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BOLEX 8/16/1.5 vs SLR MAGIC 1.33 anamorphot


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Hi everybody,  I am new to this great community, I have read the anamorphic guide , read about the different kinds of anamorphics lenses and adapters, I already have an EIKI 16C 2X to play with...it is ok but 2x seems to be too much for my liking, I know I can crop but I don't want to do that...


I have a GH3 with speedbooster, sigma 18-35 f1.8 (Nikon mount) some nikkor manual lenses 50mm 135mm, helios 44-2 58mm, 35mm pentax manual lenses, and some native m43 lenses.


I do not do any professional work, ....I know  iscoramas and lomo square front are the best but out of my league, too expensive, all my search ended in two adapters:


1) the brand new slr magic anamorphot 1.33x + diopters $1,100.00

pros: brand new, sharp, flares ok, focus trough it?

cons: too clinic for some people, resale value?


2) used bolex anamorphot 8/16/1.5x....$700~$1000

pros: great organic look (film look), resale value, close focus without diopters.

cons: used, dual focus,


I have never played with any of this two, that's why I am here asking for help to all of you who have/had this adapters..


what would you suggest?


thank you in advance for your time and knowledge

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hi i have  owned  both these lenses in last 12 months. plus  the letus.

The slr works great very easy to use but doenst really add  so much  of  the anamorphic  look. BUT  it  works  great.

it is i think important  for  changing aspect ratio as opposed to pillar boxing which loses quite  a bit  of  pixels information.


The bolex  i  still have  is  absolutely extraordinary, something complettely  different and  minature ( i also have  an iscorama) the  trick is  to  get  one  with a  collar  so  you  dont  need a clamp,  you  then have  a minature  movie  making machine, with GH3/4 speedbooster i paired  it  with  the voitgmander  ultron 40mm to great effect.

I personally  think  the 1.3X anamorphic lenses  aren t  worth  all  the effort (and theres  a lot with dual focus anamorphic) even  though 1.5x is  technically  to much  of   a stretch.  

all just  my personal  opinion.

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From what I've seen of the SLR magic, it lacks the character I'm looking for. It's a little too sterile in its image rendering and it's 1.33x field of view doesn't offer that expanded scope that really comes across with a 1.5x or above. That is all based on videos I've seen though. I have not had a hands on with it. In the right hands, maybe it could really come through.

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