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  1. 5d mkiii downsamples the full sensor (24mp)  to 1920x1280, but there is also a crop mode where you can get higher resolutions using the actual pixels but the resolution is limited to the speed you can get with your card.
  2. I love the tree ^^, about adapters, take a good look, I got some cheap ones and the lenses move, specially the heavy ones. Keep in mind there are some adapters that don't have focus confirmation chip (the manual focus dot help).   About blurring the chroma, it works in the lite version. Create one node, then create a layer note, change the layer mixer mode to "ADD", now go back to the two nodes, desaturate the one above, in the lower one you will go under the Primary adjustments and under gain you will drag the Y down to 0.01, don't change the node, go to the blur tab (beside the key) and rise the raidius until you don't see any aliasing. This actually makes you loose color definition so keep it low.
  3. ML Raw is important, specially in our eyes because it makes every camera that does not have it look useless. But letus put it into perspective: Magic Lantern 2.3 (the base you need to make ML work) has been downloaded 500.000 during a 1year 1 month period, and that's not unique users and includes all the cameras long before RAW video came availiable. I have downloaded it at least 10 times because I always loose track of the files.  I couldn't check how many times the last raw build for the 5d mkiii was downloaded but the thread on ML that links to the updates has a total of 34.000 views, thats total views, the total amount of users could be 3000 and I would be still exagerating. The 50d raw module updates gets an average a 50 downloads.
  4. Nobody is saying it's not great.
  5. It only matters to used prizes of 50d and maybe to the attention that the camera makers give to filmmaker needs. I guess if raw shooting were mainstream  or anamorphic lenses were selling hundred of thousands, every shitty camera would have one.
  6. It's niche but it's specially niche when you compare it to people in general only taking photos with DSLR. If there ever was a bubble the 70D announcment killed the price for the 50D completle.
  7. I don't know ^^, I do it in Resolve. I looked for it one time and I think there was a plugin (Final Effects?) try to find a demo version first.
  8. The d800 8bit codec is good considering the low bitrate, and when you compare it to the canons I think it stands up, but all these are super soft. I don't have problem with moire on the d800 because you just have to blur a little bit the chroma and it goes away, but it's soft and you can't really sharpen it (I recomend shootin with sharpening at 2, with sharpening at 0 and sharpening in post it will bring out the compression artifacts). When you compare to the gh2 or gh3, these are a lot more sharp, I think it's ridiculous what nikon is doing. When you have lots of small things moving (nature shots) you will see an aful lot of compressiona artifacts dancing around. The d800 could do a lot better, it's actually downsampling from 2240x1260 to 1920x1080p, it should be super sharp, but it's not. I haven't tried an external recorder but I've already read a few comments about not being worth it (I guess it would get rid of the ugly compression, maybe it's even sharper, no idea). So if you only want to use 8bit and don't want to take stills get a panasonic,if you need great stills, the stills of the d800 are unmatched (my opinion, not going to argue with canon fanboys) dualiso on the canons take them closer but it's not the same. But when you compare all this to raw video, even my 50D looks almost as sharp as the d800 footage at 1584 x 892 lbut with all the color control you want (the moire is horrible though), but when you compare the 50d crop footage at 1920x1080 I do percieve like x1.5 more resolution (just guessing).   After having using raw for some small videos, when I get back to my d800 footage, I feel handicapped, maybe it's just that I suck at grading h264. (I used to only take photos)
  9. I saw some tests with ML raw and the VAF, it helps but it is not perfect. You will loose resolution and still have some artifacts compared to the 5d mk iii. The 5d mkii records max 1880x1250 (3:2) and you can get 2144 x 1076 in zoom mode (3x crop), but keep in mind that you can't go that high because of the speed limitations. The zoom mode has absoluty no moire (it has the same moire as a still picture - almost none-, but you will have to take off the VAF). So anything that is around 1920x1080 is possible. I forgot noise, noise is worse on the 5d mkii.   I made some tests and the 5d mkii has more moire (in raw) than the d800, the percieved resolution would be almost the same (can't really tell) but everything else is better with RAW. The only problem is that RAW, as it is now, is a pain in the ass... In crop mode the 5D blowes the d800 away in every term (you loose shallow DOF), it has the same resolution as a still photo cropped to 1920x1080 (or what ever frame you choose).   Here are the current ML capabilities.   Also take a look at the BMCC with a speed booster.   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgQ2MOkAZTFHdFFIcFp1d0R5TzVPTVJXOEVyUndteGc#gid=5
  10. I wouldn't go with a d800 because you don't have the raw option, get a cheap 5d mark ii (around 1200€ or less, and sell in a few month at a 300€ loss) with a vaf filter. In 6 month I think things will have changed.   I do have the d800 but I am shooting video with a 50D just because you can get so much more control over your footage (d800 obviously has more resolution even with h264). The codec in the d800 sucks so much, I don't know what nikon is thinking, lineskipping is another thing.
  11. You can get 2 d600 or 3 d7100 for that price.
  12. I saw that one too, it was in some eastern europe highrise suburb ^^, just curious.
  13. has anyone  actually tried one of these?
  14. There was a problem, they have removed the  listing. It was a lomo squarefront saying that you would have to reach the reserve (but ebay wasn't saying so) of 2000 or so but he would also accept buy now (but there was no ebay option for that), the text was in a big image and you would only contact him over his gmail account. Obviously rich was kidding ^^
  15. Well you would have to win the auction first, and by posting here it will rise a little bit more. About the seller, pay over paypal, but real paypal not the money transfer thing.   LOL, I just saw the Image with text below. This is a fake auction, you will get ripped off.
  16. On the 600D you just zoom in on a 50 1.8 and you will have a 240mm 1.8, with ML raw hack you can do that on every camera. On a 5D mkiii you would have a 150mm 1.8 You can buy the 600d for 300$ used and the lens is 80$ used, less? I guess you can "rent" it from a friend for free...
  17. Nikkor

