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  1. Drop the existing folders. Then you have to load the module, once you have it loaded (maybe restart camera) it will appear in the movie menu (magic lantern menu) -edit- I never format and reflash the camera, I just copy the new files and replace the stuff on the card, am I doing it wrong?
  2. R mount, pretty exciting lenses Long Flange distance can't compete.
  3. Neither does the EOS R, canon sensors are just too damn slow.
  4. Huh? The rumor is saying something about 1300$. I paid that for a crappy nikon d7000 back in 2010. I think this Camera is going to sell very good.
  5. I think this looks like a very nice beginner cam for girls who want to upload Portraits to instagram. The only Problem I see is the lens lineup right now (expensive lens, cheap body), strange timing
  6. The Benefit of raw is that there is no debayering, so there is no Fake Information taking up bandwith. In raw it's 14bit per Pixel, not per color channel per pixel.
  7. You can count with the stretched preview but also with a slow one that let's you Frame correctly. You can have both, and actívate the Slow one with half shutter presses.
  8. the 1080p mode works fine, it's the 4K mode that has terrible rolling shutter.
  9. The safest is to try oneself, I would rather shoot lower res than to underexpose, because the little camera gives bad colors,etc.. when underexposed. But the RS is so bad, you don't want to use this for anything other than static landscape shots. I think it's a good alternative for when the standard 3x3 binning mode struggles with aliasing (landscape shots) Btw, could anyone share a compiled MLV version, I can't compile it and the latest official compiled exe doesn't have the stretch options to oversample. Thanks!!! Windows and/or Mac OSX
  10. I'm getting pinkframes when the buffer is running low and that usually happens when a lot of highlights are in the scene because data increases a lot.
  11. When you use the ratio presets it reduces resolution. Danne went for resolutions that are stable. If you turn off the ratio setting in the crop module it will record full resolution.
  12. Here some sample from a video where I accidentally pressed record while testing ML raw 50fps
  13. I don't think so, but motion judder is less evident on small screens, that's why while I'm filming on the d800 everything looks great, but once I open it on my computer I have to puke because of what nikon does with it's crappy codec. You could buy an eos m for 80€ and try raw, looks pretty good if you aim for 1080p.
  14. I've always asked me the same, and it's true, in RAW footage the motion blur looks really epic, I often find myself admiring and extracting blur Frames out of sequences. No real answer but I find that following the 180 degree shutter rule and recording raw Never looks choppy no matter how Hard the Pans are.
  15. Today shooting some stuff at the beach I noticed that in 1x3 1500x1920 if the shot has a lot of highlights you have to underexpose a little bit because the compression doesn't like highlights.
  16. It's the build I posted before (17th January). 3x3 is continuos with 14bit lossless. 1x3 only Works fine with 10bits But it depends on the shot.
  17. I will record something tomorrow. But the preview is pixelated, you can't really focus with that. Before recording you can activate a better mode that lags a lot but gives a real quality preview, so if you are fine with focusing before the shot... Update: Ok, it was too good to be true, the 4K cropped mode 1:1 is 9fps ?
  18. I've also tried 1:1 4032x2268 Crop mode which is basically m43 sensor area. With 10bit it's continous, with global draw on it will give a black and white preview for accurate framing while recording. Pretty impressive, I thought 2k was amazing back in the 50d times, but this... Andrew Reid would write: MAGIC LANTERN UNLOCKS POKET4K QUALITY RAW VIDEO IN A 50$ 5 years old canon body.
  19. 1x3 2.48:1 5760(1920)x2352, wow... https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=22818.100
  20. The 1x3 binning mode must be pretty impressive on the 5Dmkiii, but I can't find any info on the ml forum, do you know if it works? and at which resolutions?
  21. Horrible,stretched, wrong framing, but you can judge exposure and focus
  22. I don't think so, but haven't really recorded anything meaningful or long so can't tell.
  23. Latest Danne thing https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=9741.msg208959#msg208959 You need SD hacks turned on, and in the crop menu you have to choose 1x3 mode, 10bit and 2.35 crop Works continuous. Can't really judge the sharpness because the only adapter I have is that crappy chinese speedbooster, but it looks very cinematic. I think the detail level is something around 2.5-2K without binning artifacts you usually get with 2K raw from the 5D.
  24. So I managed to record 2.35:1 on 10bit with 1500x1920 continuous!!! which results in 4500x1920 I have no idea how audio works, will have to look into it. The rolling shutter is bad... Don't have anything to compare to right now. Lol, this little crappy camera is crazy.
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