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  1. In video yes, the 5d3 has better low light capabilities, but not in photos. The d800 does line skipping on video, so, by not using all the pixels on the sensor, doesn't have the same performance in low light as in stills. but bear in mind that like giostrante said, canon and nikon have different iso values. and the reason they used noise reduction software in post to compare the two it was because canon does noise reduction on files even before they got to the card. after 3200 and 6400 canon video files start to become really soft, unlike nikon that retains all information, so by doing noise reduction in post on nikon files you can have a more fare comparison. For me, the d800 will always have the best pictures, and comparing the video from the internal codec's. Nikon has more sharpness and dynamic range, canon has better low light, yes, but all cameras need light, so if you give them light or fast lenses the difference in iso start to be less important. raw video it's a different story. btw, nikon has fixed the "green tint" lcd by firmware update, and if you complain about the hassle of ultra-large files, I don't even now why are you talking about raw video on the 5dmark3.
  2. just because you can get 14bit footage of a camera, that doesn't necessarly means anything, the 5d3 has 11.7stops of dynamic range (5d2 even less) so even with magic lantern raw, that's what you are getting, 11.7... the d800 has 14.4 stops, so even in 8bit and with the internal codec, you are getting around 11 or 12 stops of dynamic range. So I and don't understand the meaning of this "especially the nikon d800". And I'm expecting even better results from the 8bit camera from the sony A7s with the full sensor read out and the better, or at least more modern codec. Raw its not everything, I've never felt the need for raw while shooting with an alexa. If the sensor its not getting more then 12stops of dynamic range you will not get more being raw or not. (ok, there is hdr and dual iso, but thats not the point). take a look at this, its with a d800, with the internal codec. tell me, is this just "a decent image"?
  3. The Iso is actually better on the d800, in raw nikon gives you the image without noise reduction, with finer grain, and with the same amount of grain or less than the 5d3, the difference is that on the 5d3, canon apply noise reduction even on the raw images, so the images start to lose detail, while the d800 retain the full sharpness and with more megapixels you have even more detail, so you can still apply noise reduction on post and get considerably better results on the d800. Yes the 5d3 does 6fps and the d800 4fps, but if you really need more fps on the d800 you can select a 1.2x crop and get 5fps, or a 1.5x crop paired with a battery grip and you get 6fps. Yeah the d800 has less Af points (51vs61), but the nikon d4 has the same 51points Af sensor and it is a sports camera. So no, the d800 is not just for landscapes and stationary objects.
  4. The sensor on the d3200 is made by nikon, while de one on the d5200 is made by toshiba.   I thinks that there is some moire visible on the third video, under the bridge on the water, and on the bridge itself on the grids of the road. anyone with the same opinion?
  5. [quote name='PTRush' timestamp='1343355923' post='14585'] Pretty exciting to finally get to see a little more footage out of the Blackmagic camera. It's so close to release you'd think we could get some raw files to pay around with. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but did anyone notice all the moiré in the mesh of the chair by the window? I don't think thats from Vimeo... This camera does seem to produce very beautiful detail, and organic feeling video. [/quote] yeah I notice that too, its strange. i didn't expect the Blackmagic Camera to suffer from moire.. but all around looked really nice. great dynamic range indeed..
  6. But what about the d800? in the DxO tests they say the sensor has 14,4 stops of Dynamic Range, what about video? the sensor scaling takes how much of the DR?
  7. Andrew did you tested the rolling shutter on the d800? because from what I'm seeing on the samples oh the markIII, I think the rolling shutter is better on the d800. from what I have seen on the Joy Ride, and from a little test I did with the camera on a presentation a week ago I think it really is better on the d800, there are almost no evidence of roling..
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