    Need some advice

    thank you guys!   I've been watching some videos (still don't have the sankor) and there is a "strange vignette", when you face the sun a white halo appears out of nowhere. I guess this is a know problem and I was wondering where it comes from.
  18. 50d and 7d with magic lantern in crop mode should give fullhd on a smaller area then 2/3", it's a 4,8 crop factor over 35mm. The only problem is framing, which is a pain in the ass.
  19. Nikkor

    Need some advice

    Oh man I got it all wrong, it's actually a 16c. So I got back to the original question, what would be a nice taking lens, I know about the helios 44-2, It would be nice if someone had some more experience with other lenses (the zuiko for example)   thanks for the help!
  20. Nikkor

    Need some advice

    I just noticed, that the lens is not a sankor 16c, as the seller said, but a 16d (it's completle black and it does not say 16c anywhere, and it's different in shape).   I found out that the d is bigger and heavier and it has a bigger back thread. But I didn't find anything about focus distance and general quality when compared to the 16C, any idea?
  21. Nikkor

    Need some advice

    I won the auction this morning so I still don't have any clamp, there are some cheaper ones but I guess I should buy a redstan, right? ^^ Any suggestions are welcome.   Regarding the taking lenses, since you have tried a few, what do you think would not vignette on a 50D APS-C. The zuiko om 50 1.8 looks nice and small, and it seems like I can get the sankor pretty close.    Thank you for your help!
  22. Hello, I just got a Sankor 16c off ebay (150€, 80€ would have been an ok deal but I didn't want to wait more). I need some advise about which lens to use it with. I read a lot about helios 44-2, but I have found a nice zuiko om 50 1.8 which looks like is going to have the lens a lot closer. Any advice? I want to use it on an canon 50d with ml raw,etc...   Also I'm wondering ,given that the sankor 16c seems to be huge, if connecting it with a clamp won't break the filter thread, and therefore making the sankor fall down,etc... 
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