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  1. Not to be disagreeable but, I'm actually looking forward to shooting creative pieces with different film sims. Something about committing to a look BEFORE rather than the post-processing hell that comes with AFTER that is appealing to me... I think the amount of things I've had to do recently to fix-it-in-post because we liked "options" or were "indecisive" (read: unprepared) might be influencing that. I also really liked Classic Negative when I applied it in Capture One Pro to some portrait studio work -a greener finish compared to Classic Chrome. I *hope* it comes to the X-T3...
  2. Just for video? I'd do the EOS-R as it has a more video-friendly user design and better output formats.
  3. Check out Attila's work: http://colorizer.net/
  4. Yeah, it happens a lot more than I'd like. Until there's another update from Fujifilm, it stays off on my camera.
  5. Sounds like face detect (the only tracking that the X-T3 is capable of in video) is activated and it had a false positive.
  6. Thanks for those additional insights! I have a love/hate relationship with BM products going back over a decade (some winners and some really bad clunkers). So far, it looks like a 2v2 toss-up... I think I can wait to drop a $1000 USD to be sure I make the "right" choice.
  7. Thanks thebrothersthre3 and EphraimP! Elsewhere on EOSHD there were observations about flaky connections to the Atomos Ninja -have either of you found that to be the case? JP
  8. What's the consensus on external recorder for the X-T3? Looking for most reliable capturing the full 10-bit 4:2:2 4K 60P output with monitor (other value-add features, great, but not necessary) Editing on a Mac in Premiere Pro. Atomos Ninja V? Blackmagic Video Assist?
  9. Great topic! My two-camera (APS-C/S35 sensor) documentary kit is always 35mm and 50mm f/2 lenses for interviews. I bring along a standard-zoom with OIS in case I need to do handheld shots (18-55mm f/2.8-4 on Fuji or 24-70mm f/4 L IS on Canon). Music video work handheld is always OIS-equipped zooms (mostly standard zooms, occasionally the UWA zooms all at f/4) and usually Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS mk2s on sticks. Gimbal is usually 35mm or 50mm prime depending on framing needs, though I used the Fuji 18-55mm f/2.8-4 almost exclusively for my most recent work because the director needed quick framing changes.
  10. What are you actually videotaping? I couldn't find it skimming through this thread.
  11. Wow. dvxuser -that just reminds me of the last time we had fanboy debates over 24P... and to think, I thought that was settled when everyone saw the success of the DVX100 and put it into their cameras... Even Canon added it to the XL-line ?
  12. This whole past year's release cycle for Canon makes me sad. From the mirrorless 5D4 & 6D2 reissues to the crippling of the enthusiast-line Canon no longer makes a competitive modern body I want to own. I WANT to come back to Canon. I WANT to add to my collection of Canon bodies. But not only is Canon not improving on areas they're deficient they're actively removing what makes them appealing to me.
  13. I've not used HLG. I ETTR when I have time. Zebras can tell you more as they tell you WHAT is overexposed (same with Waveform vs Historgram). Traditionally, zebras are set between 70-100 IRE (which I believe correlates to 70%-100% on the X-T3). I have "My Menu" setup so that Zebra On/Off and Zebra settings are a quick few button presses away. I use 100% to see if anything is completely overexposed and then between 40-80% to light skin tones.
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