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  1. Haha
    dafreaking reacted to Emanuel in EOS R does NOT lack sharpness in 4K - Here's proof   
    Andrew? Are you sure you're a reader of him? Humm... Andrew is an enthusiastic camera observer. The best quality of his work as reviewer IMO is to be as much brand agnostic as me ; ) Reason why I am here BTW : -)
  2. Haha
    dafreaking reacted to BTM_Pix in ID Theft - A Reminder   
    Scary stuff.
    Glad you got it sorted.
    I was a victim of something mysteriously draining my bank account recently myself and here I am on my to tell my wife that our account must have been hacked.

  3. Sad
    dafreaking reacted to jonpais in Sony A6500 Question   
    It’s sad. How hard can it be to make proper buttons in the first place?
  4. Thanks
    dafreaking reacted to Jimmy in Wedding videography advice   
    I assume you think you are one of these $10k level photographers?
    Seems odd that you waste your days being bitchy on a forum and filming test footage with early teen children.
    This thread was a really nice one until you arrived, just professionals discussing craft. Like many other threads beforehand, you've filled it with your brand of negativity.
  5. Thanks
    dafreaking reacted to Jimmy in Wedding videography advice   
    Knock yourself out...
    There is an imaginary featured video here... pixel peep your night away.
    We said it to you because you didn't seem to understand the pressure of wedding work while slating someone's work... 
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    dafreaking reacted to Jimmy in Wedding videography advice   
    So, you've spent half the day talking about something you've never done or have no intention of doing? Passes the time, I guess.
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    dafreaking reacted to OliKMIA in Elon Musk   
    Is Tesla going to release a full-frame mirrorless camera as well? That would be epic!
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    dafreaking got a reaction from jonpais in Sirui Monopod Review   
    I have the Sirui P204. It's great. Super sturdy and the build quality is great. It replaced a Benro A49T Monopod which in comparison is pooh. Sometimes I'm glad a beautiful blonde left it in a cab in Tokyo.
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    dafreaking reacted to Eric Matyas in Building a Library of Images for Everyone   
    Hi everyone,
    I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to use in your projects. They might be useful under titles, for visual effects or anything else you can think of. They are all original...all my own work.  All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage:
    The images are on my "TXR" pages (for "Textures.")
    I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated.  :-)
    All the best,
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    dafreaking got a reaction from MountneerMan in Premiere CC 2017 proxy workflow is amaaaazing   
    I wish Adobe would start a Video only package like they have for Photographers with Photoshop + Lightroom at $10. Give us Premiere + Media Encoder for $10. 
    Reconnected some 4k stuff to proxies I had made earlier. BEST. MOVE. EVER.
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    dafreaking reacted to dbp in Premiere CC 2017 proxy workflow is amaaaazing   
    I tried that, but it doesn't work properly with the proxies. My workaround video above is the best bet, I think. 
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    dafreaking reacted to DaveAltizer in Wedding videography advice   
    Shoot everything at 1080p. Don't shoot yourself in the foot with 4K. Although I do like shooting ceremonies at 4K for the post crop. 
    Canon skin tones are the best. Even a used 70d would be better than Sony IMO. The C100 mk1 and 2 are the best cameras for weddings IMO. I've shot a few recently with C100 mk1 and my 1DC and it's super nice. Here's a teaser I did with 1DC/ C100 combo: 
    You MUST MUST MUST remember that wedding films are CONSUMER PRODUCTS. DONT EVER FORGET THIS. THIS IS 6 years of experience and over 300 weddings shot of experience talking to you. These people aren't professional filmmakers. They aren't producers. They aren't film snobs. All they want is pretty shots of them on their big day. If you shot it all with a t2i and a 50mm 1.8 they would love it because it looks "cinematic". Don't get caught up with the gear when it comes to shooting weddings. That's the biggest waste of time and money. The couples simply don't give a shit. 
    I hope you enjoy it. Weddings are a fantastic way to get lots of experience and become a ninja shooter 
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    dafreaking reacted to JurijTurnsek in Sony Will Announce the A6500   
    Most of you here make your living with this tech, so for you it is only a tool. You buy a new one, when you current one does cut it for the job. AFAIK none of you even bought or kept the A6300, so why the outrage? Frequent releases are always better. The best strategy would be to simply release new models each year around the same time like smartphone flagships, so you would know when to hold off the purchase before new tech is announced.
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    dafreaking reacted to Davey in GH5 Prototype   
    It's like a conspiracy of cooperation. 
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    dafreaking got a reaction from kidzrevil in Are bridge cameras the perfect solution for run & gun ?   
    I think they would be even better if they didn't have 20+ megapixel 1" sensors. The RX10 lens is probably the perfect lens for run and gun. Hell if the FZ1000/2000 was clean till ISO 6400 it would be the perfect tun and gun camera for me. Basically take the best stuff from the FZ2000 and RX10 II and at $1500 you have the best all purpose video camera.
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    dafreaking got a reaction from Dustin in Monopod Help   
    I use a Sirui P204S https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1024707-REG/sirui_bsrp204s_aluminum_monopod.html with a Benro S4 head. The Sirui Monopod is IMHO much better than the Benro one. I used to own the same Benro but it just didn't feel that great for whatever reason. 
