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    Do any cellphones have zooms at this point? My Galaxy S8 doesn't. That's currently the big achilles heel, I think. You're stuck on a wide shot, which admittedly looks good in bright low. Doubtful it's gonna cut it during most low light receptions. Hell, my old boss used to send me his cell phone clips to use in edits and they looked terrible once the lights went down.
    No one likes any camera shoved in their face, for the most part. Unless they're drunk. That's why longer lenses are so handy for stealthily sniping shots at receptions.
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    jpfilmz reacted to hansel in Race to the bottom   
    In General i simply don't get the fun of existence by using AI for this kind of stuff. For me it feels like I'd rather have Mario testino shoot my wedding than some spy cams plastered all over my place? Will vogue have a robot shot on the front page of a robot humanoid? Seems none sense. Especially with arts. Why would you want to leave the fun of doing it to Ai?
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from hansel in Race to the bottom   
    Yes, it will be quite sometime before a robot can move about places with a camera as a floating shooter getting shots and tracking a subject in a dynamic enivornment like a wedding.  Way to many variables.
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    jpfilmz reacted to zerocool22 in Race to the bottom   
    Well I feel like ART is one of the only jobs where robots will not catch up too that easily.
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    jpfilmz reacted to DBounce in Canon 8K Footage/Camera Reveal   
    YouTube certainly supports 1440p on Android... and maybe 4k, but you need to own one of the 4k Sony phones to test that out. YouTube is limited to 1080p on iOS as Apple does not support the VP9 codec that YouTube uses for video compression of footage with resolutions beyond 1080p.
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from icarrere in Black Magic Pocket OG 2019   
    It still produces a great image.  Below is RAW 12bit upscaled to 4k in davinchi resolve.
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from thebrothersthre3 in Black Magic Pocket OG 2019   
    It still produces a great image.  Below is RAW 12bit upscaled to 4k in davinchi resolve.
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from graphicnatured in Black Magic Pocket OG 2019   
    It still produces a great image.  Below is RAW 12bit upscaled to 4k in davinchi resolve.
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from Emanuel in C100 MKII 4K upscale test   
    A reference for anyone looking.  C100 MKII 4K upscale filmed at 60fps exported to 24fps in davinchi resolve. EOS Standard Profile.  I was quite surprised at how good the footage turned out.  Very action cinematic to me.  It looks even better when in slowmo.  
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    jpfilmz reacted to Laurier in Apple could unknowingly be tipping the scales for filmmakers   
    Warning harsh opinion ahead.
    Indie filmmakers need to be realist, the general audience/distribution platforms won t care about your project if it s not up to the industry standard.
    If you have a very good script and are surrounded with people with decent credentials, you are likely to find some money to make it happen properly.
    If you are complaining that the audience is crap and don t understand you, your project is the issue.
    It s definitely possible to create good content with very little money but it s very hard to maintain the quality all the way to the end to the production, you need talent and discipline. 
    I recently saw Shoplifters, the movie got a lot a attention and won a lot of prices ( and yes, was well funded) but honestly that definitely the kind of movie that can be done with a super small budget.
    I did a fair amount of grading/ post production for indie movies, mostly shorts, you can see that the directors were more focused on shooting expensive equipement than really focusing on their script/skills.
    But couple of times, I also meet very talent emerging directors that, in the same shooting conditions made very high quality movies.
    But to really get produced properly, I think you either need to make a decent indie feature with no money, or very successful shorts and have a feature script ready.
    No one is going to come to you if you are no one with big dreams and no actual material.
    I think all those platform are really looking for new quality content, and are willing to fund all kind of projects, I think the issues is more down to the filmmakers with unoriginal obsessive zombie movies projects .
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from Kubrickian in C100 Mkii - Resolution and Image Quality - How to Get the Best Out of It?   
    A reference for anyone looking sharpness and clarity.  C100 MKII 4K upscale filmed at 60fps exported to 24fps in davinchi resolve. EOS Standard Profile with the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 II  I was quite surprised at how good the footage turned out.  Very action cinematic to me.  It looks even better when in slowmo. 
