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  1. I'm not sure whether you're talking about G9 or GH5, but the latter sure has it, check http://eng-ca.faq.panasonic.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/43089/related/1
  2. @mirekti If you're on Facebook, come check out the Anamorphic Shooters group, 10k members. Helpful folk. There is a waiting list atm though.
  3. -Very- well done. Nice build-up and framing. And you really make me lust for that Isco 36...such a small package, certainly with a pancake like that Nikon...are you around on the Anamorphic Shooters FB group as well? Good place to show off 😉
  4. @KnightsFan does it have an anamorphic mode? Can't see it listed... Most competitors do provide it, so am wondering.
  5. Claiming to be able to tell them apart, with the actual lens and camera data provided is bit easy, no? Everybody agrees there can be subtle differences between different lenses, like in the example of Andrew, and also the one you provided (noting that adding an APO filter is quite the change to a lens!). Let's keep it simple and general: using equivalence math, you can pretty precisely predict and match the results of certain lenses on certain sesnsor-sized camera's. That's the essence. For evidence: see @BTM_Pix above (and countless others). I feel this point gets unnecessarily muddied when focusing on all kinds of specific details of rendering of a specific lens.
  6. Agreed ;-) You're saying you can tell the camera's apart that took the two pictures from Andrew's original post? Nah man.
  7. Cheers Don. Understanding equivalence was a super useful, practical insight for me. So if a thread keeps a constructive and inquisitive tone, I am glad to see people explaining and listening to each other
  8. @Pedro Please do the test. This is not about opinions. The pictures you share illustrate the behaviour of different focal lengths on a given sensor size. The whole point is the effect of different sensor sizes trying to frame exactly the same scene from the same distance. You can shoot the exact same picture on those different sensor-sized camera's by using equivalent lenses (see my previous post for example). This also goes for your GH2 and a6500. Tell us what lenses you own and we can help you try it out.
  9. It can be the same. Put your m4/3 camera with a 25mm f1.4 next to a FF cam with a 50mm at F2.8. The framing and DOF will be identical. See the many examples above for more info. As a side note: I would like to cheer everyone participating in this nerdy thread on equivalence for not getting into petty arguments (i.e. the way this subject normally ends up being debated haha).
  10. Kidding? This is exactly the point Northrup has been making all along (i.e. apply crop factor to both focal length and aperture to understand how lenses behave on a specific sensor size). Happy everyone is one the same page now Now let's see whether we ever get an EOS-M speedbooster... The M5 / M50 are not that hot for video, but boosting 'em up to fullframe in such a small package...should be very nice indeed.
  11. Your picture shows the Viltrof EF- E II adapter...but that is an E-mount adapter? See here Can you point us in the direction of a EF - EF-M focal reducer with AF (as there are many 'dumb' options)
  12. See what you mean... :sad face: Weird folk out there.
  13. I see what you mean, from 0:37 across the cyclist body, and then in the next static shot in the right side of frame. Have you seen more of this, @whoisjsd? Still way better than blue orbs from the Rangefinder.
  14. I think you are talking about the AG-LA7200. Much sought after, but often available on ebay for anywhere between 600-1000 dollars. Check Tito's review:
  15. I remember a YT video from a guy soldering a mic input on his LX100 yeah...cool stuff. Let me take the opportunity to cheer you on for having a go at you GX80 ;-)
  16. @BTM_Pix G'damn this deserves more attention man. Excellent job. Hope the community picks it up. Just ordered a cheap GX80, can't wait to give it cine D ;-) (OT: you mentioned in another thread a mic input hack for the GX80? Did you take it apart and find a connector on the board or something? Or just kidding? ;-))
  17. Hey @Ronnie Amighetti, how did this turn out? Got my hands on a super cheap Gx80. Lack of mic input is a hassle that a BM VA might solve (with other added benefits)...
  18. Off topic but F* it...so sorry to hear man. I hope things work out for you and your family and that your story may function as a cautionary tale for others... As a Dutchman, living in a country with strong social security for everyone (and without guns), things happening now in the (very wealthy) US are so bewildering to me.
  19. People love their precious hardcoreDNA's so good luck ;-) But sometimes there is one for sale, usually at a premium above retail price. Ask around in the Anamorphic Shooters group on FB. Good people mostly, and both the developer and EU reseller of hardcoreDNA are active there as well.
  20. Hey @Hans Punk, but doesn't that mean that the Tokina is stronger? If you have to bring the camera closer with the Tokina on, then 'infinity' on the Tokina is a lesser distance from the camera. Ergo Tokina is a stronger diopter, no?
  21. Congratulations man! Rare find, where'd you get it? Let us know how you like it (and footage is always nice ;-))
  22. I have been discussing this adapter in the G7/G80 users facebook group, also people interested over there. There is a version with focal reducer underway to me, so then I can confirm whether that one works on my G7 (the Ef-M1 did not autofocus, as stated). In the discussion in the GH5 group you linked to, there was a guy who had his G80 working with AF, so there are models that are not officially supported, but DO work. I guess you'll just have to wait for a review, someone with a GX* will eventually cave in, I guess ;-) As for your question: I don't know for sure whether Sharpest Light are both manufacturer and distributor, or distributor only. I think the latter (see their homepage). They are however the only party on FB directly advertising this adapter and open for contact. On the Viltrox page, there is a contact emailadress [email protected] perhaps try that one as well? (I will).
  23. I have the version without glass (EF-M1) and the one with focal reducer discussed above is on its way (EF-M2). On my G7, I can electronically adjust aperture, but autofocus does not work at all. I contacted the company that makes / distributes them, Sharpest Light Limited, through facebook. They are very responsive, but for now confirmed that g7 and other mid-tier camera's are not supported. See the list below. If there is enough interest however, they would look into it. Maybe that USB port will get some usage then! So by all means, send them an email or FB msg :-) Personally, I think they are leaving money on the table if they don't fix this. Everybody is craving a cheaper electronic alternative to the (admittedly excellent) Metabones Speedbooster.
  24. I just bought the EF-MFT version without focal reducer to use my Sigma 18-35 on my G7...will try and report back when I get it. The speedbooster version is coming soon, from what I understand. Compare versions here and here.
  25. Hey guys, just a shoutout for this pretty impressively featured iOS app. Was surprised to learn about it through Caleb Pike's video below, as it had been released for a while. Sure it doesn't replace a true monitor, but you get a whole lot of professional functionality to practice with (waveforms, vectorscope, anamorphic desqueeze, LUT support). If you would like to see an Android version, just drop the developer a line to let him know there is interest. Homepage here https://www.adamwilt.com/fieldmonitor/
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