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  1. you are confusing canon with sony, sony releases 500$ cameras with 60p30p24p, zebras and a ton of other video features while your cheap canon rebel and even the 70D are limited to 30p/24p and lacking in video features.
  2. Lol.. why buy an MD when you have a full range of cheap old minolta lenses with autofocus that work perfectly on the A mount.
  3. What you mean it records 1280X720 at 120 fps with or without recorder.
  4. Price confirmed $1699.99 body. Really competitive price for a full frame.
  5. looks like an interesting camera, iso up to 460.000 :O, FF no line skipping, no binding probably a dynamic range beast too, would be happier if you could record 4k internally.
  6. Looking good, wish it had 4k without the external recorder, but rigged this will be a beast in dynamic range and low light with 409.060 iso
  7. another pro that the @admin seems to have missed is the option to choose the autofocus transition speed, you can make the af transitions slow like the canon 70d, or really fast and snappy for sports. It´s a really good feature to have in video.
  8. The reason why they use AVCHD and not AVC H.264 is because they have to pay royalties to use that format. It´s also worth mentioning that the the A6000 has selective focus speed for smooth video transitions and have steadyshot option for non stabilized lens.
  9. In the article you mention that the Sony’s A5000 is a replacement for the Sony NEX 5N, thats incorrect, it does replace the NEX3.
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