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Sony A7S - 4K sample video

Andrew Reid

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Isn't 8 bit 4:2:2 to external recorder a bit disappointing?

Not so much. There's a little trade off between 10 and 8 bit with 422, but nothing huge to right home about. Still, for the most demanding customers, i.e. cinematographers, it may be.
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External only 4k is disappointing.
The 28-135 f/4 in development is very interesting, we have nothing similar for the gh4, too bad we don't know when all that sensitivity with that lens will be in the stores!


The Panny 14-140 sounds similar (more or less).

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So Sony have 2 constant F4 power zooms, I wish Panasonic had something similar in the pipeline.  Currently their true constant zoom is 35-100mm, 12-35mm flicker when changing zoom. Their current PZ offering is really for consumers.

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If you want more DR this should tickle your jewels:




As a documentarian that's actually done that sort of shot on numerous occasions, seeing a camera make it work so well is quite encouraging.


I'm partial to keeping things small when on the road, so the self-contained ability of the GH4 appeals to me.  It's ultimately about the image though...  Looks like a really good/busy year for serious imaging development.

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Looks amazing if it lives up to the hype and comes in at that price. Low ISO looks on par with CX00, but should be even better in theory.... FF compatible with EF-mount lenses... wow.


SLOG 2 is a big deal if it is on par with the F5. Sony F3 began with very poor footage, low DR, SLOG pushed it up to 12+ stops... F5 reaches an easy 13+ stops of DR in SLOG 2. Given that the Epic manages 12 and just barely... that's a big deal if this can deliver. (Most Canon dSLRs in cinestyle come in around 9-10 stops with poor tonality, imo.) SLOG 2 underexposes then pushes... means muddy shadows and lower end mids (it's not Log C by any means) but if it is on par with what the F5 does then that that separates this from every other dSLR-type camera other than the 1DC and puts it in production camera territory, which the codec seems built for, too. Promise of gobs of highlight detail missing from everything else and a codec/gamma curve that's built to intercut with whatever.


I'm sure the images in stills and video far outstrip my C100 and 5d Mark III but Canon's shoddy products always lure me in over Sony/Black Magic/Red/Panasonic/everyone else's glorious tech demos. This looks amazing for the price, though, and highly useable. 

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