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  1. "passive aggressive cooling system" wins 😂
  2. Sony monopoly danger? Maybe Do this market just needs to slow down? Do we need to look at what we have from 2012 and realize it's good enough? Do we have to sit back and watch the rise of smartphone cameras? For now, I'm going to stick with my m43 gear. It's more than good enough, cheaper, lighter and gives me a really different aesthetic.
  3. I was a fan of this camera based on rumors. Then comes out Af is not that great, EVS is not that great, and electronic ND is not really a ND. Well, handled hires is still a thing but not for that price. Sorry Oly, I really wanted to love you.
  4. I don’t predict the future but sincerely hope mft will continue with innovative products like this one. it’s the best system since the advent of digital and iq difference with ff is more in our brain than in the pictures.
  5. Oh my god YES! Finally! Doin simply what the customers want rarely brings real benefits for them, because customers don't know what they want until they see it. Your job as a manufacturer is to have a vision for the future and to make people desire it. Or you can just take all the specs they ask for, and put them on a tiny pricey box. This is the real difference between Sony and Panasonic.
  6. Interesting analysis as usual Andrew. This move by Panasonic can be interpreted as brave or desperate. It may be the case Panasonic is scared by the increased competition in the mirrorless arena and wants to rush out something fullframe before it's too late. If the technology inside the FF Pana will be a simple updated version of the LeicaSL it will be a failure. Phase detection AF, IBIS, articulated screen, internal 10 bit 4k full sensor readout, unlimited recording time, less than 3k € price. If Panasonic manage to put those things together thy can win hands down. Unfortunately i don't know if it's possible with the 2018/2019 technology. Personally I invested in the m43 system and I'm hoping for a dual native ISO 20mpixel stabilized m43 sensor.
  7. Well if the purpose of this cam is to compete with the GH5 i'm afraid they must try again: -photo quality in good light: about the same, given 20vs24 mp is not that much of a difference. maybe a little advantace in bit depht, but that affect only a small percentage of photos. -video quality: gh5 wins in every departmen except maybe extreme low light -grip: gh5 wins -controls: gh5 wins -connectivity: gh5 wins -recording time, overheating, continuous rec: gh5 is king -lenses: gh5 wins with leica and olympus pro, subjiective i know but that's my preference. -extreme low light and autofocus may be the only two areas where fuji could have an advantage. That doesen't seem like a great attemps to compete. IMO they shuld've done something more both in video and in photo department: more mpixel, better body, internal ND filter maybe or something else useful other manufacturer don't have.
  8. Same magenta cast developing in lightroom here
  9. Very well said Andrew! Maybe I'm biased but to me looks like 1)the fs7 has less artifacts in middle-dark areas but more in the bright areas (look at the thumb) 2)they missed focus on the fs7 or the gh5 has far more details
  10. Nope, i can just play smoothly. If i color correct i have to render. Maybe you can in the new mbp... someone here?
  11. Thank you for the clips! Best gh5 footage out there! Man, those skin tones are a joy to me! fcpx + Panasonic Vlog Log processing + contrast and saturation Footages plays smoothly on mid2014 mbp
  12. Agreed on all but the gh5 wish list looks unrealistic. I suspect we will see a little image quality and autofocus improvement due to the new processor and the same gx80 stabilized sensor. Give me just that and I'll buy it.
  13. Thank you Andrew for one of the best articles I've seen so far about the a7rii! I think you are underestimating the heat issues that makes this camera useless as "the one camera to do the job". Your voice can push Sony to be more honest about telling what their products can actually do and not do. Canon is slow but at least is sincere about the hardware limitations involved in 4k internal recording.
  14. jon I'm talking about video mode: a Gm1 can crash, a G6 can crash and a 5D can crash because they are not "hybrid"; they have video but as a bonus. hybrid means "equally capable of both stills and video".
  15. Yep one thing is choosing the tool for the job another thing is feeling unsafe because something can crash. That makes the whole "hybrid" definition for this camera a nonsense for me.
  16. It's really annoying for events and reportage. You have to trust your camera will not crash.
  17. the gh series should not suffer from overheating. maybe a buffering issue?
  18. Looks like it happens also with the Sandisk uhs-II cards. Not in playback but in rec mode 4k/UHD Never happened with my GM1
  19. Hey gh4 owners, does it happens to you? It happened to me too, fortunately not often, about once a day. PanasonicUSA is not responding about the issue.
  20. I dont't see any highlight rolloff difference, the 5D is just a little bit darker to my eyes. @Giulio, thank you for the test! the Pana was in 1080p or 4k? I ask because in various test I noticed better lowlight performance in 4k 100% than in 1080 100%. Could you compare 1080p 100mbps vs 1080 200mbps vs 4k?
  21. http://the-random-photographer.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/filters-on-panasonic-7-14mm-problem.html
  22. The tilt thing could be annoying in a shoulder rig
  23. Grat definition but you need a ND to avoid that too contrasty look in the highlights. Yes the stabilization is not enough but... where you shooting with some some shoulder rig or hands only? If hands only is not bad at all!! also i noticed the wide shots are a bit soft compared to the tele. wondering if this lens is sharp enough for 4k...
  24. Wow! I see a not bad at all iso performance here! Thanks for sharing this, i'm every day more sold on this camera! I'm not a colorist but for being a 8bit footage it seems to grade fairly well too. The lens is simply spectacular, and your cat is nice too! :D PS: "around 4000 iso " means 3200? 4000? 6400?
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