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Sony RX100 mk2 and RX-1R


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New versions of these cameras are expected to be announced tomorrow (27june).


I'm for one is really exited to see what innovation Sony have managed to cram into the new RX100 - I dream of no moire, 1,8 constant aperture and a better codec. Hopefully Sony have decided to rise to the challenge of the BMPCC.
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It's pretty nice. I had the chance to shoot with it yesterday for a short time. Didn't have much time to try video. One thing I noticed is you can both use PAL and NTSC now, but it wants to format the card when you change... weird!


Here's my article about the RX100 II and photos available for download: http://www.digifotopro.nl/content/hands-on-sony-rx100-ii-testfotos


Sony sample video's:




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It would be awesome if the HDMI out was clean and uncompressed 4:2:2 (any word yet?). You could pack a Ninja into your satchel and record very nice video indeed handheld. The low-light performance looks outstanding in comparison to Mark I from sample stills. If the video is much better I may upgrade if I can sell the Mark I for a good price.

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I normally don't get upset over these kinds of things but the lack of 24p in my RX100 really peeves me. I feel like it should easily be offered as a free firmware update. Certainly shouldn't have to pay $100 difference for it. 


I feel better now having complained to you all :) 

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None too shabby...




12.4 EV DR, on the DXO scale (probably more severe than typical manufacturer claims)...actually in your pocket with lens included for $750.

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Since the new rx100 mk2 will support an optional oled evf i seriously consider those who are interested in the camera should try out the sony evf if they havnt already.  i finally invested in one for my nex and i am blown away.  finally a difital setup that is good enough for traditional still photography using mf lenses.  I imagine the little rx100 and evf will be equally and enjoyable to use as a compact stills camera as it will be for shooting video without messing around with interchangable lenses

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The EVF may be expensive, but there is no competition.


I really like it.


I'm surprised Sony didn't bring out two different EVFs for the RX1 and RX100. That would have been a worse rip off. If you own both cameras the EVF works out at 200 euros per camera which is more reasonable.


RX1 is crazy expensive but again there's no competition. Nothing that small has that image. Nothing.


I will get the RX100 Mk II as really like the idea of articulated screen and EVF with that lens and stabilisation for run & gun video. Can at least sell the RX100 Mk 1 to recoup some cost!

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now is that beautiful or what?  I can't imagine a nicer little setup (even if it is a little expensive) for taking proper photos with, in a conventional camera to eye setup.  I imagine I'd stay with the lens set to widest and at f1.8, autofocus and enjoy composing on the evf.  lovely!

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The lens has quite a bit of distortion on the wide end, which the GH2/3 fixes on its lenses. I don't know if Sony has distortion correction applied here yet...


The other thing is, I have mine on a small pistol grip, which is absolutely awesome for run'n'gun, but in crowds people have come upon me looking stunned, thinking (from the side) that I was actually pointing a pistol! So that takes away some stealth benefits (I was actually worried some clueless cop may even kill me thinking I was holding a gun). Maybe with the EVF to your eye it won't look like a gun so much. But definitely a small pistol grip is the way to go here, I fit the whole package in a small satchel and none's the wiser.

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Don't be too happy about MK2 yet

There are already samples showing a significant drop in terms of IQ (softness and colour).


Of course the courtesy of a link (to a reproducible, scientific comparison test of course!) would be appreciated...


I honestly doubt Sony would cripple the video on a MkII edition that added an articulating screen and a pricey EVF add-on that would be of most interest to videographers. The thing already has enough intrinsic limitations on quality that it can't threaten the higher end of the range even if they gave it 240fps 4K RAW.

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