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  1. Narcisists. Stau away, no cure, only Bad things.
  2. This plus https://www.metabones.com/article/of/HasselbladVtoFujiGmountSpeedBooster 70mm look. Anyone wants to buy a kidney?
  3. What about Self Hosting at Home with a good Connection? I'm speaking out of ignorance.
  4. I actually have a Phase One, have you tried one? Canikons are user friendly, and ok quality wise but they don't compare to a digital medium format camera.
  5. Try a real pro camera like a phase one or a hasselblad, it will make you Laugh when you come back to a crappy canikonfushitsony
  6. The h6d-100c does 4K fullframe raw video. With horrible rollingshutter, but it looks cool.
  7. I think it will be a simple Upgrade to the Original x1d, The only Problem I see is the Lack of Capture One Support
  8. I think it is because a sensor with Ibis doesn't sit tight Even with Ibis turned off, so when you are using a rig, the sensor moves around a bit, which is ok for stills but not for video pros. that camera will be more expensive for shure, but if it has raw, slowmo, and low Rolling shutter ir would be ideal for me.
  9. That image is soft because it's shot at iso 400 and the shadows got boosted afterwards, MR EAGLE EYES lol The nighttime landscape even has camera shake blur. You can judge the lensharpness from the glitter photo and it's good.
  10. Ehm, I don't see the problem in that glitter women picture, I think it's perfectly sharp, look at the nose, those hairs. That's typical bayer pattern detail. Maybe you are not used to DOF in medium format, portrait shots are more like macro shots DOF wise.
  11. Yes I understood you. I can imagine that the logic behind saying that is that the detail is on LF levels, but then my nikon d800 is a medium format camera, neither is true. Anyway, with a proper speedbooster and mamiya rz67 glass (which I personally love because of the smooth look it gives) would be my final destination camera wise, except the part where it only records 11bit and has no raw codec.
  12. I hope they Release a z6 mkii soon so I can pick up a z6 for cheap.
  13. I have a lot of medium format lenses (if you don't need AF or extreme wideangle, it's a cheap alternative), but 10k is too much for me right now... Let's see the rolling shutter.
  14. It's going to cost atleast 10k, right?
  15. Sony's autofocus is pretty impressive.
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