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  1. So no point in buying a new 0h F3 because u can’t have the upgrade and without it its just meh.
  2. Thank you guys for your replies! I’m still a bit confused about the firmware update. About where, how and what it includes. Can u still buy the better upgrade (sxs card?) somewhere? I have a canon 5d3 so that is why I’m asking about the compability with the F3 you didnt reply to the approx estimation (how much) would be a good price for the new F3K set? it comes with the PL mount adapter, so why not invest in decent PL glass. I am balls deep in Canon FD and semi deep in EF, so those adapters are also on the list of things to get. Do the sony pl gen 1 lenses have campatibility problems with other pl mountes cameras? It was in some video someone said something like that? The contact points are in ”unique” positions? Though manual lenses so I dont know why this would be a major problem? I was looking at the atomos shogun, but maybe just start playing around with the sxs cards before investing in the external recorder? Does anyone have experience of the zeiss cp.2 series?
  3. Hello. I’ve been thinking about buying a F3 for maybe a month now seriously. This thread has been very informative and is pushing me towards the F3 (more than my wallet would like). A couple of questions popped to my mind: - Does anyone have experience combining the F3 with a Canon 5d3? Is there any consumer/something camera that is a ”perfect fit” with the F3? - Do you have the Cinealta lens set (35,50,85 T2) that came with the F3K. Any thoughts on these lenses? Is there any other lenses (cine or other) that gives same type of image? I’d maybe want something for the wide end (zeiss cp.2 18mm might be an option) or a zoom all-around, but if they give a totally different type of image... - The valuation of a mint F3K set? The set I have my eyes on is new(!) unused. The camera being new, combining to this question: I can download the upgrade online to get the S-log? And with external recorder 4.2.2 10bit? I’m sorry if these are stupid questions, but I’ve been trying to find all the information on the F3 for weeks now. There if very little on the subject on the internet. I truly hope someone has some answers for my questions or I’ll have to pass on the F3 deal :( Thank u for the replies!
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