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  1. Let's see the dngs, otherwise this just looks like canon cm :p
  2. When do these actually start to vignette on Full Frame?
  3. Today I almost got one, but the last minute bid went wrong (apparetly spain is an island...) and someone got it for 600€...
  4. When you say it's the next after the 5d mkiii and above the 50D, where does the 5d mkii fit?
  5. I don't understand them, if they can't ship enough cameras, why lower the price?
  6. So did you get a new version of the 11 profile? I'm just asking because it's the one I use the most.
  7. Nice video, did you record with a ninja atomos? Btw, new flaat profiles, where?
  8. Documentaries? -> GH2, it's sharp, high bitrate, it takes a lot of lenses (the nikon mount doesn't) and I believe you can find it cheap.   Don't even come close to the d5100, it sucks. The d5200 is fine.
  9. It looks great, could you make a video with a hand held rig, I guess the lens movements will be lower and therefore it will look more like MoVi
  10. Te lo digo mejor en Español, la 50d esta muy bien para grabar tomas con un toque muy especial, con el modo zoom puedes hacer unas tomas de una nitidez y resolución increíbles, sin embargo todo es muy coñazo y ortopédico. Aparte, a esos 900$ le tienes que sumar las tarjetas 1000x y probablemente tengas que comprarte un disco duro nuevo porque 10 segundos son fácilmente 800mb, 20 minutos son 96gigabytes (fullhd). No olvides tampoco el moiré que es bastante pronunciado.  Preguntas por el modo h264, no tiene sonido, es un poco coñazo sincronizar el sonido así y por lo que necesitarás una grabadora externa (si es que no la tienes ya). En ambos modos la batería se gasta rápidamente, necesitarás varias baterías y por lo menos un cargador doble (si grabas mucho).   Si grabas poco y muy intenso con tomas cortas, ve a por la 50D. Para todo lo demás quédate donde estás porque la 50D no es un sustituto real.    Por cierto, la 50D no es un monstruo low light, anda bastante justita.   Sorry for the Spanish :p
  11. Resolve is nice,to me, it's actually a lot more confortable to grade in resolve vs AE (even with magic bullet). The only problem is that the debayer in Resolve is pretty bad in conjunction with 50D raw files. You can blur the chroma but it won't get rid of the luma artifacts coming out of the debayer, and depending on the footage you will have to blur rather heavy,-> bleeding colors,etc...   In AE with ACR you can combat the false color a little bit better, and the debayer doesn't give you the strange artifacts resolve does, but it's not cheap to get AE. Raw Therapee (free) works great but you will have to export every single frame and it's a point of no return for extreme recovery,exposure,white balance,etc...   The 50D is great for the price but I would go for a BMPCC if I actually had lenses for such a small sensor.
  12. It can't be SPAM because his posts are being moderated.
  13. When you zoom into cropmode it will record at 1920x1080, you need a faster card, the 16gb version seems to be slower than the 32 and 64gb ones. You can try 3 things: Do a low level format with the transcent formatting tool, activate small hacks in the raw module, reduce resolution in the raw module.
  14. I guess you got the answers on the ML forum.   I think you could also add a side note regarding Timelapse. You can go as low as 0.15 fps (using fps override) this would be equal to a 6-7s interval, but there is one thing you have to keep in mind and that is the shutter speed is somehow limited and you will get very long and therfore bright exposures, 8-10stops overexposed. This introduces the need of an ND and you will have to deal with motion blur (this actually can come quite handy as there is no good way to do smooth timelapses doing it the usual way aka taking stills with gaps at short intervals)
  15. Nah, it works exactly as usual, black and white live view (the actual recording is fullcolor, just in case someone takes this wrong) in crop mode (you dind't mention it, but that's the way it is in crop-mode, because of the pink tint you get without that, this is with and without small hacks)   Read through the post and take a look at the magic lantern forum, the test shown at nofilmschool is with a 600x card that's why he only gets a few frames, I have tested it with a 1000x Komputerbay 32gb and it worked perfectly, maybe you just didn't read the advice of turning on "small hacks", these small hacks don't turn off the liveview as you are saying. The origin of this is a way of using the buffer more efficently.   As I said, this is 3-4 weeks old.  
  16. Nice article, I just have to point out an error in your article. The 50D has been writing up to 81mb/s for almost a month now, check the 50D thread on magiclantern. That means continuous or almost continuos 1920x1080. I tried it on a komputerbay 32gb 1000x and I stopped at about 1200 frames or more, it expected a lot more.
  17. For video the d5200 is better (keep in mind it's a APS-C), for the rest the d800 is a lot better.
  18. I've been playing around with LUT's and Flaat_11 footage from my d800 since my CF card broke on my 50d recording raw.   http://juanmelara.com.au/print-film-emulation-luts-for-download/   just apply in AE or in PS as an adjustment layer, or in resolve. It doesn't replace proper grading but it's a nice starting point if you are looking for that film look. Out of the box it is a liitle bit heavy on the d800 footage, but the same goes for raw footage from my 50d, tone it down.
  19. It's moving. http://simeonpilgrim.com/blog/2013/06/30/live-view-silent-raw-on-d7000/   It's hidden nikon code he says, 1,5fps atm on the d7000. The files are around 24megabyte per frame so that should be a complete raw file, not an liveview stream, who knows anyway.
  20. I prefer the nikon ergonomics, having to change between joystick and wheel gets on my nerve, but again that's more about taste or what you are used to.  Shooting video and photo in a concert, that's right, the mkiii is going to do a better job. But I don't shoot concerts neither would I shoot ML raw in a concert ;), I mostly do landscape and you know what matters there.
  21. Well, I don't know if it's because my akward school english but I think you're not getting me. You are quoting part of an answer to someone who was saying that ML RAW was just for a bunch of guys, a niche in the eyes of any CEO. My answer wanted to say that although in the eyes of some executive RAW is just for a few nerds it's in fact something important because it builds a strong opinion on the internet, that's why I told about that funny 600d exaple.   The d800 I bought to replace my D3 which is getting old in terms of resolution and especially DR, when I saw that RAW thing I thought it would be nice to make landscape videos (don't have to change the lenses for that and I still have my D3) but then I realized the lacking photo performance of the canon. If I would make money on videos it would be another story, maybe ;).   Anyway, just got a 50d, to play around, maybe I change my mind.
  22.   Well when RAW video came out I was thinking of returning my d800 but taking a look at the photo performance of the 5d mkiii changed my mind.   The DR advantage btw is rather big, working wih the 5d files reminded me of older days in digital photography.
  23.   It's not about how big this market is but how important it is on the internet. Most people browse the internet or ask the "nerd".  So if you are trying to decide between d800 or a mk iii, you will get the impression that the 5d mk iii shoots the greatest video ever, even though you are never going to install ML nor use RAW. And of course,  canons are better for video than Nikons, every single one, that will be the understanding some profane will get. And since he also wants to shoot some video, why not go for Canon.    I've been a Nikon shooter for a lot of years, and sometimes some guy who knows nothing sees my d800 and will come to me and ask "why Nikon?, they are all faulty and make horrible video", then he will show you proudly his 600d...   This is why you have to keep happy the freaks who like raw video and the maniatic depressive who check for hot pixels at iso 6400 and 30" sec exposure. Today the internet is the main source for information, but  the niche groups are who make the most noise.
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