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NEX 6 vs Pan G6 ...and RX100 II thrown in

Brett Stark

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Hi - 


I am v. basic photographer but want to learn...mostly travel/family etc...Would love to get a bit more serious and learn about video etc.


So...I currently have a Pana LX5 which I find generally nice. 


I was going to upgrade to the RX100 II to get really great shots in a compact form for again, travel/family etc.


My first question is on a slightly different tangent...I am looking at non fixed lens cameras..And came down to NEX 6 vs Pana G6. Both seem to get pretty good universal reviews.


I guess on this forum most people would recommend the G6 for better video?


If am pretty keen on small form..Would the NEx6 be OK/nearly as good but with the better/smaller form?


And if the answer is the NEX6 would likely be pretty good for me. I wonder if I shouldn't get the RX100 II and just step straight to the NEX6.


NEX 6 with a lens vs RX100 II is almost the same price on Amazon in the US.


Any advice/thoughts appreciated.





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I've had the NEX 5N and 7.  I have a Panasonic G5 and GF3 currently.



o. Slightly better for photography due to sensor size.

o. APS-C size sensor and very nice IQ

o. Color depth probably slightly better in video, but sensors can overheat so don't plan on videoing for long.  



o. You're really tied to their lenses and the distance from sensor to front makes using legacy glass iffy.

o. Proprietary hotshoe.  A real pain

o. The EVF on 7 would sometimes freeze for a second or two. 


They're fantastic consumer cameras that give great IQ. 



o. Slightly better video because small sensor allow them to avoid large sensor video pitfalls.

o. Video is razor-fing sharp.  

o. You can put all kinds of lenses on them.  I bought a c-mount TV lens for $30 and had a blast.


If you just want a take around camera, sorry, I'd go with a SONY.


If you're serious about getting into video and photography, I feel the Panasonic community is better.  Especially for video.  APS-C sensors are nice, but really, if you're going to get into that stuff you want full-frame. 


If you want shallow depth of field you can get an SLR magic prime for the Panasonic and match a full-frame shallow DOF look.


The GF3 bodies are $100 used now.  I'd get that camera and get into the MFTs thing and then give it you wife, or child, and get the GF6 or Sony.  I agree with eoslove that the RX100 is the best pocket camera.  Though it will take nice video, you'll get better video out of the G6 because Panasonic has sweated the details in videography for their cameras (keep in mind Panasonic is an expert in video).


Oh, and buy the GH2 Shooter's Guide on the EOSHD site.  I have no connection.  He has a lot of great tips about shooting video with Panasonic MFT cameras.  His lens suggestions are worth the price of the manual right way.

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Thanks a lot for your help!! Tough decisions! I feel i might go for the rx100, have it as a great tool/asset and look at a non fixed lens system in 6 mths or so..am sure the g6 will be cheaper then.


Is the guide ok for complete beginners or would u recommend anything else first?any other book/guide?


As for g6 vs sony....I agree that likely from what i have read g6 is the better choice...issue for me though is with family etc, if i don't have the camera on me, obviously i ain't taking nothing! I have an old EOS canon SLR that is gathering dust through lack of use. I think it's a 30D. Someone is borrowing it now. No video on it though.



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I've been doing photography for 40+ years, but I'm a beginner in m43 cameras.  No one has all the answers or knows everything.  I bought that GH2 guide to learn about hacking these cameras.  However, it had a whole section on lenses that I wasn't interested in, but, after having read it, really learned a lot.  I pay $20 for a movie and bag of popcorn.  You take a little here, a little there. Trying to master everything is a fool's errand.  You could take 10 master photographers with you on vacation, and though most would give the same general advice, they would certain differ on what would look good.  It's an art.  It's personal (even if just taking photos of your kids).  The G6 is the small version, essentially of the GH3.  The sony is a great camera.  However, it's not what most photographers would probably use because it doesn't have dedicated dials for manual photography.  Again, great camera.  But if you're going to get into it you want to use manual.  


Like you, I use my cameras mostly for friends and family.  If it doesn't fit in my fanny pack, it usually doesn't end up going with me.  I use a Sigma DP1 (28mm) and DP2S (42mm).  They are monstrously difficult cameras to use.  However, in good light, if I can get the focus right, they take the best photos of any camera I've ever used (and I've used a lot).  I'd rather have 1 perfect photo out of 10.  The RX100 will take 9 good photos out of ten.  Just my choice.  They are very small.  I don't recommend you get a Sigma DP camera.  I just want to point out that even in small cameras, there are many choices, depending on you what you end up liking, through trial and error.


No camera does everything well.  The exploration you're on is not about cameras, it's about you.  You don't read that on these forums, but I know everyone would agree.

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