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Best 120p camera 2019


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With the new players (Z7, XT3, upcoming S1...) I think it would be cool to re-give the prize for best 120p in the market. 

@Andrew Reid you have both the XT3 and Z7, which one is better in 120p? Any footage comparison planned? 

All good 120p cameras now do good quality for close up (like a portrait and big bokeh) but you can easily tell them appart when you film a wide busy scene with water and grass for example: this is what is interesting to compare. 

Worth putting in the comparison IMO: A7III / RX100 / Z7 / XT3 / GH5 / 1DX2  and soon S1 and A7SIII

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3 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

E2 is a big camera, nothing to do with XT3 and RX100, sorry forgot to exclude this category. 


It's only ~14% larger volume than the XT3. It's half the weight of the 1dx2. It's the same weight (and smaller volume!) compared to the GH5.

It's true the E2 is not a photo/video hybrid with DSLR ergonomics like the others, but it's certainly right in there in terms of cost and size.

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E2 is totally out of the question for me for many reasons. Thanks for pointing out the real size though. 

Like many others here, I assume XT3 120p is best, but I would love to see a real world footage comparison especially vs A7III and Z7 with busy scenes. The only person I am aware having the 3 cameras is @Andrew Reid

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5 minutes ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

Well when you factor in accessories and battery it'll be bigger. 

He might want a hybrid camera I don't know. 

Yeah that is true. Yeah but if it has a crop from hell, the Fuji does, you are going to have a lens from hell size wise to get wide enough. Heck of a lot more to 120p that just the body.

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9 minutes ago, newfoundmass said:

Has anyone in the wild recieved an e2? Thought it started shipping a month ago. 

A few people have received theirs. There are only one or two user reviews on YouTube so far, but there is a pretty active Facebook group.

2 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

Yeah along with the 1.5x crop of the lens to start with!

Huh? Everything I read says the XT3's 120p does a 1.29x crop on top of the 1.5x, which means ~2x crop compared to full frame.

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