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Sony PMW-F3 with 2500 hours on it. Should I buy it?

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9 hours ago, kye said:

Also, F3 got a mention in one of the 2020 Best Tech videos...

Fun stuff!

This is what struck my attention.
I've always liked the F35/F65 organic look but was unaware that the F3 shared so many similarities with these cameras.

The camcorder feel of it is both a bit awckward (it reminds me of my first Video8 cameras) and fun.


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Stills from some past F3 projects, all with Leica R's and the 5" Video Assist. Such a remarkable camera: lovely to use, easy to grade, solid in low light, lots of dynamic range...for the money I paid,

A few more for the road. Damn does the F3 grade well.

Beach food shoot. Both with Nikon 24-70

Posted Images

Looking great! @Pascal Deshayes Is it the internal codec? From a test I must say its internal codec gives a C300MKI a good run for its money with better dynamic range and latitude in SLOG. Second shot from top is pure cinema! Show us some magic in motion, please! What lenses did you use? Need to get a FZ to FD adapter! This week my Blackmagic Video assist arrives from the bay, 5inch powerhouse giving me 10bit 422 60p with my F3! It even comes with smallrig cage and mini sdi to sdi cables. Cannot wait to test all the F3 awesomeness! This is by far my favorite thread at the moment. Whenever someones is posting here my heart beats from exitement.:) cheers

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Thanks mate!

Congrats on your Video Assist, I'm looking forward to see images 🙂

I don't have that much to show as these were my very first tests and I basically toyed around with focus and stuff but I managed to salvage a few stills that show the texture of the combo.

Canon FDs S(S)C 135 and 28mm. Slog internal codec. About 6 sec. per shot in Resolve. Really, this footage grades so easily it's cheating!

I like that smooth and dry feel.







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Hey guys, are any of you interested in buying a Pix e5 recorder? It comes with the box and all the accessories including the sun hood and the D-tap cable. Also, It comes with a 960gb Drive and like 4 old NPF batteries. 800$ 

I still plan to keep my Sony F3. But I have some unexpected expenses. 

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