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  1. If you can live with the blue flares and low sharpness below f2.8, the new "Near/Far" SLR Magic Rangefinder is an okay budget solution at $279 in the US. In my country it's at 389 euros unfortunately, but still the cheapest, easily available option. Now if they could just release one with neutral coatings...
  2. Am envious man! Haha... But what sensor size are we talking about?
  3. Yeah and just bring a smaller / hybrid variant as well. The specs of this thing are (still) fantastic...they should be able to put this tech in a smaller package by now. But I guess the hybrid market isn't their focus...
  4. Nice shots mate. I love the form factor, but no mic jack is a deal breaker for me. In its current feature set it compares a bit to a GX85 (or am I missing something critical?).
  5. If you want to control the aperture through the camera, you need a smart adapter. I believe on the Nikon adapter there is a manual aperture lever, but you'll have to check as I have the Canon one. For choosing between speedbooster or not: determine what you need: With speedbooster you get a fullframe equivalent of around 25-50mm f2.5 Without speedbooster fullframe equivalent of 36-70 F3.6 Or get both adapters with and without glass to effectively get two zoom ranges from one lens! The Viltrox are quite affordable. Just don't plan on relying on continuous autofocus.
  6. Nice, the resuscitation of this thread. Am only here to report that the (fantastic) Sigma 18-35 focuses -mechanically-. As far as I know, only the DN series lenses from Sigma are fly-by-wire (the dedicated mirrorless lenses, the 19/30/60mm f2.8 ones are cheap, sharp and small)
  7. Thanks, will look into this. Big glass though, around the size of the Rangefinder glass, hope it'll fit...
  8. Hey @whoisjsd nice work man! I am going slightly off on a tangent here, but wouldn't this also work with glass harvested from wideangle adapters? I have a Fujinon wide-angle adapter that I disassembled to try holding the glass to focus and sure enough it works. Only challenge now is to create a functioning helicoid to put them in. Any pointers for that based on you work done with teh B&H parts?
  9. That has been there for a while on the Ursa Mini 4.6K and UMP...now hoping it will make it to the Pocket 4K!
  10. Very interested in what you do with it. It's a rare thing and there is not much info about it.
  11. I really liked Caleb's point in the video above: what if Canon had released an APS-c body with 4K, DPAF, fully articulated screen, headphone jack and 4K 10 bit 422 out? Somehow sounds better, video folks might have been less dissappointed than they are now, but it's kinda the (video)camera the R is atm... (Still no way I am going to get it though haha... )
  12. Not much sycophancy here...so perhaps you CAN be on speaking terms with companies, yet be critical nonetheless, mmm? Jared Polin also was extensive in the video above.
  13. For your consideration, the Sigma 50-150mm F2.8... The version without image stabilization is a very nice compact lens. Designed for aps-c. Can sometimes still be found new, although it has been discontinued... I hope Sigma comes up with a similar specced lens, as the new 50-100 F1.8 is so massive.
  14. I'm not sure whether you're talking about G9 or GH5, but the latter sure has it, check http://eng-ca.faq.panasonic.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/43089/related/1
  15. @mirekti If you're on Facebook, come check out the Anamorphic Shooters group, 10k members. Helpful folk. There is a waiting list atm though.
  16. -Very- well done. Nice build-up and framing. And you really make me lust for that Isco 36...such a small package, certainly with a pancake like that Nikon...are you around on the Anamorphic Shooters FB group as well? Good place to show off ?
  17. @KnightsFan does it have an anamorphic mode? Can't see it listed... Most competitors do provide it, so am wondering.
  18. Claiming to be able to tell them apart, with the actual lens and camera data provided is bit easy, no? Everybody agrees there can be subtle differences between different lenses, like in the example of Andrew, and also the one you provided (noting that adding an APO filter is quite the change to a lens!). Let's keep it simple and general: using equivalence math, you can pretty precisely predict and match the results of certain lenses on certain sesnsor-sized camera's. That's the essence. For evidence: see @BTM_Pix above (and countless others). I feel this point gets unnecessarily
  19. Agreed ;-) You're saying you can tell the camera's apart that took the two pictures from Andrew's original post? Nah man.
  20. Cheers Don. Understanding equivalence was a super useful, practical insight for me. So if a thread keeps a constructive and inquisitive tone, I am glad to see people explaining and listening to each other
  21. @Pedro Please do the test. This is not about opinions. The pictures you share illustrate the behaviour of different focal lengths on a given sensor size. The whole point is the effect of different sensor sizes trying to frame exactly the same scene from the same distance. You can shoot the exact same picture on those different sensor-sized camera's by using equivalent lenses (see my previous post for example). This also goes for your GH2 and a6500. Tell us what lenses you own and we can help you try it out.
  22. It can be the same. Put your m4/3 camera with a 25mm f1.4 next to a FF cam with a 50mm at F2.8. The framing and DOF will be identical. See the many examples above for more info. As a side note: I would like to cheer everyone participating in this nerdy thread on equivalence for not getting into petty arguments (i.e. the way this subject normally ends up being debated haha).
  23. Kidding? This is exactly the point Northrup has been making all along (i.e. apply crop factor to both focal length and aperture to understand how lenses behave on a specific sensor size). Happy everyone is one the same page now Now let's see whether we ever get an EOS-M speedbooster... The M5 / M50 are not that hot for video, but boosting 'em up to fullframe in such a small package...should be very nice indeed.
  24. Your picture shows the Viltrof EF- E II adapter...but that is an E-mount adapter? See here Can you point us in the direction of a EF - EF-M focal reducer with AF (as there are many 'dumb' options)
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