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So many options... some advice please for a newbie


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Hi anamorphic lens buffs,


I've just purchased a GH3 and want to get involved in the wonderful world of anamorphic lenses... but after extensive reading and looking on ebay, I'm confused. Apologies if some of my questions are idiotic.


It seems the consensus is that iscorama is the best - but with none currently on ebay I can't find how much one should be. How much should a 36 go for, or a 54, and where might I source one?


What are the Isco Optic Ultra / blue star? Are these related to the iscorama? Some on ebay are labelled Isco Iscorama - is it the same company? Are these wrongly labelled? Here is an example of one:




Also many of the pictures of the lens have a ruler showing how long they are. How does the length affect them? 


This one for example (though it has no ruler) is marked as 120mm. What does that refer to?




One of my main concerns is getting a lens which will fit over my taking lenses. I have a Voightlander 35mm (which has a 52mm thread), which should be fine... I'm assuming I'd struggle to use my Rokinon 24mm, which has a lens circumference of 77mm, both because it is so wide at the front, but also cause it would vignette badly.


On the GH3 the 35mm lens becomes roughly a 70mm. With the anamorphic adaptor, does it effectively become a 35mm again?


Please could people give me their opinions of the following choices, and their pros and cons? They vary a lot in price and size. 













I'm also interested in the SLR Magic anamorphic. Does anyone know when that will be available to buy?


Lastly, people seem to recommend the  Helios 44mm a lot. Why is this?


If it makes a difference to my choice, I think I prefer blue flares over brown, and the nearest focal distance the better... I guess thats what everyone wants! 


Thanks for reading my rather long post! All advice gratefully received.


Many thanks all,










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my advise is buy Andrew's guide, or it can take you days and days of research around the web for what is good, bad, scam.


In general stay away from those gold or red massive heavy weighing projector lenses. They will work but not worth it, min. focus distance too far, etc.. 


good luck

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From my experience don't spend to much money i got my self Bausch and Lomb Anamorphic big lens but the image is wary sharp, i got my lens for 60 on ebay. Don't pay more then 150 for Bausch and Lomb This lens will focus 12 ft so you will need diopters to get close up. I got a set of 3 close up diopters for 300 or you can get cheap ones for 20 dollars. My lens is on a dslr cage people say don't buy big lens but i did it after using sankor and other 3 smaller anamorphic lenses  the problem is they are not sharp as my big ass lens. I got a cheap Indian dslr cage for 60 and my lens works super awesome and them image is super awesome. I mean in the end what you want out of the elns is good image, A bit of muscle work never hurt anybody.


Here are good ones if you go this way get the one with clamp






And buy the Andrew's guide its good read and will save you shot load of reading

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