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  1. I shot the following test footage of an artist friend building a custom wooden picture frame. Filmed on the Sony A7s, bolex moller anamorphot 1.5x with Helios 44-2 58mm f2 taking lens. This was a good exercise in practicing how to find focus quickly and accurately. I certainly didn't nail every shot, but I'm pleased with the results so far. Any suggestions or constructive criticism are welcomed.
  2. LOVED THIS! Watched every frame. Did you have anything in front of the camera/lenses to prevent gook and food matter from getting all over haha?
  3. dhessel thanks for sharing your method! I'm going to give that a try! Very useful insights.
  4. You know what...I might have to eat my words a little bit...Here's a hands on test that a talented member of this forum posted (Sebastien Farges). This looks pretty nice from the SLR Magic:
  5. From what I've seen of the SLR magic, it lacks the character I'm looking for. It's a little too sterile in its image rendering and it's 1.33x field of view doesn't offer that expanded scope that really comes across with a 1.5x or above. That is all based on videos I've seen though. I have not had a hands on with it. In the right hands, maybe it could really come through.
  6. Really nice! I'm new to the anamorphic world and at first the field of view from a 2x lens seemed a little extreme to me. But with an application like this...it's growing on me :-)
  7. So far I've had a few focus issues when adapting M42 lenses to an EOS mount. Are M42 lenses easy to adapt the the Sony NEX mount? The Sony mount is one thing that is making me a little apprehensive about the A7s. Everything else looks incredible. I know the metabones is a great adapter out there compatible with the A7s. So in order to get an old Pentax M42 lens on the Sony, would you have to go A7s > Metabones > M42 Adapter > M42 Lens. So many adapters...
  8. I'm assuming this is 2x? Uncertain if there is a 1.5x Kowa.
  9. I'm quite new to the anamorphic world (not an owner yet). Is it accurate to say that the 1.5x Anamorphot and 1.5 Iscomorphot are manufactured by the same company? Isco Gottingen? I'm a little confused here. Have seen great footage from each lens. But I understand that the Baby Isco (Iscomorphot) allows for rack focusing.
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