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  1.   It's not about how big this market is but how important it is on the internet. Most people browse the internet or ask the "nerd".  So if you are trying to decide between d800 or a mk iii, you will get the impression that the 5d mk iii shoots the greatest video ever, even though you are never going to install ML nor use RAW. And of course,  canons are better for video than Nikons, every single one, that will be the understanding some profane will get. And since he also wants to shoot some video, why not go for Canon.    I've been a Nikon shooter for a lot of years, and sometimes some guy who knows nothing sees my d800 and will come to me and ask "why Nikon?, they are all faulty and make horrible video", then he will show you proudly his 600d...   This is why you have to keep happy the freaks who like raw video and the maniatic depressive who check for hot pixels at iso 6400 and 30" sec exposure. Today the internet is the main source for information, but  the niche groups are who make the most noise.
  2. Most of you who do timelapses will already know this little program. For those who don't it is a program that lets you adjust/batch-process all the Lightroom sliders to a big raw sequence. It saves these adjustment to a metadata file for every single image.   If you are comfortable with the ACR way of editing raw images this is the way to change these on a whole clip, not just having one chance in the beginning of the import.    The workflow is ofcourse slow, but for those who have a lot of time and want to make some creative stuff I believe this is a nice opportunity. There are different workflows explained on the site.   And one question, I have a d800 and I don't plan on changing to the 5dmkiii since I mostly do photography, don't want to change all my lens gear and don't have time to deal with raw. But since I come from photography I like the way LR/ACR handles "grading", I would like to have all these options in After Effects, the ones in After effects always take a few steps to do the same. I know it should be possible since you can do these adjustments on jpgs in LR, the results are of course worse than with raw but I like the intuitive way of working with these adjustments. Any advice?   Btw, excuse my english, I learned it on the Internet ;)   [edit]Reading what I wrote it might not be exactly clear that the proposit of using LR timelapse is to change ACR settings along the raw sequence, you make keyframes, set the desired settings at that spot and then LR TIMELAPSE calculates the intermediate values. This is interesting for everybody who wants to grade the raws with ACR.
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    d5200 hack

    To the ppl who get the FEE error, on all the nikons I have you can use the Aperture ring but you will have to change some option. On the d7000 for example, Menu/CUSTOM SETTINGS/f Controls/f6 Custom command dials/Aperture Settings/Aperture Ring -> OK If the lenses fit they should work, maybe the autofocus won't but that's irrelevant to video. Never had a cheap model so don't know if this also works on the d5200, try out and post!
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