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    iamoui reacted to JordanWright in What fav stuff are you currently watching?   
    Homecoming on Amazon Prime has some incredible cinematography, makes use of a 2:1 and a 1:1 frame.
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    iamoui reacted to Parker in When is Slo-mo Cheating?   
    I always shoot all my b-roll at 60p, especially for corporate projects, just makes everything easier and feel a bit more glossy. I think most clips running at 40% speed are actually very subtle most of the time, it looks and feels better in the edit but most ordinary viewers would be hard pressed to call it out as actual "slow motion," especially when it's just office-style b-roll of workers typing, using the phone, their computers, etc. 
    That being said I rarely use 120p or higher, unless the shot really calls for it, and I want it to be noticeable, like obviously stylized speed ramping on movement, fountains, sparks, etc. 
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    iamoui reacted to KnightsFan in Sigma FP   
    The small hole is actually to reduce the amount of material required, thus saving 0.23 cents/unit on manufacturing costs. It's the compromise they made in order to afford the 24p license.
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Lenses   
    Actually, I posted it as a peace offering because I thought you would find it funny.
    Unlike you, I have been nothing but respectful to you during this exchange. Whereas you became belligerent and offensive because I stated how and why zoom lenses are useful for run and gun filmmaking. So, my opinion about zoom lenses led you to attack me on a personal level where you called me meek, a loser and inferred I am not a man.
    So after you personally criticized and attacked me, I posted a joke frame to lighten the mood and stick it to you a little.
    If you can’t take it, don’t dish it.
    As a writer/aspiring filmmaker, I’ve learned to have a thick skin a long time ago and some person on a stupid forum isn’t going to get under it enough for me to weep and cry.
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Lenses   
    Anyway, here’s yet another shot from my film...

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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in Lenses   
    You can do ANYTHING if you want to do it. Don't give me that permit stuff. That is a Cop Off. You aren't there for hours, days, weeks. If you want it to happen make it happen. Release form, that is total bullshit, they are by standers. You aren't making a feature film, get real. They are in the public domain. Your making silly excuses.
    So make up release forms and give them to them. How hard its that. Make it happen.
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Lenses   
    It’s not about embarrassment, it’s about legally being allowed to shoot at the places I’m shooting at. You need permits and insurance to shoot a film. In a lot of places, you can’t shoot a film in your own house without a permit. Now I would assume that 7 out of 10 times, nobody would care, but when I need to get a shot on a crowded boardwalk, without a bicycle cop giving me grief, I need to be as fast and as inconspicuous as possible.
    Hell, when I have my Rode Micro and deadcat attached to my camera, I get more looks and atttention than you can imagine...

    Getting this shot handheld, outside of a motel room, ended in a 5 minute conversation from someone who thought I may be a Peeping Tom...

    Also, you mentioned earlier about never needing to shoot with an f/1.2 or 1.4 lens... well when you shoot in public, if you get a bystander on video, you would need a release form from them granting me permission to use their image in your film. With a fast lens, they’re so blurred, it doesn’t even matter.
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    iamoui reacted to Video Hummus in How Does This Production Company Name Sound?   
    portfolio > company name
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    iamoui reacted to Geoff CB in Which colour science do you like the most?   
    Are you kidding me?

    The Canon image has her face in shadow and uses one source of indirect lighting from the left, sun seems to be on the right illuminating her hair. It's also at an angle that is flattering to her face. 
    The Sony image has sun sources directly  in front of her face, with a green bounce coming off the grass from in front of her.  It's shot straight on.

    If anyone on this site besides you put up that original post they would have gotten raked over hot coals for it. Probably by you.
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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in Replace my Nx1 with... what? (And what's the current AF champ?)   
    I will believe it when I see it, just like Raw for the Z6.Talk is cheap. How they going to have contacts for shutter, other functions?? Just having 2 batteries is Not the reason you have an external grip.
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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground about grading. Maybe you Ought to Calibrate your Monitor if you think it is OK. It sure as hell isn't on mine.
    I guess the new norm on here if it is half assed it is fine. Sure we are probably going to half ass stuff, but if that is the best video on You Tube to show off the XT-3  well Woopty Ding.
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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p   
    There was a Tony Northrup video about how many sales Nikon has lost this year, and that they are going to scale back on cameras and put more money into other things they produce. And you have Canon dropping 50% on DSLR sales and that does not bode too well for either of them. I think Canon is so far behind on sensors and processors that they will never catch up now. I don't think cameras down the road are going to be great for Any company to be honest.
    The Nikon news is at the beginning, rest is photo reviews of peoples photos.
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    iamoui reacted to Castorp in Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p   
    Webrunner5 is basically trolling the thread right now. He doesn’t own the Z 6 neither does he have any genuine interest in owning one. It’s just a matter of making the thread turn according to his pipe and instead of having a constructive and positive dialogue it becomes a meaningless back and forth with someone who doesn’t even own the camera. 
    Its jonpais all over again.
    I don’t like Sony but I don’t continuously bait the Sony threads. Poor Canon users have had a lot of it lately and I feel for them. Can’t write anything positive without ten people showing up screaming “crop”. 
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    iamoui reacted to dbp in Race to the bottom   
    Eh, I've shot a ton of weddings across many different cultures.
    Weddings more than anything have taught me how boring we are. The music choices between every couple overlap 85% of the time. I feel like I could copy+paste half the speeches from one wedding to another. 
    Father-daughter / mother son dances all seem to have people picking the same 4 songs. Don't even get me started on all the cute 'marriage jokes'. 
    I feel like a 10th grade computer science student could write this one. How hard could it be? 80,000 threads talking about whether something is cinematic or not. *insert brand here* sucks and is great. Something about motion cadence and companies intentionally crippling codecs. Done! 
    I really think there's a fallacy at work here. The lack of trust in the development in AI is because we want to think we are more unique and interesting than we truly are. 
    I actually hope I'm wrong about all of this, but I doubt it.
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    iamoui reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD Gear Sale - Nikon Z7, D850, Canon 1D X Mark II and more   
    I don't think he's guilty of overthinking it. He thinks Ken Rockwell's reviews are extremely in-depth
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    iamoui reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD Gear Sale - Nikon Z7, D850, Canon 1D X Mark II and more   
    I can move you to different forum, how's that?
    The price is on the blog post about it, where it lists the prices.
    Yes all still available apart from the A7S II.
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    iamoui reacted to mojo43 in Some simple advices for youtubers   
    Hahahaha.... what’s funny is that a lot of these points could be directly applied to your post 🤔
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    iamoui reacted to BTM_Pix in Live Focus Video from Samsung - a computational bokeh for video!   
    We'll be still pondering why Samsung can do stuff like that but still haven't made an NX2 probably.
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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in I voted for Raw recording on the R   
    Man why Wouldn't you want to get rich? Are you doing yourself or your clients any good with that kind of mindset? Don't you want to try hard to do the best you can? And if you have that goal you can get rich, or at least well off. Skill ought to be rewarded. Time and stress ought to be rewarded. You can only have fun so long without adding a lot of stress. If I have stress I am going to get paid for it, and paid well, or go back to just fun and no stress, who cares, and then why buy all that gear...
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    iamoui reacted to Ehetyz in Why Is Sony Fanboyism So Bad?   
    Welp, we've reached a point where it's impossible to tell what's an ironic shitpost and what's serious fanboyism.
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    iamoui reacted to BTM_Pix in 3C Cinema Camera Controller App for Pocket 4K - OFFICIAL LAUNCH   
    Well, here we are then.

