Prototype NEX 7 video footage, IFA Berlin

Today I was at the IFA 2011 consumer electronics show in Berlin.

The full EOSHD show report for DSLR video will appear on Until then, here are some snippets of information I was able to gather throughout the press day here.

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Which is best for low light? Sony NEX 5N or NEX 7 and A77?

(Click the ISO 12,800 sample image above to enlarge to 1:1). Original samples from

Will Sony’s decision to put 24MP in the NEX 7 and A77 backfire? It certainly seems so.

The mid-range 16MP NEX 5N has by far the better image quality at high ISOs despite being half the price. It’s the Fuji F31fd of DSLRs!

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Which new Sony to get – or wait for Canon?

With the new Sony DSLRs (plus a mirrorless and camcorder) those in the market for a new video DSLR must be feeling a bit dizzy! These have really thrown things up in the air. So what video capable DSLR now suits your needs best? As it happens, the GH2 still has a big roll to play.

I am ignoring the image quality gains from the Sony A77 and NEX-7 for now – we don’t 100% know much about that yet since earlier reviewers have been instructed by Sony not to comment on it until they have the final production samples. All will become clear in a few weeks.

Really this guide is about functionality, needs and exactly what you’ll use most.

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Sony A77, NEX-7, VG20 and NEX 5N video modes – new information

LL preview says the Sony A77 has ‘much less rolling shutter’. I believe Sony electronically reduce it with the new Bionz image processor. If the crop in video mode is anything like the NEX-C3 on the new cameras it will not be a huge issue – try the C3 in a shop with SteadyShot disabled to see what I mean (much better than the old NEX video mode). Unlike on the GH2, AF tracking works in video mode on all models including the NEX 5N The cameras are limited to 29 minutes per clip in AVCHD mode even NTSC. This …

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Do your lenses adapt to the Sony A77 a-mount?

All lenses are designed to be placed at a certain distance from the sensor. Too far away and you won’t get infinity focus. In fact – if it’s off by just a few millimetres your lovely lens will become a macro optic only useful for taking snaps of insects and flowers.

So what DSLRs will your current lenses adapt to? The rule to follow is to see what your body’s flange size is. That isn’t innuendo it refers to something technical! Let me explain…

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Sony and Zacuto news round-up

Above: Sony A77 with new Zeiss 24mm F1.8.

I have been in England this past week and survived the riots thankfully! Updates will be back to their normal speed from this week as I’m back to my other home, the much more gentle city of Berlin! Also a quick shout out to anyone else who will be in Berlin this week – Philip Bloom is in town for Cam Busters and I’ll be at any meet-up that happens so come along and say hello. Check Philip’s Twitter for latest updates, times, etc.

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