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from webrunner5 in C100 MKII 4K upscale test   
    A reference for anyone looking.  C100 MKII 4K upscale filmed at 60fps exported to 24fps in davinchi resolve. EOS Standard Profile.  I was quite surprised at how good the footage turned out.  Very action cinematic to me.  It looks even better when in slowmo.  
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    jpfilmz reacted to Mako Sports in What makes a video CINEMATIC?   
    I agree. Its interesting because when all these YouTubers use the term cinematic + shallow DOF together, yet the last couple of times I went to the movies its always been a deep Dof.
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    jpfilmz reacted to DBounce in What makes a video CINEMATIC?   
    To answer the question... there is one thing that almost always makes a video seem cinematic... and that is slow motion. Even smartphone video seems cinematic in slow-mo. That's one of the reasons I detest when people post footage from new cameras but only use slow-mo. It's a cheat, because you can't film usable dialog in slow-mo. 
    If slow-mo can make a smartphone seem cinematic, then we can conclude it's an important part of the cinematic recipe. This can be further evidenced by looking at the other extreme; record in 30p or 60p and you have instant "video" look. So the key would seem to be tied to motion. Sure lights and framing play a part, but I honestly feel the major component is motion.  And that motion can also be helped or harmed by how the camera is moved. Speed of camera movement is important. Panning too fast produces a visible judder. Though I'm not certain this is an issue with GS cameras? Direction that the subject moves is also critical. One should try to avoid having subjects move parallel to the lens from one side of the frame to the other; favoring instead movements toward or away from the camera at an angle to enter or exit the frame.
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from Kisaha in C200 vs C100 MKII   
    I agree.  I think the C200 is grossly overpriced.  Im don't see $4000 of image improvement between the 2 cameras.  The C200 should be priced around $3499 and the C100MK down to $1499.  Im curious now how the 10bit 4k image from the EOS R compares with the C200 image in raw.
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    jpfilmz reacted to Kisaha in C200 vs C100 MKII   
    I have expressed multiple times here that C200 is in reality a glorified, and overpriced, C100. I have used the 2 cameras extensively, and the C200 is half a step ahead C100, while we wished for it to be 2.
    If you do not care much about 4K and raw, then the C100mkII is one of the friendliest and straight forward cameras in the industry.
    If you want/need broadcast codecs and "advanced"(=which are the norn for most manufacturers) features then even the JVC LS300 delivers, for a 3000$ price tag and the ability to shoot brodcast quality 4K/60p (with an Atomos), and you can get FS5ii raw/Ursa mini Pro for cheap, and EVA for less cheap!
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    jpfilmz reacted to HockeyFan12 in C200 vs C100 MKII   
    I don't think the grade or how the footage is shot represent either camera well, but the technical aspects in terms of sharpness seem about right, although I think those clips are from .mp4 files, which are not as sharp as raw.
    I find this video more representative, though:
    But I don't like the +5 sharpening here, either. Anything above 0 looks "digital" to me. 
    Regardless, both cameras are plenty sharp. Super sharp 1080p (sharper than the Alexa's 1080p) vs average 4k. But the difference between the two isn't great. The C100 oversamples in a way that achieves nearly 100 mtf. Bayer's mtf as sampled in the C200 drops to zero at around 70% linear resolution I believe. So at best the C200 has "twice" as much resolution in UHD as the the C100 has at 1080p, not four times as you'd expect by counting pixels. If the C200 had an 8k sensor, that would be another story.
    There are other differences, however: I prefer the C100's color and its noise pattern, and significantly. But the C200 has much less skew and much better dynamic range.
    There are major workflow and ergonomic differences.
    And if your client is demanding 4k footage acquired in 4k, well, only one of the two delivers on that.
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    jpfilmz got a reaction from hansel in "Where Canon is going with the R series?" - IR exclusive interview   
    on the 5D3 MK3 1080 Raw is stable and doesnt over hear the camera.  
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    jpfilmz reacted to Emanuel in X-T3 vs A7III vs EOS R vs Z7 vs Pocket 4K - Video Quality Compared!   
