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  1. Hi all, simple question, can't seem to find a good answer so I thought I'd just ask the knowledgeable crowd here. So I found an Isco Video Attachment (same design as Iscorama 54, just different stretch factor). Besides being heavy, MFD is 2m which also impacts practical shooting. I have some 82mm and 86mm diopters to use so I would like to buy a step ring. Front filter size is 95mm. Thread pitch is larger than normal though...Does anyone know it's specifications and/or have suggestions for suitable step rings? Thanks a lot!
  2. Guys. A few deep breaths might be helpful. Believe me, I am as angry as anyone here and I want to be compensated. Ebrahim has committed himself to do something about that in the coming day, and providing evidence of it. We shall see about that quickly enough. Regardless, there is the issue of proportionality one how one should respond, certainly if you're not directly affected. Who decides what the 'punishment' should be and who should deliver it? I think @dhessel made some similar remarks. I feel this community (and it's administrators) can decide how to deal with the situation here. Whe
  3. Thanks squig. It was also up on reduser but someone already pointed to this thread. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?134422-SLR-Magic-Rangefinder-very-interesting/page2&s=8fd7b48cbe3ad94297cb040334deef83
  4. @tweak Note that we're talking about a 2014 post here. It's factual content is correct. That was all.
  5. Now the last thing I was expecting was defending the content of a post of Ebrahim (Sr, Jr, whatever), but it is actually correct. I read it as pure sarcasm on the 'risks' of radioactive lenses (which are indeed small). A radiologist would know, as they are specialized MD's (consultants in english) in the field of medical imaging. Conventional X-ray and CT scans use radiation and they get trained in this. So perhaps this truly was Senior speaking, Who knows. Btw, in my own day job I work as a Family Physician.
  6. Hello everyone, there has been a gesture from Ebrahim through a personal message. We'll see if the deeds follow the words. Perhaps we should give this a few days. Thank you all.
  7. OP here. The other 'victim', @IshootbeforeItalk, had this conversation on fb chat; he stated that this indeed came from the fb account of junior, which is (was?) rather extensive in personal info.
  8. Yeah, in the context of what's happening in France this is all peanuts...so so sad for all those people just having a good time :-( Thanks Ebrahim Senior for replying (at least, if that's really you...). If what you're saying is true, I feel for you. However, please consider, and if possible, clarify the following: WU money transfer pick ups require an ID. I provided the name Ebrahim Ebrahim Saadawi. Collection of the money was confirmed. The conversation @IshootbeforeItalk had on facebook was with someone using your grandsons personal account, that's where that chat is c
  9. Hi all, OP here. Thanks for the support. Healthy scepticism also always welcome, I know that would be my approach as well. This thread is not intended to just burn the seller down, I am not a hateful person and believe revenge is a dish best left unserved. Justice and taking responsibility are a different matter though. I am truly, truly baffled by what happened. Can't get my head around the fact anyone would do this for this amount of money. Whether it's junior (ab)using his shared account or if they're both in the know; both bizarre. Exactly because (Senior) Ebrahim's contributions
  10. I love this place as I find inspiration and positive energy here, so I don't like posting something negative, but I feel you need to be warned. A month ago I paid @Ebrahim Saadawi for a SLR Magic Rangefinder he offered for sale both on this site and on dvxuser. He had previously done an extensive review of the Rangefinder, also posted on the EosHD forum. I assumed he was selling this unit; he told me he had no use for it and no interested buyers in Egypt. As he claimed there were no other payment options in Egypt than Western Union money transfer and knowing his excellent track record on
  11. Hell yes. You will be hearing more very soon. So angry man.
  12. This is Tito's scammer. In the facebook anamorphic group someone reported this seller...
  13. Thanks for sharing Tito, a healthy reminder. I'm getting suspicious I was also scammed in a transaction with a forum member here... Will give him just a little bit more time to explain or prove me wrong, but thus far my repeated requests for updates on the 'sold' lens have gone unanswered since paying. I'll keep the community here updated...and warned if my fears prove valid.
