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Unknown "lookalike 16D" lens


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I have this anamorphic lens but I can't really know what it is exactly. Who can tell?

It's exactly similar to a Kowa/Sankor/Singer 16D (and the "72mm Front Filter Ring" works on it), but it's only written on "Japan 2X anamorphic lens for BELL & HOWELL". Is it better or cheaper than the others Kowa/Sankor/Singer?

My other question is: would it need an achromat or is it good enough to work "nude"? (I would like to try an "okina achromatic close up +0.4" with this anamo and have maybe a sharper image.) Would it work inevitably better with an Okina, or not?


Thanks a lot!





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It's a "Tokina" achromat. It does sharpen the image but more so is to help you get closer minimum focus. 


"Tokina" yes, sorry for the bad "copy and paste". Thanks Lucian!
A guy told me that this lens is a Sankor 16D even if it's not written on. He told me too that it's good enough to work without the Tokina and use a single element achromat (I'm talking about sharpness not about closer focus).

So what do you think about it? Do agree? Is it exactly a Sankor 16D? Would a Tokina overkill it?



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