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    iamoui reacted to jpleong in MacBook Pro 16 speakers   
    I'm not saying that I... ugh. What I mean is... hmm... lol.
    @kye knows what I mean.
    I'm an audio-engineer, first, by training. I have multiple DACs, interfaces, passive and active monitor switchers, three sets of mixing monitors, etc.... I used to use my old HP workstation laptop for referencing, then my 17" MBP, but don't on my 15" MBP. When I see Apple and Microsoft ads showcasing their hardware with someone doing critical recording or mixing work without all the accoutrements, I cry a little.
    Still like what I hear coming out of those MBP speakers -I just don't trust what's coming out of them.
    That's all.
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    iamoui reacted to gt3rs in Canon 1D X Mark III Review // Filmmaking, video and cinema camera. Get the Fuji X-T4 instead?   
    I know I will get flamed 😂

    But to be fair he is pointing out that they will get a camera to test the RS and DR as they do with many cameras. Until it is done and published is just a fate thing but at least it seems there is the intention.
    It could be that without you this would not have happened so you have a point, although the RS was not measured by you but by slashcam.
    You also mention that you don't see a RS issue with the GFX 100 and yet it seems to have a RS of 28ms (all to be validate by multiple source ideally)...... somebody could argue the same no?
    You did not measure RS on the GFX 100, he did not on the 1Dx III. Other have done it, you trust some others trust others etc..

    There are not many site left that really test RS and DR and yes we can argue for hours that the tests are not perfect but as they have some consistency is better than nothing.

    We should glad that there is some kind of "conflict/competition"  between you guys as it pushes you to really check all the details.....  😉
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    iamoui reacted to josdr in DPReview forum censors work of frontline riot photographer amidst George Floyd protests   
    Nope, that is censorship Andrew, do not delude yourself. Respectfully. 
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    iamoui reacted to Andrew Reid in Western governments are criminally negligent over Coronavirus   
    Seems some people ignore warnings from the site owner.
    I said before that unethical views aren't allowed in the forum.
    For me it is not about politics, it's about character, it's about what kind of person you are and how you take part in this community.
    Because I don't value your contributions or your views, I have banned you and you're not welcome back.
    The same warning goes for others. I don't care who you support but if you are going to bring unethical and stupidly toxic views into my front room, you can fuck right off.
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    iamoui reacted to Thpriest in COVID19 Kibosh   
    Same situation here in Madrid. Both my wife and I are freelancers and everything has just stopped, no work at all for the foreseeable future (I reckon late April/early May at the earliest). Trying to get a few clients who haven't paid recent jobs to cough up what they can. My wife is thinking she my have to lay off her employee. Grim.
    It's a total lock down, a very weird situation. You get up in the morning, it's a lovely spring day and think, "A walk in the park would be nice"...and then you remember! We are lucky as we live on the top floor of our building with a 15m2 terrace with plants, bbq etc. I'd hate to imagine what it's be like cooped up in a little flat for 15 days.
    Having a nine month old baby keeps us occupied mind!
    Other activities we have to keep us occupied are set up the Ikea hydroponics system we have lying around and try to grow some lettuce, learn how to ferment vegetables and make bread on Youtube, a bit more gardening, try to watch a film, repeat...we are already on day 4 here (only went out for some food and medicines)...tick tock
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    iamoui reacted to Emanuel in Mad Mike case   
    Probably just ignorant or too naive as some other alternatives or excuses, isn't it? ; )
    No, read again my post... "I mean US, but could be anywhere else." I think I left it clear, no? Of course, there are silly people everywhere WTH.
    Evel Knievel never scheduled a stupid agenda to justify his entertainment business AFAIK. Horses for courses.
    I think and do defend authorities should play a role on certain cases. Insanity can be dangerous as much as flying drones or rockets for that matter. No idea how people stare to attend such sad show. First question to come to my mind: are we talking about a licensed or allowed activity to begin with? To launch rockets to the space like we all live in somewhere more than 100 years ago? Last time I checked we are in 2020... ; -)
    Shame on everyone who let this happen.
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    iamoui reacted to Emanuel in Mad Mike case   
    Insanity is a severe mental disorder and State should be responsible for, in order to provide efficient assistance.
    Your freedom of thinking is harmless until the day it can hurt.
    I don't like to use safety belt in my car, as well I find too boring any rules, those about drones included.
    But, sense of community and rationality -- the reason, means to respect them. This comprehends to respect the others.
    Your freedom CANNOT prevail over the freedom of other people or the rights and civilized principles such as caring of patients with mental problems, even if apparently healthy because Psychiatry is a truly complex medical specialty. Let alone the whole invisible world behind.
    Respect common sense is an obligation of yours to see your right of free thinking to be respected as well.
    We're not living in the Germany of 30s. This applies for both ends. Got it?
    E : -)
    Not only the State but also the sponsors are responsible for this tragedy. They created such a circus in this crazy world of profit where we all live in. A shame, a crime without punishment too. I do care about the world around me. It invariably concerns me. Or I just am an(other) accomplice.
    Disclaimer: This is a project that was financed by a friend and business partner of mine, also stereographer (has worked with Peter Greenaway BTW IMDb LINK), no one had to be killed or was harmed (rooster included) to collaterally photograph and show the spherical reality as it is...
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    iamoui reacted to Amazeballs in How to receive a BAFTA as ungraciously as possible   
    What racism is he talking about? Did he say a word about what's going on South Africa right now? Where "kill the boar" is the official policy of the government. Than he probably better shut the fuck up cos this all hypocrisy and populism. 
    Thank your agent, your God and fuck off. (c) 
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Camera owning plans 2020   
    Yeah, the FZ2500 is one of my favorite cameras of all time. It even has a button that you can push while recording at 24p and it will go into slow motion. So you can do those cool shots where a guy starts the shot running in normal motion and then you push the button and he will slide into slow motion as long as you hold the button down. Some Super 8 cameras used to do that too.
    The only downside to the camera IMO is that the lens, albeit really nice, is much too big for the camera body.
    Here's a stupid test video I did of the 1080p 60p slow motion...
    The end of the test is the best part but I made the mistake of making the video way too long. It was before I realized that most people only watch a minute of videos or less.
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    iamoui reacted to Zak Forsman in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    Seems people like pairing their S1H with Leica-R lenses... and I'm one of them! I'm shooting a short doc on my brother about his comic book, "I Am Not Okay With This", as it's currently being adapted into a series for Netflix. This will be the second time he's had a comic book adapted into a series. The first was "The End of the F*cking World" which did well, however, he told me that people would see him signing copies of the original comic at cons, and accuse him of "ripping off the show". So this time, i wanted to help raise his profile a bit when "I Am Not Okay With This" is released, and it gives me something to flex my creative muscles on. Anyway, some sample stills... Panasonic S1H, Leica Summicron-R 35mm, 50mm, & 90mm. Not a final grade -- just wanted to get some images out.