  14. Yes it does. Still unclear to me whether this is lens or body related. I experienced it with the 14-140mm, the only native M43 lens I own. Electronic shutter gives massive improvement in the aforementioned shutter speed range. Drawbacks are less bit depth (though not sure about that) and distortions on fast moving subjects. Has been working fine though for me. For video on the G7 I use vintage glass. This reminds me I should test those also with mechanical versus electronic shutter. Should be able to identify the source of the 'shock', no?
  15. Nice, very interested to see the results. There are few good comparisons on actual image quality between diopters. On a side note, can I ask where you found the close up for the 3.5/85-210? The actual zoom and it's accessorries (including the close up) are quite rare (in contrast to the f4.5 version).
  16. Awesome man. If only that money tree in my backyard hadn't died... Good luck on the sale, should be no problem. Just out of curiosity now that you're selling this super-wanted Isco: do you have any anamorphic gear you will never sell? Or is it all in a flow of buying/using/selling/trying new stuff? Looking back on all the lenses you seem to have had or handled, you must have a truly unique perspective, so I'm wondering.
  17. The 0.33 Minolta is nice, achromat also (at least, if it's the one for the 100-500mm zoom). Tito uses it regularly in his videos. I have the 67mm diopter from Asahi Pentax and measured it...indeed 0.33 also. If you want to know precisely how strong your Pentax diopter is, focus on infinity with the diopter attached. Measure the distance from sensor to the focus plane. Diopter strength = 1/(max focus distance in meters). Oh, if you do, let us know, I'll update the list :-) Cheers.
  18. Yes it is! Though looks like the bayonet version (A9FB)... you can pop out the glass and put it in a cheap 72mm UV filter replacing the glass...Or you could look for the A9B version with 72mm thread. Options here and here.
  19. No, they aren't, unfortunately (...as mentioned above ;-)) Could still be useful though. Here's a list I made a while ago https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cEzX4hb0NKbhPetTkVsnORNHeGnji7lhB4OmuCdQC-g/edit?usp=docslist_api
  20. Funny, I also looked into this, as I was hoping I might have discovered an unknown anamorphic haha... However it looks to be 'just' a 0.82x wide angle converter. Could be wrong though. See also the pics in this expired ebay sale. Not much anamorphic distortion going on, it seems. There is also some info on Amazon and in an advert (PDF) from Fujinon, although the precise specifications remain a bit foggy. Curious if anyone knows more.
  21. Thanks @Tito Ferradans! I understand the MFD improves (nice) and rack focussing becomes better? Because you can kind of rack focus using your taking lens using this kind of adapter. (Oh, and excellent 1.33x shootout on your YT channel btw).
  22. Hi guys, Just bought a filter clamp from Redstan (this one) for my Soligor 1.33x focus through anamorphic, to be able to attach some diopters. In the text on his website Redstan mentions using the Rangefinder with this clamp. This made me wonder: is there anything optical to gain from using a variable diopter such as Rangefinder / CoreDNA on these kind of focus through anamorphics? (Next to obvious ergonomic / usability advantages such as gearing and long focus throw etc.) Did anyone try?
  23. Andrew, sorry to hear you´re having a hard time inspiration-wise. But man, you built something worthy here. There is tremendous value in the site as it as, and in the community that surrounds it through the forums. I share your contempt of the amounts of crap that flood the net, but I am puzzled why it so demotivates you, seeing the activity in this forum and in this very thread. Now I don't know (the change in) your traffic numbers, or what you want them to be. But the people that come here, seem to do so for quality and most contributors are sincere and mean well. Actually I think that
  24. Cool Tito, I'm curious to see how this works out. Are you gonna show it off on your YouTube channel? On a side note: would the square Tiffen filter that Hans mentioned be a good option for the 95mm thread of the Isco Video Attachment? Thanks guys!
  25. Nice price for a century optics anamorphic http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=162041500268&alt=web
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