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  1. Hey SigurdW, thanks for the reply. These solution are all quite expensive I thought I could simply use a diopter that could help me to get a closer focus distance while keeping the ability to focus to infinity without having to unscrew that diopter. Cheers
  2. I have this Isco Anamorphot 1.5x. I really like the dreamy feel of it. But it's quite hard to focus things that are maybe 3-5 ft away (whitout any diopters). I get sharp closeup with the 40mm dioptier that came with it but then I can only do close-up cannot focus to infinity. I see people uses a +0.5 diopter to maybe +1 diopter to get sharper images with their Anamorphic lenses. Is there a good diopter option I could get so I could still get the infinity focus and be able to close focus (without being big close-ups) Anyone can help me out ? Close-up with the 40mm diopter
  3. Thanks! He sells it for 300 usd but looks in perfect condition. Is it a faire price ?! Or i should go for a kowa 8z ?!
  4. Hey I am looking forward buying a Kowa Bell and Howell. Found this one on the internet but the body is different from the all black Bell & Howell. I found it might be a Kowa 16H. Any difference from the real Bell & Howell ?? Thanks
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