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  1. In most settings outside of studios and other insider gigs, the more complicated the rig *looks* the better. It’s an external way to project a sense of mastery to your client, and if you deliver as promised, then the equipment helps make the price easier to justify **in the mind of the person paying the bill.** That’s good business. And if the work looks too easy and uncomplicated on the surface, then no amount of verbal explanation to the uninitiated will get them over that hurdle. Complicated looking equipment also tends to cut down on stupid questions from those who don’t know better. There’s lots of weekend photographers out there who know what an SLR looks like and does, and seeing one on the sticks will tend to invite curiosity. Turn up with a camera that looks like it came out of a studio (even if the capabilities are essentially the same), and you will tend to invoke awe, rather than familiarity, which will tend to keep your smaller budget clients out of your hair on set.
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