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I got an old "silver" Helios 40 85/1.5 lens last eBay coupon deal, always wanted one.

This time, with $500 off, eBay bucks, and eBay coupon brings me a new FujiFilm graphite X-T2 from Adorama eBay store, yes I like stills too.

BTW, $500 off deal is via BestBuy, Adorama, Amazon, and B&H Photo.

See, Fuji Rumors  web site for other FujiFilm deals, X-H1, etc...

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The Infamous NX-1 Varavon  Armor II Cage is back on sale...   Only $50 (US) YEAH!.... $30 shipping...BOO....  $83 delivered... I just wish they made that has the battery grip option.... Also the

I often come across deals that I think are really good. Both used and new. Often Im not in the market to buy at the time or its not what Im looking for. So, why not a thread where we tip each oth

Yeah, you made me look into Scandinavian prices some time ago and I noticed funnily enough electronics can be had quite cheap there (just about everything else is pretty much expensive). Even managed

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Litlle bump for this topic. ?

DEAL [AT / Austria] - Various photography gear

I was pricealerted through Geizhals.eu .


~ linkie link (*Aktion gültig von 01.08. – 10.08.2019 im Markt und noch bis 12.08.2019 (09:00 Uhr) im Onlineshop)


Goes for bodies like the G9/GH5/GH5S (or A7III, etc), but most notably the H-X1025 , yes the all new PANASONIC Leica DG Vario Summilux 10-25mm f1.7 for €1999 €1799! Funny enough another store has it up for sale for the same (maybe pricematching). Not sure if your local stores have/do the same?

Was already upset about the pricing...

On 6/2/2019 at 12:56 PM, Cinegain said:


Haven't seen any European listings yet... but is it true that it's $199 or €199 for the V-LOG upgrade package for the Lumix S. But the lens instead of translating from $1799 to €1799 is actually €1999 (~ $2239)? ?

Before that €1799 was actually the number running through my mind... April 24th when it was rumored to come in at $2.5k...


I figured something like that.
Though for me personally it would have to come in at 1799 or quite a bit less even to actually consider.

And now it is exactly that. Dang it. The law of attraction making me put my money where my mouth's at.

--- well, I had to just run my darn mouth, didn't I. They've made the lens unavailable now. Typical.

----- well, maybe Saturn still grants it... -10% comes down to the same thing



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Yeah, I've watched some review videos back, believe they mentioned the GX80/85 has a 1.1x crop and the GX9 1.26x. Not extremely bothered by it myself. I occassionally use the Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 for landscapes and otherwise throw the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 in the bag, but generally I tend to lean more towards 35-85mm equiv.

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Adorama is selling the Godox Sl-60w for $109.00, which is a steal since you're dealing with a reputable company and not a random eBay seller. 

It's a great light, and while it's not the Aputure 120D killer that people use for click bait YouTube titles, it has great output and high CRI. I built a kit out of em and they're great! 


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Just noticed the original Rokinon Xeens are on sale as a set at B & H.

6 lens set for $8550 (that's less than $1500 per lens!) for the 14, 24, 35, 50, 85 & 135.

For the cost of 1 or 2 cine prime lenses from another manufacturer, you can have a full set of 6. It is probably cheaper than buying a full set of Canon L-series primes, let alone cine lenses. That is insane! Of course, they are not the world's greatest cine lenses but for people shooting on cameras under ~$10K (FS7, EVA1, UMP, any mirrorless) these will be more than good enough 95% of the time.

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1 hour ago, barefoot_dp said:

Just noticed the original Rokinon Xeens are on sale as a set at B & H.

I noticed today as well that the individual lenses had dropped in price by $500 each, I think that is because the new Xeen Carbon Fibre lenses launched at the same price as the old ones. 

Who'd want to ever buy them now if they were not on sale??

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In the UK, Panasonic are now offering £400 cashback on the S1 & S1R family, plus a free Sigma MC-21 Mount Converter (Canon EF to L-Mount) with the body-only versions e.g. an S1 body-only is £1799 after cashback. However it looks like the free DWM-SFU2 firmware upgrade offer has ended...

Park Cameras and Wex are also offering 10% off the lenses.

https://www.parkcameras.com/lp/panasonic-savings (they are offering a £200 trade-in bonus as well on some models/kits)


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