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  1. This thing could be interesting to me at the used eos m 1 Price
  2. Didn't know there is a Second Season, thanks!!!
  3. Well that lens at least won't have that horrible Field curvature I'm seeing in Andrews pictures. Nikon will also Release a 50 1.2 Anyway, medium format is the way to go for stills and eventually for Video too.
  4. The tragic part is that the lens doesn't look as good when you compare it to medium format, and for 4300$ you can buy medium format. This is a mamiya 80 1.9 (200$ lens) on a 1500$ Phase one Df with a P45+ back (48x36mm sensor). The bokeh isn't swirley in the corners, equivalent 50mm 1.3,and this lens covers 6x7 (andrewwww put this on your gfx with a speedbooster)
  5. Nikkor


    @Andrew Reid Sooo did you get lucky? I demand an answer ?
  6. I thought my life was a tragedy until I bought a (insert any camera Brand) Get over it.
  7. The new key factor is how it looks inside the Closet. Lowlight perfromance in Dressing Room mirror shots are also very important.
  8. Nikkor


    5d wideangle shots are going to look soft, always. If the stills are soft too then you might have a problem.
  9. Still looking for magic bullets? The Sony A7s is affordable. btw, what happened to that Canon Zoom lens, that was going to be the best lens in the world and you were the chosen One to have it,etc... Do you see a pattern here?
  10. I really need to win the lottery.
  11. With The Same Technology applied to large and to small Sensors, guess which one will have larger full well capacity and less rolling shutter. 100MP is total overkill for fullframe, when will you See diffraction? F5.6? Will they build in a focus stacking program for landscapes? Moving the ibis back and forth, using phase detection pixels to make a depthmap? I know they are not.
  12. Pointless 100mp on a small sensor. I wish they would rather work on full well capacity or something else that gives more dynamic range.
  13. Nikkor


    Please don't hate me for this but is the film about cruising spots? ?
  14. That camera has a 54x40mm sensor, the fuji is closer to Fullframe having a 44x33mm Sensor
  15. Nikkor

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Doesn't look the same to me, one being a gigantic interchangable lens camera and the other a pocketable fixed lens camera.
  16. Nikkor

    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    Nice Panasonic, will there be one without that Leica Sticker?
  17. Bullshit as Canon ef lenses have their own Motor.
  18. The notion of talent and relating it to final result resonates with your narcissism but has nothing to do with reality. Why do you consider yourself as relevant to film making? Do you have something to offer? Having a camera is not relevant today because everybody has a camera, and if you want to become a director because of your need for admiration and recognition you will fail, not only as a director but as a person because you have a mental illness that needs to be adressed. If right now your only skill relevant to film making is making coffe you might try to make coffe for people who make films. If you consider yourself as more relevant you could try and show us why you consider this, I'm not seeing anything.
  19. You can take those pictures with a Canon 5d mk ii, Nobody will notice poor shadows on those tiny Instagram pictures.
  20. In 4-5 years once ML Hacks this Camera and you can buy it for 120$ on ebay it will be a very nice camera. btw, shadow recovery of sony sensors is totally overrated. I have an old CCD 16bit camera that doesn't hace as much DR on paper or when you Pixel peep, but when you compare the final output side by side the Sony cmos looses, it looks super artificial.
  21. What Parts of the Highrise were done with that CNC machine? Steel node conmections?
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