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Dont forget Olympus (em1ii)

Mattias Burling

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Had a brief hands-on earlier today. The stabilization with the new 12-100mm IS and everything turned on is off the chain! Too bad it's only the 12-100mm and 300mm PRO lenses that feature this. And they're both expensive f/4 lenses... so, not sure if you'd get something like that. They're hammering on f/4 keeping the size down. That 300mm is gigantor though! I was like 'wait, that's the 40-150mm? I thought it would be smaller', but it was the 300mm. The 40-150mm is fairly bigger than the 12-40mm, but proportional. Weightwise, it was actually not bad at all. What else? Battery, quite a bit bigger. Battery grip is a little more advanced than the last one. EVF, nothing spectacular... seems to only have improved with its frequency. Vari-angle screen is nice (and headphone/mic ports that block it when in use). Flat profile... didn't seem so flat actually. C-AF seemed ok. Much better than Panasonic, not exactly up there yet with Canon's dualpixel AF. The shear amount of buttons/dials and menu options is more insane than ever. And they had it all in German (I always keep hardware/software/everything in English even if it's not my native language, which might've been availlable), so I also didn't get half of what was going on in the menus. Maybe it was a little too complex in general, seemed to even leave the spokespersons riddled at times. Found it at times to be a little unresponsive, but maybe it was running some demo unit firmware and I did too much to it. Didn't seem AutoISO with fixed aperture/shutterspeed was a thing, I sometimes hear that's a wish of people. Overall though, quite promising! Though... I'm not sure if I should head back tomorrow and pre-order it (believe it's -5%, so 100 bucks off) yet. It's winter anyways, so I won't be out shooting that much (cold, gloomy (today was depressing foggy drizzle), short days). So... I'm sure I can make do with the gear I got... and then see what the GH5 is all about... if that's not a winner... the E-M1 Mark II will still be there and probably have some deals going on by then as well.

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On 11/24/2016 at 2:03 AM, leeys said:

Damn. I still do mostly stills work and that has me tempted. But the price... DCI 4K is definitely usable for web-work.

As long as it looks good downscaled to 1080p thats all that matters to me. I've seen t3i footage that looked good on a 36" tv

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