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5D Mark III Raw VS FS100 AVCHD

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I have not seen this comparison yet so I decided to test it out.


I tried to match the shots and then colors as closely as possible, setting the look with the raw footage (starting from BMD Color Space) and then trying to conform the AVCHD to it. The severity of the grade was moderate:


5D Mark III (Raw DNG)




FS100 (w/ Frank Glencairn's G-Log Ultimate)




And here is where the codecs really show their differences:


5D Mark III




Sony FS100




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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I tested the FS700 vs the 5dmarkIII raw. 5dmarkIII BLEW the fs700 straight out of the water.


It was not even a contest. FS700 was muddy avchd with compression artifacts everywhere. 5dmarkIII raw was Alexa lite.


That said, I still have no problem shooting with the FS700.

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The FS700 with (or without) Speedbooster provides higher resolution vs. 5D3 RAW (ACR de-Bayer (the best right now)), whereas the 5D3 RAW provides amazing color. That said, I was able to cut the two together and match them fairly easily. De-noising and sharpening in ACR produces great results with 5D3 RAW footage. Using Neat Video on FS700 footage (low light) loses a lot of detail. When I ask the 5D3 to shoot slomo or pro-audio, the battery pops right out the bottom of the camera. (visible) FS700 compression artifacts can be eliminated using an external recorder (I use a Nanoflash).

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Used my FS100 again the other day for first time in ages. It was actually very refreshing to have a light camera body, very long battery life, mirrorless lens mount and tiny file sizes after all this Blackmagic and raw shooting.


However I still believe the image quality of raw is a league ahead. The test scene above doesn't really challenge the camera. Take it outside and shoot something with a wide dynamic range, like some landscape in a shadow against a bright skyline - you will notice what happens for sure.

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