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  1. ?? The Panny 14-140 sounds similar (more or less).
  2. Moire-free? Don´t think so. Rolling shutter? No shots on demo video. 8Bit? Sounds familiar ... BUT: It is so much better than Canons way! And we all are a little bit to petted with all the news from BM and Panasonic in the last year.
  3. My ideal camera is like this:   Body of th FS-100 (I love it too!) active MFT-Mount and chipsize 2,5k-Raw 10 bit 4k- 25p -10-bit-Prores 1080p/120, 720p/240 ND-Filter 3 stops XLR HDMI-out changeable battery global shutter SSD-disks OLED-Viewfinder 2k 1080p/120, 720p/240 16MP stills 13 stops dynamic range foldout-monitor editable timecode sync timecode with other cameras Peakmeter Audio Peaking Zebra waterproof rocksteady body max 1kg (plus lenses) remote control on tripod AND via computer, tablet and smartphone second recording 720p on sd-card „good shot“-markerknob decent iris-control   3000 US$   Please fulfil my dreams, Panasonic.   The Specs won´t be a problem today, I think.
  4. I made a first light grade of the image. The dng is simply just like a raw-photo (like the blackmagic). Absolute fantastic!   http://imageshack.us/f/69/iso800grade.jpg/
  5. Could you inform us about the lens you´ve used?
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