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  1. Don't forget to buy the metabones hasselblad v to fuji speedbooster and make a decent review. I hacen't seen a single one.
  2. The f35 is ccd the f3 is cmos, I don't think they should look the same.
  3. I don't want to spend any time trying things out, I just want a balanced image without color correcting the way I have it on my stills camera. I thought there might be a color space problem that got fixed after some time. I guess the A7s is a no go then.
  4. Is there a way to fix the alien colors?
  5. Relax people, you're not losing your identity because of someone taking your picture.
  6. Hmm I haven't been looking for iq280s but the iq260 which is more common goes for 4500-6000€ https://www.ebay.de/itm/Phase-One-IQ-260-Digital-Back-Anschluss-PhaseOne-Mamiya/163956548486?hash=item262c926386:g:0IYAAOSwYZJd1~QK#vi__app-cvip-panel
  7. 54mm medium format, the real deal. But don't expect good iso performance.
  8. This is bad news I was waiting for this as a compact alternative to my medium format CCD. Btw, if you want nice color, have a look at a phase one IQ280. Modern and old CMOS cameras are sort of color blind, colors are mushy, I believe this comes from color filters favouring high iso performance.
  9. This can't be true but would be awesome.
  10. Years ago I used to see sets for 20.000k You should have bought that lens I sent you
  11. Ah I remember the times when it was very chic to laugh about Bush Jr.
  12. He is doing the wrong Math. Can't judge the Images from my small phone, but if he is not lying (a posibility you should always contemplate) then you should see the difference in his Images.
  13. There is, dof starts behaving differently the closer you get to large magnifications. I took my time and made the math, no idea were those equations ended up, probably in the Recycling bin. In Praxis and depending on lens quality it makes things Pop and Look volumetric, The differentiation between in Focus and out of Focus is stronger. Another way to say it is that the DOF is denser and then quickly fades away vs. the gradual blurring away from the Focus Point that occurs with small formats. Don't lose your sleep over it, if you like the Look you can buy a baveyes kipon Adapter until you can afford a big sensor camera.
  14. The look comes from the DOF, it works different with different magnifications. The closer you get to large magnificactions the "dof" variance speed increases. If you shoot at infinity you won't notice much benefits apart from increased resolution and less noise, but as soon as you get close to middle shots you start noticing the difference. The result is that a wide shot on 70mm has the same look as a closeup, so you can show an actor suspended in his surroundings, everything looks very plastic-volumetric. Years ago I made a lot of posts about this but nobody seemed to take them seriously.
  15. I wonder when @Andrew Reid will come up with a Fuji GFX plus Metabones Speedbooster review. Distagon 80 2.8 in it's full glory.
  16. But there are Sensors capable of it https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t3-sensor-can-fujifilm-unlock-full-16-bit-sensor-power-via-firmware-update-or-maybe-come-to-fujifilm-x-h2/
  17. Nice Movie but it felt like a Pilot Episode, is there more coming?
  18. Narcisists. Stau away, no cure, only Bad things.
  19. This plus https://www.metabones.com/article/of/HasselbladVtoFujiGmountSpeedBooster 70mm look. Anyone wants to buy a kidney?
  20. What about Self Hosting at Home with a good Connection? I'm speaking out of ignorance.
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