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Music video shot on BMCC/Speedbooser/Isco54

Mihnea Popescu

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Absolutely gorgeous.  Great concept too.  


I'm curious, in the comments section you discuss various diopters being used, were they just for the close-ups?  Your lead actor has such an interesting face.  All that detail was rather stunning.


The edges had a nice subtle falloff in the wides.  It looks like you might have center-cropped to something more like 2.40:1 would that be correct?

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Hey Sean, thanks a lot.


The closeups were used just for the... close-ups. This isco is incredibly sharp, we shot most of the film at f/2.8 - f/4, but even at f/1.4 the adapter is very precise.


We didn't crop anything (apart from the digital zoom-ins and 2 shots done with the 35mm + diopters, because of the vignette), basicly we just squeezed the image to a 2.40 ratio in Premiere for the final export.

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Whatever they paid you to make this, it probably wasn't enough.  :D


Fucking masterpiece. Looks like it was shot on film. Great story, great lighting, great shot composition. 


If forced to nitpick, i would say that the opening shots in the graveyard were not as strong as everything that followed.  

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