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The URSA Mini Pro 12K

Neumann Films

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Of course and if this is your bread and butter work there are cameras cheaper and better suited, I'm sure I can reel off loads of other scenarios where 4k or even hd is more important. But that's missing the point...

That's not who this camera is aimed at is all I'm saying. If you want to shoot 12k or even 8k raw without it overheating there aren't many alternatives, and for overall image quality from what I see, this camera is hard to beat for the price

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6 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

@zerocool22 Thank you for the entertaining video. Just, the content of this video is, well, let´s say there is some. Presentation is pro and pleasing of course. First the Canons look better, then from 9.30 on 12K looks much better color wise. All three cameras look good.

I am waiting for Luke Neumanns material. If it turns out half as impressive as his GH5s video than we know he has a cabinet full of Zeiss anamorphics. 🙂 Luke, you better deliver some Zeiss opulence.  @Neumann Films

S1H has a 6K mode, even open gate. It is much cheaper than these other cameras and betters the R5 by a margin when it comes to exposure latitude.

We are shooting a car commercial and then a tutorial that’s like “How to Land a Major Car Commercial” or something.

Will be using Cooke SF Anamorphics and shooting out in the elements. It’s a fantasy car commercial plot, so lots of cinematic lighting. Unfortunately we have to wait for it to snow so it might be a month before we film.

Outside of that I’ve been using it on a project that I can’t share yet, which is a bummer as I wanted to post something fairly soon after getting it.

And no, I don’t own Zeiss anamorphics, lol. That was a direct order from Panasonic as they weren’t happy with the IQ of the Anamorphot that was used for a previous video.

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7 hours ago, majoraxis said:

Delivering 4K in camera maybe a delivery requirement for some productions, so getting it right in is essential.  Plus, there may be times when shooting an interview or an all day conference etc where you would want the highest quality at the lowest bit rate.

Why would you use an expensive 12K camera to shoot a conference?

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12 hours ago, Neumann Films said:

To rationalize charging more 🙂

In most settings outside of studios and other insider gigs, the more complicated the rig *looks* the better. It’s an external way to project a sense of mastery to your client, and if you deliver as promised, then the equipment helps make the price easier to justify **in the mind of the person paying the bill.** That’s good business. 

And if the work looks too easy and uncomplicated on the surface, then no amount of verbal explanation to the uninitiated will get them over that hurdle. Complicated looking equipment also tends to cut down on stupid questions from those who don’t know better. There’s lots of weekend photographers out there who know what an SLR looks like and does, and seeing one on the sticks will tend to invite curiosity. Turn up with a camera that looks like it came out of a studio (even if the capabilities are essentially the same), and you will tend to invoke awe, rather than familiarity, which will tend to keep your smaller budget clients out of your hair on set.

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To the uninitiated, the P4K rigged up can look like it means business.  On my shoots, what impresses more as a Professional job are the extra gear like lights and boom mics.  Not to mention your approach to a job.  Turn up thinking and acting like a Professional will carry more weight than your camera. 

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17 hours ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

Why would you use an expensive 12K camera to shoot a conference?

First off, this is a great question, which I had not thought about from a cost benefit ratio.  

If the question was: would you purchase this camera to shoot a conference - I agree, it would not be my first choice.

Regarding the technical benefits of using this camera for shooting a conference,  The entire URSA mini pro line, due to b4 lens compatibility options, makes it a good choice for shooting a conference.  If I were purchasing a Blackmagic camera  on that basis alone, I would probably buy the URSA mini broadcast.

if I owned a 12k and it was not being used on another higher paying job, I would adapt a b4 lens to it and shoot the conference.

Seems like this would also be cool for shooting concerts or festivals, if shooing all day was a requirement, shooting at lower data rates may be just the ticket. (Pun intended.)


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3 hours ago, odie said:

Whatever works in your region.  For me its this camera and the day rate soars!(in LA)



Very nice dude. I had a 4 perf 435 for a while but I just couldn’t rationalize it.

That is the ultimate client pleaser though, like, it doesn’t make any sense to use it for a lot of projects but if you can you should! Love it.

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