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  1. This is why my wife is my producer, she's not afraid to savage an edit or care about hurting my feelings.
  2. Wow that's Canon logic, upgrade the camera to 10 bit 422 to improve vlog quality and then don't include vlog. Panasonic, sort it out, this is your top of the range camera, both Canon and Sony have log in cheaper models. This is a mistake on your part.
  3. So it is now in the same price bracket as the C300 mk2, which has the best AF system.
  4. Film Convert have just released their profiles for the XC10, I really want to get my hands on this camera. An XC15 combined with mt a7s would make a killer combo for my needs.
  5. this is really brilliant to see, some of the early reviews really slated the ND Throttle for destroying resolution and introducing enough nictotine into the image to make it look like a Tony Scott film. This could be the answer to allowing me to use my lens hoods instead of needing a matte box on my GH4, it will certainly be the answer if I get a used A7S
  6. was I the only one to get excited by the Sony PXW-Z150, the RX10II in a usable form with a broadcast friendly codec and bit rate, to then be disappointed by the lack of SLOG profiles. I know they argue that it designed for run and gun with a quick turnaround, shot in camera, no grading, but it feels like they are pulling a Canon to protect the higher product bands of the FS5 and 7, this could have been a great little doc camera, especially for education environments, slow mo, usable 4K and broadcast HD with built in NDs and connectivity, and trumped the Panasonic DVX 200 and the Canon XC10, but it is another lower end camera that just misses the mark. The RX10ii offers SLog, but in a codec that will be pushed by any heavy grading, and the PXW-Z150 gives us a solid codec, but won't let us use the full DR of the chip.
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