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  1. What NLE are you using with the footage? I can't get it to play very nicely with Premiere after adding the panasonic VLOG_to_V709 LUT, good thing there's a "global fx mute"-button nowadays. :D
  2. Good read, thanks! Looking forward to the firmware..! Very interested in this new "real 24p look"
  3. Please share your experiments, this thing with noise profiles seems very interesting! I've got neat video but never used this feature. Cool!
  4. I think my way of doing it is easier, however you will end up with basically the same result.
  5. Look into the lens when it is mounted on the speedbooster and GH5, open and close the Aperture. If you see that it is not stopped down a bit when you have it at the lowest value, then you get the extra light boost but the metabones fails to covert 1,4 to whatever it may be on a speed booster XL. My Canon lenses register "correctly" with the converted F-stop, my sigma does not. The lens acts as a 22 mm on the speedbooster so FF equivalent is 44
  6. http://www.canonrumors.com/canon-usa-announces-canon-log-feature-upgrade-for-the-eos-5d-mark-iv/ They apologized for giving false hopes, the update was for C-LOG only.
  7. I also tried pointing the camera against a white surface, custom white balancing, then tried CineD. Same results as the in the video I posted with VLOG-L - when going 8 bit, the luminance levels in the green and blue channel went up more than green. Super weird, maybe someone has a clue why this happens?
  8. Update: When looking at a waveform on a SmallHD 702 monitor, the color cast can also clearly be seen over HDMI. The red and blue channel gets a boost over green when switching to 8 bit, right?
  9. Fellow GH5 users, something that I have seen from day 1 using the GH5 is that when developing raw pictures internally, they almost always had a magenta cast, so I always had to dial the hue-wheel against green, before converting to jpg and sending them to my phone over Wi-Fi. Today I too discovered the clear difference in color cast when using VLOG-L in 10 bit vs 8 bit. A lot of magenta / green going on in the shadows when shooting 8 bit. Maybe even more pronounced when filming 1080p. I'll post some screen shots in the bottom of the post. I wonder, could there be a connection since bo
  10. VLOG-L for 4K 10 bit 25fps, CineD for 50fps 4K. The VLOG-L problems in 8 bit + high compression 150mbit 50p is real, more blocking and strange green / magenta artifacts unfortunately. I hope they do something with the 4K high fps setting next firmware, but maybe it's already confirmed that the only upgrade will be "normal speed" ALL-I 400mbit? EDIT: Found the same while filming 1080p, 10 bit VLOG-L is fine, 8 bit, a lot of magenta blocking. Weird!
  11. Follow up on my post. I just bought my first EF-S to use with the GH5 + Speed Booster XL combo. Canon EF-S 10-18, usable from 12-18, so roughly 16 mm full frame equivalent @ its widest range. I didn't fint any good alternatives in that price range (roughly 230 euro), but I didn't look that hard.. I use the same at work with C100 and it works like a charm + is small and light + stabilizer. There's some more info in the description on vimeo.
  12. What do you mean by "giving the IBIS a little headroom to operate"? Have people actually gotten entire stripes of black with APS-C and the XL, or is this what you think would happen? This was new to me.
  13. I have the XL and have never regretted it. However, I only have full frame glass to start with. If and when I want to get a bigger "crop", I just use the "Ex. Tele Conv."-function. I am going to try an EF-S lens this week which I plan to use with the "Ex. Tele Conv."-function so I get roughly a 1.8x crop. That should be fine since EF-S are meant to be used with 1.6x crop sensors if I'm not mistaken.
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