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Good Taking Lens For Iscomorphot 8/1.5x


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The Iscomorphot 8/1.5x doesn't seem to have a really good taking lens.


I thought I'd take a stab at finding one.


I recently picked up a Nikkor-O 35mm f/2 lens that I heard worked wonders with the Baby Bolex on a GH2. I assumed that it would have similar vignetteing characteristics as they have the same screw size on the back. Turns out that serious vignetting kicks in below f/4 on a GH2 (probably won't set in on a GH3 until 5.6) but this combo has the least smearing I have seen with the Iscomorphot. This combo smears a hell of a lot less than when it's on the Helios 44-2.


Here's the comparison I did between the Nikkor-O and Helios with a Voigtlander Nokton 25/0.95

(all Voigtlander shots are the same picture, put next to the others for easier reference).




Tomorrow I'll do a better comparison by rolling through the apertures on each in video form. 

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My best results have been with the Nikkor AI-S 85mm f/2.


I bought a nikkor-h 85 f/1.8 (it sucks with the iscomorphot, and in general). I'm returning it, so I might pick one of those up.

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Carl Zeiss Biotar 80mm f2.8 is a stunningly sharp lens and if you buy a 1964 version it is single coated and flares like a helios!


Sounds good, but it's a bit more expensive and I have a thing against screw mount lenses, especially with my iscomorphot's stiff focus ring. I'd feel more comfortable with a tested combo too. Thanks for the tip though!

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DIrector Paul Anderson used this lens to shoot the Hollywwod film THE MASTER - its that good!!

btw - its not a screw mount lens is Pentacon 6 bayonet mount - P6

a medium format pro lens

I thought I read it was a m42 mount, guess not.

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there is also the Russian Volna-3 80mm f2.8

its a KMZ copy of the Carl Zeiss Biometar

KMZ made the Helios 44 58mm f2 we all love and use with anamorphics

the Volna is a very similarly made lens - flares really nicely and its cheaper than the Carl Zeiss version

try it! (pentacon 6 mount )



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Question Andy


Why does everyone love using the Helios 44 58 f2 with anamorphics? I've got one, and many anamorphics, but never got around to testing them together. I think it's because the anamorphics give the frame so much character I'm a bit worried the Helios will give it 'too' much character.


Would love to know people's thoughts.

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canon ssc and early fd are mighty fine japan refined existing tens technology the russians mainly copied.

the russians in the 1950s just used industrial espionage..like china today.

japan said let us take these recipes some 70-90 years old and make them better or at least not make them worse.

after ww2 japan took on the world and until corruption and western blackmail kicked in they where doing very well.

japan has many technologies that will never see the light of day because of big oil and big nuke that is why they are being destroyed now.

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