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  1. VAF-TXi Mosaic Engineering moire aliasing filter for Canon T2i 550D, T3i 600D, T4i 650D 250 usd free shipping, paypal payment send private message
  2. Cook Picture Styles for Canon DSLR Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g83l5b4d15id33n/AADQf66vIYsgTByyTkLRXW5wa?dl=0 Cook Picture Styles was the result of more than one year of developing. to get the best possible dynamic range from Canon DSLR and also the best real world colors. without flat look, without the need of post production grading, without hurt the textures in the image, without gradient banding. Cook Picture Styes are free for use and distribution. Read instructions below to get the best from it. _DPP = to be used in digital photo professional software _CAM = to
  3. Fantasy ideas for a perfect video/digital cine camera with HDR, see image. Post your ideas for the perfect camera, let's improve the fantasy project...
  4. Thanks @Aaron @Andrew I will take a look into these solutions!
  5. In the video below, there is an interesting use of S-Log2. It allows to show the background without clipping, but after grading, it introduces clipping in the background, not too much, but it clips. I was wondering if thee is a way to recover the contrast and gamma of the image, mainly in the shadows, without clip the highlights in background... Maybe a custom curve or a custom 3D LUT... See:
  6. maybe this 4 lines readout will introduce stair steps... so premiere will need to consider this in the rolling shutter repair...
  7. LOL !!! thanks Axel, this version is just hilarious, made my day. "Please Sony make it right... develop a new camcorder... put two sensors in a prism design... and DR will be much better... one for dark another for light... and we will be happy forever... but manufacturers will die... because nobody will change cameras never..."
  8. about the "now i can see" video: unfortunately the dynamic range is very poor, and "now i cannot see", or better saying: now I can see the other side of the moon, but the first side is gone before a7s I had the good highlights and dark shadows now with the a7s I have the shadows but the lights are gone, blown out forever at 1:01 the carroussel is ok, but the faces are dark, more DR please. we need a camera which can merge the 1:15 image with the 1:20 image into an extended dynamic range image to show the lights without clipping and the sea together. at 1:58 I would like to see the
  9. There is something I have seen for a long time, since the Technicolor Cinestyle Canon DSLR footage on Vimeo, and now this same thing shows up in Sony S-Log2 footage. When people do the grading in computer, most of times the highlights are not preserved, also the shadows goes too much deep... It seems to be very difficult to grade the flat image, to recover the correct gamma and contrast, and keep the shadows and highlights without crush/clip. If you take a look at these links and compare before/after grading you will perceive that the highlights could be more preserved in the graded im
  10. I think it would be possible for Sony to implement a way to do the S-Log2 grading inside the camera before the 8 bit compression. Sony could enable different grading levels to shadows/midtones/highlights for the user to chose and turn the S-Log2 image into a graded image inside the camera, this way there would be no need of post production grading, much faster workflow and would avoid gradient banding. I think this is simple to do, just enable a menu function with some grading algorithms or lut curves. Also it would be interesting to allow the user to load custom grading presets to the camera.
  11. There is an interesting difference between the "total" dynamic range and the "usable" dynamic range. If the picture style is rated to give more than 11 fstops, maybe this is subtle differences that does not make significant perceiving in the real world, maybe due to this the T3i just shows 9 fstops difference when pointed from the black to the white image in the computer monitor even using a flat picture style. It would be interesting to see what would be the "usable" DR in the A7S. Good thing to do would be to compare the same contrasty scene with different cameras. Interesting articl
  12. yes, the camera is amazing. at iso 25600, 32000, 40000 or 51200 it will be possible to use f5.6 at night in streets or in day dark interior. this will make all lenses useful in all situations. lenses like the sigma 12-24mm f4.5-5.6, tokina 17mm f3.5, sigma 8-16mm 4.5-5.6 (with aps-c cop) sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 (also with aps-c crop), cheap old vintage full frame zoom lenses and many other slow lenses will be useful with this camera. about DR, I do not expect more than 11 fstops. it is the same technology present in a6000 sensor, just the size and megapixels change, so with dro5 and highlight
  13. This video shows that in iso 51200 the image starts to tremble near the lamps. So probably after denoise the edges of objects will keep trembling. so maybe my supposition was correct, the maximum safe iso will be aound 25600 / 32000. Also the difference from slog2 to other was a small lift in shadows so maybe dro5 will be better to get almost same dr without flatten the image.
  14. I pointed the T3i to the computer monitor and filled the computer monitor with a 255-255-255 white image. from the dark monitor to the white image in the monitor I have 9 fstops. So maybe you are correct, it is 9 fstops. 9 from the picture style + 5 from the magic lantern hdr video, it is 14 fstops total, pretty good for the cheap T3i. When I was developing a picture style to get the most possible DR I lifted the shadows to the point before the sensor started to show vertical paterns and I bring down the highlights to a point before I hurt the textures. Without flatten the image. If yo
  15. I talked about 16 fstops DR because this is what I can get with the old Canon T3i 600D using a good pictue style to lift the shadows and bring highlights down to allow 11 fstops dr combined with the hdr video 80/2500 iso to add more 5 fstops. This way I can shoot in light situations where even Alexa would fail... No way to compare the image quality from Alexa to T3i, but it works for indie production.
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