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    iamoui reacted to Kisaha in Your gear of the decade?   
    Samsung NX.
    Still using the ecosystem both professionaly and for my hobby. 
    Great selection of cheap lenses and pancakes.
    Last weekend I had the NX3000 with the 16-50 PZ, I did an event coverage with 2 NX1 and 16-50S and 12-24mm, a few days ago used the NX500 with the 16-50PZ and 50-200mm for the kids plays, and now I gave the NX3000 and the 18-200 to a friend for the holidays, and I am away for a family trip with the NX500 and the fisheye/30mm/45mm.
    I bought my first NX in 2013.
    After 20 years in the business and a lot more in film and video and photography, NX has a unique place in my heart.
    It was everything we wanted, and a huge Asian capitalistic corporation was doing everything they could to make it true! What a rare moment in history.
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    iamoui reacted to RWR in Introducing the EOSHD Tim Apple LUT for that washed out nationalist propaganda look   
    "I rely on Wikipedia and the BBC. These are impartial by nature, the BBC is impartial by law."
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    iamoui reacted to kye in Downsampled 4k looks way better than native 4k.. or not!   
    My take is that many of the things that camera nerds on forums obsess over are surprisingly unnoticeable.  I used to get caught up in things like resolution and bit depth and colour science, and after seeing a few real tests (or even better - real world tests) I got a shock and learned that some things really make very little difference.
    That's why I question things I'm lead to believe and actually go and do tests to find out.  I do far more tests than I talk about on here, gradually unlearning the BS that the internet is full of.  Of course, much of what is talked about does matter and the vast majority matters sometimes and not other times.  That deeper knowledge takes years to learn on the internet, or mere hours if you pick up a camera and go do a test and see what the end result looks like.
    “What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so.”  ― Mark Twain
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    iamoui reacted to JordanWright in What fav stuff are you currently watching?   
    Homecoming on Amazon Prime has some incredible cinematography, makes use of a 2:1 and a 1:1 frame.
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    iamoui reacted to Parker in When is Slo-mo Cheating?   
    I always shoot all my b-roll at 60p, especially for corporate projects, just makes everything easier and feel a bit more glossy. I think most clips running at 40% speed are actually very subtle most of the time, it looks and feels better in the edit but most ordinary viewers would be hard pressed to call it out as actual "slow motion," especially when it's just office-style b-roll of workers typing, using the phone, their computers, etc. 
    That being said I rarely use 120p or higher, unless the shot really calls for it, and I want it to be noticeable, like obviously stylized speed ramping on movement, fountains, sparks, etc. 
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    iamoui reacted to KnightsFan in Sigma FP   
    The small hole is actually to reduce the amount of material required, thus saving 0.23 cents/unit on manufacturing costs. It's the compromise they made in order to afford the 24p license.
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Lenses   
    Actually, I posted it as a peace offering because I thought you would find it funny.
    Unlike you, I have been nothing but respectful to you during this exchange. Whereas you became belligerent and offensive because I stated how and why zoom lenses are useful for run and gun filmmaking. So, my opinion about zoom lenses led you to attack me on a personal level where you called me meek, a loser and inferred I am not a man.
    So after you personally criticized and attacked me, I posted a joke frame to lighten the mood and stick it to you a little.
    If you can’t take it, don’t dish it.
    As a writer/aspiring filmmaker, I’ve learned to have a thick skin a long time ago and some person on a stupid forum isn’t going to get under it enough for me to weep and cry.
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Lenses   
    Anyway, here’s yet another shot from my film...

