iPhone 4S camera sensor actually capable of 4K 24p video

iPhone have chosen Omnivision’s OV8830 sensor for their iPhone 4S and the module has a surprise up its sleeve along with some some quite startling technology we’re not unfortunately seeing on the consumer handset itself.

Can’t wait for the jailbreak!

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Full frame or 5K – which is best?

The full frame sensor and 5K are the biggest technical innovations of the current era of digital video, but which makes the biggest difference to the image?

Should we all be upgrading to 5K and clamouring for 4K on our APS-C DSLRs?

Or will a modestly upgraded full frame 5D Mark III 1080p video mode be more significant for the image?

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Canon announce 4K cine PL mount lenses

An interesting precursor to a Canon Super35mm 4K cinema camera? Well, they have just announced the lenses for one.

Canon have produced two new very high end PL mount cinema zooms for use with PL mount digital cinema cameras like the RED Epic, Arri Alexa and Sony F35. These are Über High End expensive professional movie making zooms.

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Canon T2i 4K Hack – Is it real? UPDATE (No)


Though not yet 11pm EST on New Year’s Day, it appears the hack is a hoax. Nothing stacks up right now, according to Philip Bloom. This stuff about Canon offering the team $650,000 is nonsense. It’s bad that someone can abuse the trust of the community and string us along with some kind of fraud (the end-game of which we can only speculate as) but we shouldn’t loose too much sleep over it. Treat this one as a curious case of ‘too good to be true and we suspected as much from the start’, and let’s not read anything more into it than necessary and move on. That said, it will be interesting to get to the bottom of exactly what happened and find who is responsible so we can add them to some kind of global DSLR community ‘ignore list’.

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