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Why You Suck at Editing


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Because you probably shot all the footage.

It takes a lot of fucking time nailing camera movement, lighting and getting a good take from the talent. So when you get to the editing bay, you're far more unlikely to be willing doing the necessary: trimming that shot (that took all day to get,) down to a few frames, or worse, omitting it from the final cut.

Can't believe this thought took so long to dawn on me.

Got into a huge fight with a friend who asked me to help edit their short. His main argument was something akin to, "YOU CAN'T CUT THAT OUT REEEEEEEEEEEEE-" :) Made me think like: oh fuck, am I this attached to what I shoot?

Sorry for the clickbait title.


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The ratio for my own work is around 10:1. For my latest vlog, I shot something like 200 minutes and ended up with 16 minutes in all. But who's to say if someone else were editing, it might be better trimmed to 3 minutes!

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Another self shooter-editor here.

It's only me that think "all my video editions look the same".

I'm not afraid of brutal cutting  my own footage, and i dont want to "fit it all".

But at the end of edition i always think "just another piece of f@$#% S*@%"

Always use same transitions, same fades, always sync to the music, ...

Thats the way i learn and its difficult to break this route.

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Well, maybe, but there are those who "edit in camera" pretty well and of course even edit in the script. That'll cut down on the issue.. It's obviously different being upset that they're cutting 80 of your 85 glamour shots vs being upset they're cutting a scene of dialogue

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I feel like I'm pretty good about being honest and not getting attached to my own stuff. I still feel very average as an editor.

Interesting subject, though. I remember this coming up on r/editors and people saying they'd have directors/actors/DOPs coming into their bay and losing it because they cut things. Having that mental resolve to ignore that stuff and know what's best for the movie from an *unbiased* standpoint is key, I think.

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On 7/8/2017 at 1:53 PM, fuzzynormal said:

Not me. I'm brutal and discriminating to all footage. 

Don't care where it comes from or who shot it, me included.

If I'm not willing to cut, then I'm not editing. 

I'm like this guy.... Sometimes, its just too much. You might of shot it but if it doesn't flow well.... or you have too much of a good thing... just leave it out...

You can create multiple different cuts of the same thing, or BTS footage or a trailer with that scene...

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