Sony A77, NEX-7, VG20 and NEX 5N video modes – new information

  • LL preview says the Sony A77 has ‘much less rolling shutter’. I believe Sony electronically reduce it with the new Bionz image processor.
  • If the crop in video mode is anything like the NEX-C3 on the new cameras it will not be a huge issue – try the C3 in a shop with SteadyShot disabled to see what I mean (much better than the old NEX video mode).
  • Unlike on the GH2, AF tracking works in video mode on all models including the NEX 5N
  • The cameras are limited to 29 minutes per clip in AVCHD mode even NTSC. This isn’t just due to the European tax laws but for technical reasons. Here is what you can fit on the card in total.