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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in Lenses   
    You can do ANYTHING if you want to do it. Don't give me that permit stuff. That is a Cop Off. You aren't there for hours, days, weeks. If you want it to happen make it happen. Release form, that is total bullshit, they are by standers. You aren't making a feature film, get real. They are in the public domain. Your making silly excuses.
    So make up release forms and give them to them. How hard its that. Make it happen.
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Lenses   
    It’s not about embarrassment, it’s about legally being allowed to shoot at the places I’m shooting at. You need permits and insurance to shoot a film. In a lot of places, you can’t shoot a film in your own house without a permit. Now I would assume that 7 out of 10 times, nobody would care, but when I need to get a shot on a crowded boardwalk, without a bicycle cop giving me grief, I need to be as fast and as inconspicuous as possible.
    Hell, when I have my Rode Micro and deadcat attached to my camera, I get more looks and atttention than you can imagine...

    Getting this shot handheld, outside of a motel room, ended in a 5 minute conversation from someone who thought I may be a Peeping Tom...

    Also, you mentioned earlier about never needing to shoot with an f/1.2 or 1.4 lens... well when you shoot in public, if you get a bystander on video, you would need a release form from them granting me permission to use their image in your film. With a fast lens, they’re so blurred, it doesn’t even matter.
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    iamoui reacted to Geoff CB in Which colour science do you like the most?   
    Are you kidding me?

    The Canon image has her face in shadow and uses one source of indirect lighting from the left, sun seems to be on the right illuminating her hair. It's also at an angle that is flattering to her face. 
    The Sony image has sun sources directly  in front of her face, with a green bounce coming off the grass from in front of her.  It's shot straight on.

    If anyone on this site besides you put up that original post they would have gotten raked over hot coals for it. Probably by you.
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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in Replace my Nx1 with... what? (And what's the current AF champ?)   
    I will believe it when I see it, just like Raw for the Z6.Talk is cheap. How they going to have contacts for shutter, other functions?? Just having 2 batteries is Not the reason you have an external grip.
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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in Fuji X-T3 and X-T4 discussion   
    You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground about grading. Maybe you Ought to Calibrate your Monitor if you think it is OK. It sure as hell isn't on mine.
    I guess the new norm on here if it is half assed it is fine. Sure we are probably going to half ass stuff, but if that is the best video on You Tube to show off the XT-3  well Woopty Ding.
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    iamoui reacted to webrunner5 in Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p   
    There was a Tony Northrup video about how many sales Nikon has lost this year, and that they are going to scale back on cameras and put more money into other things they produce. And you have Canon dropping 50% on DSLR sales and that does not bode too well for either of them. I think Canon is so far behind on sensors and processors that they will never catch up now. I don't think cameras down the road are going to be great for Any company to be honest.
    The Nikon news is at the beginning, rest is photo reviews of peoples photos.
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    iamoui reacted to Castorp in Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p   
    Webrunner5 is basically trolling the thread right now. He doesn’t own the Z 6 neither does he have any genuine interest in owning one. It’s just a matter of making the thread turn according to his pipe and instead of having a constructive and positive dialogue it becomes a meaningless back and forth with someone who doesn’t even own the camera. 
    Its jonpais all over again.
    I don’t like Sony but I don’t continuously bait the Sony threads. Poor Canon users have had a lot of it lately and I feel for them. Can’t write anything positive without ten people showing up screaming “crop”. 
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