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  1. Spent a month traveling in Peru & Chile capturing aerial footage of the Atacama desert and its surroundings. Created by Cosmo Calisse & Tom Ryaboi Music: Tom Day - Enter Pyongyang Shot on a DJI Phantom 3 Drone
  2. I'm praying for a GH4 with just better color rendition and better high ISO performance. Please let it be a mirrorless so we can still shoot stills! Nobody wants a camera that can't do both photography and video
  3. Forget about 4k, they could at least offer a nice sharp 1080p codec this time, which would only involve working the software! Aside from that, I smell a $4000+ price tag on this 5Ds
  4. Sell your C100 and you can buy 2 GH4s and an A7S :D
  5. Looks like the GH4 still owns it in every category including bitrates, slowmo, flip touchscreen, 4k, 12fps photo rate, zebras/peaking etc.
  6. I think it'll come as a surprise to most people that this wasn't already out 2 years ago.
  7. Is there no secret trick to update the Mark III adapter's firmware from home instead of sending it across the planet? A bit of a nightmare.
  8. Can anyone explain to me why S-LOG2 affects RAW photos at iso 3200? I get files that are slightly noisier, but with way more dynamic range, especially in the highlights.
  9. Shot half of this ad on 5D mark 3 RAW (Magic Lantern Firmware), and half on Panasonic GH4. Can you tell the footage from the two cameras apart? Hint: 4 shots are GH4 and 3 are 5D mark3 RAW
  10. I thought the fight scenes were legendarily weak, and unnecessarily confusing.
  11. Wouldn't the 16-35 give you heavy vignetting? Or does the focal reducer simulate APS-C rather than full-frame?
  12. Not sure if anyone is using this process at all, but now Photoshop allows you to use the amazing Camera Raw to color correct footage!! Awesome features include: white balance tuning extreme shadow & highlight recovery hue, saturation & lightness control for any color Powerful sharpening & noise reduction color aberration removal & lens fringing removal lens distortion correction
  13. Hopefully they will actually release an EF to MFT version, unlike Metabones.
  14. I did notice the first frames were blocky so I picked a middle one on purpouse. I did not expect IPB to have THIS much more color information on still shots! So ALL-I should be better with motion because it saves individual (albeit more compressed) frames instead of interpolating?
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