    Man, I knew I appreciate your insights. But you took exactly my thoughts this time when I watched it, even before this thread to have popped up. So I guess we cannot go wrong, both of us, in any way whatsoever... ; -)
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    jpfilmz reacted to Mattias Burling in EOS R does NOT lack sharpness in 4K - Here's proof   
    Thats why I felt so confident that I even preordered. After using the 6Dmkii and XC-10 I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed. The only surprise so far is the vast improvement in control and handling making it even more efficient to operate. 
    We say it over and over, but it seems it needs to be said over and over. Every persons needs and wants are different. There is no superior camera. It all depends on what you need. 
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    jpfilmz reacted to UnclePau in I am leaving Vimeo over their scandalous DMCA policy   
    I had the exact same experience. I shoot weddings for a living and after having 2 strikes with the threat of having everything removed upon the 3rd strike, I opted to go into 2018 uploading everything to YouTube instead. About 2 months ago, I received my 3rd strike on a video I had uploaded 4 years ago and my whole video archive was deleted. I still had to re-upload previous 2017 and 2016 projects to YouTube, but at least all my 2018 files were already safe. I'm just bummed I've put money into Vimeo and they wrecked my shit.

    Edit: All that to say, heed Andrew's warning, because it can and will happen. It's just a matter of time.
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    jpfilmz reacted to A_Urquhart in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Not really sure what you mean by this. 
    Yes, I like the camera because i knew exactly what it was going to be and it has lived up to that expectation. I'm not going to hate on it because it doesn't have a tilting screen because i knew it wasn't going to have one. I'm also not going to hate on it because it doesn't have continuous AF or  IBIS because A: I don't need those features and B: I knew the camera was never going to have those features. I defend the camera against unrealistic people just because I am interested in the conversation relating to the camera and am quite dumb founded that people would find the need to get on a thread about a camera they do not want and does not meet their needs and start arguing about it. 
    It's like me getting on the Sony A7III thread and ranting and raving about the fact that it doesn't do RAW or 10bit. Just sillyness!
    I'm trying to give people some perspective but people just want to bang on about why it doesn't have feature A or B that a mirrorless camera does have.
    One of my many faults is that I have low tolerance for stupidity, and there has been so much silly talk here that I felt the need to get involved. I mean, why the hell is Resolve not free? Why is Blackmagic not giving away it's products? Seriously. Can we talk about something constructive!
    I wonder if Emanuel or Dbounce works for Sony or Panasonic as they are constantly on here bashing the Pocket for not being what it was never intended to be. Why are they so intent on bashing a camera they have not interest in? Andrew has been very vocal about the X-T3 and despite years of interest in RAW, now thinks the X-T3 is the ducks nuts, does he now work for Fuji?
    So much ridiculousness....it's quite staggering.
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    jpfilmz reacted to A_Urquhart in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    You can record 4k60p in RAW on the Pocket4k with no problems. You just need to use 3:1 or 4:1 RAW, so no need to wait for BRAW (another compressed RAW format).
    I really don't know anyone who needs uncompressed RAW though. The Red Weapon doesn't do uncompressed RAW at all, only compressed at 2:1 and up. Is there anyone here that would say the Weapon is not good enough for them?
    IF the Pocket4K's USB port is USB3.1 Gen 2, then maybe we'll see an external drive like an NMVE drive, be able to record uncompressed but again, you really don't need it.
    Generally, you need two SSD's working as a RAID configuration to get uncompressed RAW. The Convergent Design Odyssey can only record uncompressed RAW CDNG  at 4K60p when there are SSD's in both slots and your files end up needing to be merged afterwards. Wile it's not technically a RAID config, it does send every second frame to the second SSD as the data rates are just too high for a single SSD to handle. Same as Ursa Mini Pro, you need two CFast Cards in the camera for Uncompressed at 60p
    Maybe 2018 has made people soft. I don't know when it started that people had to have Autofocus and IBIS to be able to shoot on their own. Remember the Canon 5D that started this whole DSLR video revolution, it didn't have usable AF in video mode or IBIS and we all shot fine with that.
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    jpfilmz reacted to Django in Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up   
    Pair the ND adapter with a couple of these..

    add an atomos V for that 10-bit 4:2:2 goodness, and set focus to MF Guide mode  and you got yourself a nice mini C200 on the cheap..
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