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  1. https://www.dpreview.com/articles/2666934640/what-is-equivalence-and-why-should-i-care Pricey adapter, but the innovation is of course great. I'm not super familiar with medium format lenses, but I believe they tend to be somewhat slow-ish. Are there fast ones that combined with this adapter would truly give you a unique, ultrafast FOV / DOF?
  2. Use Tito's calculator :-) http://www.tferradans.com/blog/?p=13386
  3. Mind power cropping! Should be able to manage...now on to mind power desqueezing! :-p Found another test vid btw, not too bad either.
  4. Very nice to see a new review Tito, always happy to get a notification of a new video of yours! On topic: as SLR Magic specifically markets this as a MFT/S35 solution, I wondered why you didn't use it as such (S35 mode on your A7S2)? I realize time is a scarce commodity, but this not-quite stellar FF performance perhaps leads us to criticizing the lens on a performance it was not intended for...
  5. Big glass is better, 55mm is quite significant and slightly larger than Kowa B&H / 16H / 8Z / Elmoscope II. Those are sought after because of being short, with large diameter glass (which means you can go wider with your taking lens) and good image quality. However, if the price is much higher than those, you should give it some thought. Do you like/need the somewhat unusual stretch factor? How important is wide-angle? You're probably also paying for the rarity of it... About the size of the rear element of the Iscomorphot 16/2x...measured it, rear element is 'only' 32mm across (diameter of the back, including casing is 52mm, so be sure to check they did measure the glass only). Cheers, Tim.
  6. On a sidenote: 1dc gets extra price cut, now for 3999... let's see how low this can go :-)
  7. Great man, please let us know how/if you get this to work
  8. Next up on the wishlist: a CoreDNA or Rangefinder ;-) Playing with anamorphics can get expensive quickly, but your footage sure looks great!
  9. Gawd, that swindling sucker is unbelievable...shitting all over Andrew's c-log profile over there. OT: I vote for the 5d4... haha. Nahhhh...the G85 seems such a great value, is on my wishlist, but I'll wait for Andrew's review and the GH5. Also the Sony a99 ii is incredibly specced, for what it's worth.
  10. I'm not sure, but it looks as if the horizontal flares don't run perfectly parallel. But they should, so then that would indeed indicate misalignment in the anamorphic. Only other explanation (if the Helios on itself is working fine) is that the dual focusing goes wrong...
  11. Yeah, must be something wrong inside...If you're handy, you can try to fix it yourself. Tito has a recent video on improving sharpness on the Kowa B&H. As it is the same model as Kowa 16H and 8Z, it should apply to your lens also. Check it out
  12. Hey man. I liked this a lot and it got me interested in the whole story, so the trailer's main goal succeeds with me :-) It also showcases a lot of technical skill and polish (aerial shots, editing, grading and varied camera work/movements). If there's anything to critique, I'd second @mercer's point. The antagonist / danger is somewhat unclear at the moment we see her hiding (0:47-0:51) so perhaps a slight reorder might be even more effective. Another thing I realized when I watched it again, is that we only hear the score. Some ambient sound could elevate tension even more (running footsteps, breathing, screaming etcetera). But I realize that adds a bunch of work... Keep us posted on your progress, looks great!
  13. Nice to see you back here Tony, where've you been? Can never have enough stories about obscure and rare anamorphics :-)
  14. What you want is impossible, as a diopter always limits your maximum focus distance. So no infinity, but closer focus yes. Read up on Tito's site http://www.tferradans.com/blog/?p=7282
  15. Oh the title is clickbait for sure. But the content is not too bad. I believe he says he uses same settings for all situations, although I'm unsure if that includes WB. Still, doesn't matter too much, as colour science from different manufacturers can vary (see: the eternal Canon vs. Sony debate). Main takeaway for me is the awesome value the Panasonic delivers.
  16. :-) Max Yuryev did a comparison between camera's that differ a factor 8 in price, but for sure don't differ as much when it comes to 4k quality/useability Now I'm extra excited to go find a deal on the G80 haha
  17. I think Tony tries in this video and many others to get manufacturers to start innovating and deliver more value. Not only for the benefit of micro-attention-spanned millenials, but certainly also for dedicated, paying consumers. As Canon's intentional crippling of camera's is often lamented here, I would reckon this notion would gather some support? Among many, many other things: simpler menu's, touch UI, flawless connectivity through Wifi and GPS, easy firmware updates and an update of those friggin archaic top-lcd's have nothing to do with 'dumbing down'. These would be beneficial to everyone.
  18. Ah yes, that single focus Panatar...wouldn't that be a nice subject for @Tito Ferradans to tear apart in one of his chop-shop video's? ;-)
  19. What a great post to get started on this forum! Welcome and please share what you know, many interested enthusiasts here :-) And so there indeed does exist a 1.42x Isco haha...
  20. Yeah, the pricing this guy keeps pushing is quite something :-/
  21. Fascinating find, is it yours? Enjoy that beauty and keep us posted (and envious haha).
  22. Yeah...as a European this whole election and its outcome has been shocking, nauseating and pretty terrifying to watch. Here's John Oliver's take, for some laughter to go with the dread: So yeah...fuck 2016.
  23. So, I'm not a technical guy, but this sounds incredible. I could imagine slight panic at Canon HQ as their years-old camera's are to be turned into 10/12 bit RAW HD+ machines. Insane. Just hope that this is not the tipping point for them to go after the ML guys, law suits and all.
  24. Haha...might get my G80 after all...that looks to be the exact same issue on the GX85 (from 4:37 to be precise ;-)) Which they obviously fixed (???) as demonstrated in the G80 vs GX85 videos...
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