ?
  3. Hugh Brownstone helps people wake up on the good deal that the Z system represents... Now having completed the basic trio 35-50-85/1.8, in lightweight, weather sealed, razor sharp, relatively affordable packages. IF they also deliver on proresRaw as promised in September-ish than I suspect we will be talking about Nikon for a while.
  4. Man, German pricing is wild. A Z6, FTZ adapter, 24-70 F4 and that wonderful 50 F1.8 combined for less than 2500 euro. Or leave the FTZ adapter and end up below 2400... I was looking for a lightweight hybrid (Lumix S1 therefore no option). No way I am gonna support cripplin' Canon. So it went between the a7iii and the Z6... Seeing the nikon AF improve so drastically after the last firmware, with the promised external RAW and now this epic discount: count me in as a first time Nikon owner. Now to hoping the small Samyang AF primes don't take too long...
  5. Yeah I think this has been discussed on the FB Anamorphic Shooters group. IIRC there is a small but clear advantage of the HardcoreDNA. I heard from @IshootbeforeItalk that the original CoreDNA goes a tiny bit wider still.
  6. Welcome Aaron! An additional diopter can still be helpful then, to further decrease the minimum focus distance of the variable diopter (obviously you lose infinity then, and you will have to account for possible vignetting). Which strength is useful depends on what you're shooting, but as the Rangefinder already goes to about 1m, I'd try a cheap +1 first for (extreme) close ups. You then have a broad range covered.
  7. Yes I enjoy his style too. But so does he ?
  8. This guy's style is a bit of an acquired taste, but he has a good nuanced take imo...the headphone jack, VlogL, unlimited recording, 120fps HD, assumably better AF and (for photography) 20MP make this a good upgrade, and especially for video shooters. A definitive G80 replacement? Nah. A great contender in the midprice range? Sure. And wait a few months and the price will be better (...and the G80 is now gonna be a REAL steal very soon).
  9. Very much so. Thank you for helping out man.
  10. @BrunoCH can you comment on the anamorphic functions of this monitor? Very interested whether it can display full size 2x stretch... Thanks.
  11. It's actually relatively easy as there are only two elements that are each fixed with one retainer ring. The rear element can be swapped out, and the Rangefinder's back retainer ring can be re-used. On the front, the element of the Fujinon is a tad smaller and thinner. However, when using the Fujinon's original front retainer ring it grips perfectly, as that also has a 82mm outer thread, and it has a 'rim' that fits snugly over the element's edge. Only aspect that needs some tinkering is finding adequate spacers to lay the front element on. Otherwise it ends up to 'deep' in the
  12. (repost from the Anamorphic Shooters group on FB, but I thought it would be interesting for here as well ) - SLR Magic Rangefinder hack - I was getting a bit tired of the blue blobbin' and bleeding flares of the SLR Magic Rangefinder. With the modified Century Optics wide-angle adapters being used for single focus rehousings (by POOLi™) I started thinking of using similar glass as replacement into the otherwise fine Rangefinder helicoid. One 0.82x wide-angle adapter seemed very close in dimensions: the Fujinon WCV-82SC, also sold as RCV-82SC, and also sold under the JVC brand. Note
  13. Yeah Viltrox is coming out with one too...the m4/3 version they have performed way better than the Kipon reviewed here, German YT channel ValuetechTV has a comparison if I remember correctly. It was much cheaper also, but we'll have to see how the pricing for this model works out. Manufacturer details here: http://www.viltrox.com/en/index.php?m=index&a=show&cid=145&id=227
  14. @Grimor Nice rig. Could you show the other side as well?
  15. On the Anamorphic Shooters group on FB there was a guy that modified the Pentax 40mm 2.8 pancake to be even more flat at the front. He combined that with a Kowa 8z/16h/B&H (one of those) on a Canon 5diii with ML... Crazy bent edges though, so prolly not that useable. If I remember correctly there also wasn't a single focus attached.
  16. I think we fully agree ? And in order to get to that exact same FOV on different sensor sizes, you will need equivalent lenses (50 on FF or 25 on m4/3 = same FOV).
  17. Your question is kind of confusing... I think the age old confusing topic of 'equivalency' might play a part here? Anyways...generally speaking the widest I have seen people get is somewhere in between 45-50mm fullframe equivalent focal lengths... Working with your proposed setup of a m43 sensor (crop factor 2) and 0.71 speedbooster, you end up with a final cropfactor of 2*0.71= 1.42 for the combination. Calculating with 50mm then gives 50/1.42=35.2 meaning that on m43 with 0.71x speedbooster the widest taking lens will be around 35mm. Working without speedbooster means you c
  18. Nice vintage look. All shot wide open? Does it get sharper closing down? How is the focusing to handle?
  19. The obvious and widely available option with those lenses would be the SLR Magic Anamorphot-50 1.33x. On the 35mm you could probably also get away with the SLR Magic Compact Anamorphot-40. Beware of the heavy blue flaring. Sharpness gets nice from F4 and up. Vintage (more pricey, rare) options would include LA7200 and Century WS-13. Check out Tito Ferradans' Youtube reviews for all the aforementioned. Current high-end option would be the Letus Anamorphx http://www.letus35.com/letus-anamorphx-pro-1-3x-adapter/
  20. Nice images once more Kees! (and I really, really want an Isco (pre-)36 now)
  21. Andrew had a nice rant about this. https://www.eoshd.com/2018/09/dishonest-misleading-unnecessary-eos-r-and-cropped-4k/ In short, it´s a smaller effective sensor size than APS-c/Super 35, almost getting at micro four thirds levels... (With crop-glass like Sigma 18-35 and 30mm F1.4 you can compensate somewhat).
  22. For the manual focus crowd, there is the rather nice Vizelex Throttle ND, with vari ND built in the mount adapter. Now if they could "only" also add some focal reducing glass...
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