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    dafreaking reacted to fuzzynormal in How to export to Prores in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for windows ?   
    Google serves up that ridiculous piece of software for just about any transcoding question. 
    Brorosoft has vomitted this sort of manufactured content everywhere to exploit SEO. 
    Heaven forbid one actually tries to locate legitimate advice about video transcoding through a search engine --as wading through the algorithmic garbage dump of information is barely useful. 
    But then again, Monica660, you already knew that, didn't'cha?
    That's why you're here. 
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    dafreaking reacted to IronFilm in DPReview BANS links to EOSHD!!   
    Wouldn't be a bad thing if EOSHD had a few guest posts, it would also mean the main page gets updated more often. 

    And even if Andrew Reid was only writing a few short paragraphs, I'm sure most of us here would welcome a guest post from Andrew! I know I would on my humble little blog. 
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    dafreaking reacted to joema in A story about 4K XAVC-S, Premiere and transcoding   
    Almost any 7200 rpm 3.5" drive would work for this, but they are externally-powered, hence not very convenient for portable use. For 1080p, it's no problem from a CPU or I/O standpoint. I edit a lot of 4k XAVC-S, and for camera native the data rate isn't that high. However the CPU load is very high, especially for Premiere. This leads to transcoding to proxy (a CPU-bound operation) which takes time and increases I/O load when completed, since the video files are much less dense.
    If you want portability, then staying with a bus-powered drive is nice but most USB 3 bus-powered drives are too slow, IMO. The 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Fast is bus-powered, only about $185, and it's pretty fast (internally RAID-0): https://amzn.com/B00HXAV0X6 I have several of those and they work well. Below are other bus-powered external SSD options I don't have personal experience with.
    Lacie 1TB Thunderbolt bus-powered SSD ($900): https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Lacie/9000602/
    Transcend 1TB Thunderbolt bus-powered SSD ($589): https://amzn.com/B00NV9LTFW
    If USB 3 is OK, this 1TB bus-powered external SSD is about $400: https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/ME6UM6PGT1.0/
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    dafreaking reacted to joema in A story about 4K XAVC-S, Premiere and transcoding   
    There is no simple answer. Some systems can edit the camera native files with good performance for one stream. Most systems cannot do this smoothly for 4k H264 multicam, and some type of transcoding is needed, whether externally before ingest or to proxy during/after ingest. Fortunately Premiere now supports this and gives various resolution and codec options for proxy, including H264, Cineform, and ProRes 422. FCPX always transcodes to 1/4 res ProRes 422, e.g, 1080 from 4k.
    Also (as already mentioned) not all 4k H264 codecs are the same. Some may exhibit smoother editing on certain software.
    For documentary projects with a large shooting ratio, it is nice (in FCPX) to skim through the camera native files without transcoding all that. For scripted narratives or other content with a lower shooting ratio, the workflow might favor transcoding everything up front or possibly doing initial selects outside the editor before import.
    Some groups mandate ProRes recording off the camera, so all their cameras either do this internally or have external recorders. Others do the initial evaluation and selection using camera native files. Still others transcode to a mezzanine codec before ingest. It depends on the equipment, preferences and workflow policies of the group. My group can shoot a terabyte of 4k H264 per weekend so we don't transcode to ProRes before or after ingest since that would be at least 8 terabytes. We selectively transcode to proxy after ingest if needed for 4k multicam.
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    dafreaking reacted to M Carter in High demand for ARRI Alexa 65   
    Seriously? Do you think a crap job using high-end gear makes everything else less "special"?
    Here's an amazing idea - it's not about the gear. The only way to make a WalMart spot "special" is with great concept, writing, talent, lighting, shooting and editing. 
    Another shocking concept: A crap job shot on an Alexa 65 will still look like crap.
    A stunning and radical suggestion: amazing and moving stories have been made with really low-end gear, few lights, and tiny crews.
    A soul-shattering observation: very few people can discuss at length the cameras and lenses used for "Citizen Kane", "2001", and… well, you get the idea (sheesh, I hope anyway).
    An intriguing question: Can you tell me, off the top of your head, the gear used by Wong Kar-wai to shoot "2046"? Does it even matter? (It's, umm, really damn gorgeous if you haven't seen it).
    And finally, an earth-shaking idea: many "true high end jobs like features" are crap, even when shot with amazing gear.
    I would sit down in a dark room and ponder those ideas and see if they make any sort of sense.
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    dafreaking reacted to DBounce in Aputure: the Blackmagic of lighting   
    I think calling Aputure the Blackmagic of lighting is an insult to Aputure... as Aputure actually deliver working products within a timely fashion;-)
    That said,  I own the LS1-c's and can confirm that they DO NOT exhibit any of the patterning that most bi-color lights do. I attribute this to the unique honeycomb arrangement of the leds. Put simply, the LS1-c's rocks! 
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    dafreaking reacted to DPStewart in Pistol grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer   
    The Beholder DS1 is this way. One of the reasons I dig it.
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    dafreaking got a reaction from Fredrik Lyhne in Pistol grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer   
    I don't understand why none of these one handed ones have the motor on the right so you can flip out the screens.
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    dafreaking got a reaction from ade towell in Pistol grip 3-axis gimbal stabilizer   
    I don't understand why none of these one handed ones have the motor on the right so you can flip out the screens.
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