    The 3C app is now officially available from the Play store for Android devices.
    3C enables you to remotely control and monitor the primary functions of your Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K from an Android device using Bluetooth LE.

    Using 3C, you have access to the following camera functionality.

    Shutter Angle
    White Balance
    Focus & Zoom (with compatible lenses)

    With 3C you can also store your own custom setting sets for exposure, focus and zoom parameters for later recall as well as automate transitions between stored focus points*.

    For ease of use, 3C uses a single screen touch interface to control all of this functionality and avoid the need for you to have to activate any sub-menus to change settings.  

    3C has a scalable user interface to enable you to remove focus and zoom controls from the screen should you not require them and wish to run the app on a small screen Android device.
    In addition, 3C can also be used as an interface hub to enable control of the camera from compatible Bluetooth gamepads.
    You can purchase 3C from the Play store here http://tinyurl.com/y5eyujeu
    You can read the PDF user guide here User Guide For 3C v1.1 by CDA-TEK Ltd .pdf
    You can use gamepads from iPega and 8Bitdo that support keyboard mode and examples of these are https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KA6OR7Q (iPega) and https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017PAX036 (8Bitdo).
    3C will also support wireless live viewing from the camera in a future update with additional hardware.
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    iamoui reacted to Django in Canon EOS RP specs leaked, features 26MP sensor and 4K video   
    Lol wait.. you're the one that brought up NASA uses Nikon for still photography.. in a Canon thread.. on a video-centric forum.. and I'm the one turning things into a pissing contest?!!
    Cmon man, you went there. All i did was post a relevant link to an article which btw you thanked me for finding interesting. Why now the hissy fit?? Woke up wrong side of bed?
    This place is like a ticking time-bomb, always with the drama.. especially if you dare say anything remotely positive about Canon, then all hell breaks loose, SMH.
    FYI i started out with Nikon, shot on them for decades. Still own much of their glass & an FM2. Why would I feel remotely threatened by astronauts shooting stills?
    So please mate.. take a deep breath and ask yourself..

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    iamoui reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon EOS RP specs leaked, features 26MP sensor and 4K video   
    Ahh the old my smartphone can take the same pictures as any camera argument. That's why all pro shooter's have switched to smartphones 🙄
    Regarding DR it's probably like the 6Dmkii which has excellent DR. My take, a shooter that can't get great looking images with either camera needs to get to work. Because it's not the camera that sucks..
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Canon EOS RP specs leaked, features 26MP sensor and 4K video   
    Idk, I think someone posted a link in a Canon thread that showed all of the Acadamy Award Doc nominations were shot on Canon cameras and a bunch of people came here to dispute the sense of shooting on a Canon.
    The reality of the situation is this...
    They only care about the STORY you tell with that camera.
    Case in point, I recently watched The Florida Project and I really enjoyed it. While watching the credits I learned it was shot on film and then i also saw the Filmic Pro logo. Immediately I looked online and learned that the last scene/sequence was shot on an iPhone and you know what... while I watched the film... I didn’t even notice. And after learning the iPhone was used... I didn’t even bother to go back and see if I could tell the difference because I enjoyed the story.
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    iamoui reacted to Mokara in Canon EOS RP specs leaked, features 26MP sensor and 4K video   
    That would be because arts types are also equipment snobs in general. Most of them probably would not be caught dead with anything other than an Apple product (where applicable) for example. The type of person who shoots documentaries with awards in mind (in other words, as "art" rather than as content) is probably going to use the "right" sort of equipment. It is a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. For them, if they don't use a Canon they are not a real artist, so they use a Canon. If they used something else, their fellow artists would consider whatever they made as "not looking right" and hence not "art", so they would not win any awards (or at least, not stand much chance of winning). That is why all of those docs were shot on Canon equipment.
    On the other hand people who shoot documentaries primarily as content are going to be more concerned with equipment specs, so their choices will be different.
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