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  1. Has anyone used the Tokina 14-20 F2 lens (APSC) on a Full Frame sensor? (Full Frame Mode). At what focal length is it usable? Eg. the 11-16 2.8 and 11-20 2.8 can be used at 16mm onward without any vignetting TIA
  2. Could anyone guide me to ze settings I need to have on my camera to monitor camera info externally on a monitor while recording internally at 4k? Is this even possible?. I'm using a SmallHD 702 and recording internally to 4K XAVC-100mbit. As soon as I hit record my camera screen goes off, which wouldn't be a problem if I I had my info/display on the monitor but it just doesnt happen. I've tried this with an A7sII and still have the same result. Even with the SmallHD DP7 this doesn't work
  3. The Extreme Pro's are the best cards. Some do go bad. Looks like you got the short end of the stick.
  4. Probably because they could get more mileage out of blogs that "create" more "content"
  5. I wish Adobe would start a Video only package like they have for Photographers with Photoshop + Lightroom at $10. Give us Premiere + Media Encoder for $10. Reconnected some 4k stuff to proxies I had made earlier. BEST. MOVE. EVER.
  6. Isn't it possible to just drop the speed of the clip to 40%?
  7. Maybe keeping the proxies on the scratch disk could be a decent idea?
  8. Man I'm so looking forward to this. Currently have 3 weddings in an edit in which I manually created proxies so it's turning out to be a bitch to reconnect them.
  9. http://www.drone-world.com/phantom-3-standard-4k-advanced-professional/ I've only used the pro and the advanced so can't comment on the disconnection. If you aren't flying to far out it should be ok I guess
  10. Also remember to put the output (headphone volume) of the recorder low as it's a line level output and your camera accepts a Mic level input,
  11. The FZ200 has a much smaller sensor = easier to make a constant 2.8 zoom
  12. Ever notice that all of them have 1 or 2 standout features but some big no nos? A6300 - Excellent 4k and Autofocus Olympus - Outstanding stabilization GH4 - Battery life and usability. Canon - DPAF and Colour. Everyone stil doesn't have everything and at the desired price point.
  13. I think they would be even better if they didn't have 20+ megapixel 1" sensors. The RX10 lens is probably the perfect lens for run and gun. Hell if the FZ1000/2000 was clean till ISO 6400 it would be the perfect tun and gun camera for me. Basically take the best stuff from the FZ2000 and RX10 II and at $1500 you have the best all purpose video camera.
  14. There are a few people out there that want something or everything.
  15. Looks super, but will probably cost half of what the camera costs.
  16. dafreaking

    Monopod Help

    Dayumm mercer, you have me worried now
  17. dafreaking

    Monopod Help

    I use a Sirui P204S https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1024707-REG/sirui_bsrp204s_aluminum_monopod.html with a Benro S4 head. The Sirui Monopod is IMHO much better than the Benro one. I used to own the same Benro but it just didn't feel that great for whatever reason.
  18. Yikes...and I was getting excited that since the temps have been improved I could actually go for it. So hand holding a 50mm (75 mm full frame) would definitely be a nono on this then I assume.
  19. Thanks once again for all your insights and input. I've been researching the 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Fast as it seems to tick all boxes. Cheaper than buying a 1 TB SSD, 4 times the space. Just really scared of the stories about the reliability of the drives. 4 TB is also overkill for what I'll be using it for. Thinking that i'll buy 2 x 1TB WD Blacks (portable) and stick them in a RAID 0 bus powered case. It's really between that and the SSD at this point
  20. So my main objective is probably using a SSD as a media drive for onsite edits for 70% XAVC-S 1080p (50M) and 30% XAVC 4K-S (100M). As these are time sensitive (things like same day edits and next day edits) would an SSD be worth it? or should I get something like a 1TB WD Black (Mobile) and stuff it in an enclosure? The editing will be performed on a decently specced Macbook Pro using Premiere. Edit: Will also use it to edit off an i7-5820K based workstation when in the office.
  21. I'm going to do some tests today if I get the chance on my slow ass laptop to transcode some footage. Since the motheboard of my main rig is in the shop this is going to be painful. I guess I need a new laptop super soon...grrr. People with real world experiences. How much of a difference (if any) has putting media files on SSDs made for you? More specifically timeline performance, i.e. scrubbing through footage etc.
  22. So what seems to be the final consensus on this? Convert 4K 100M files to ProRes LT or HQ or Regular?
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